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Best Fertility Center in Czech Republic

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Fertimed offer all types of ART techniques, including egg and sperm donation. Patients find here high medical are at competitive prices, they create a treatment plan for each patient according to their needs and provide accommodation in cozy apartments in both centers in Olomouc and Ostrava and airport shuttle.

Best Fertility Center in Czech Republic has all the necessary equipment for a successful fertility treatment: infertility diagnostic equipment, an embryology laboratory, a full-scale surgery room and comfortable consultation and treatment rooms.


Fertimed currently operates two fertility centers located in Olomouc and Ostrava. The centre for infertility treatment was the third centre in the Czech Republic to have permission to work issued by State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL ) under the rule of a European Directive. In 1995, the Czech Ministry of Health granted permission for the clinic to perform all methods of assisted fertility treatments and the same year the first baby conceived through ICSI was born at the centre.


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Best Fertility Center in Czech Republic

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