Rosique Plastic Surgery in Sao Paulo, Brazil Reviews from Real Patients

Rosique Plastic Surgery in Sao Paulo, Brazil Reviews from Real Patients

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About Rosique Plastic Surgery

Award-winning Brazilian Plastic Surgeon, Rodrigo Rosique Plastic Surgery, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a modern plastic surgery clinic offering a variety of cosmetic procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction breast augmentation and many more.

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    It took me some time to work up the courage to make my dream of liposculpture come true, I researched several places and professionals and opted for the Rosique clinic. My experience was the best possible, I would do it again as long as it was with this wonderful team that, in addition to their exceptional technical skills, are extremely responsible, detail oriented and attentive. I felt safe to be in the best hands! I recommend!

    Google Feb 25 2022
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    I highly recommend. Rodrigo is extremely professional, consistent, capricious, responsible, reliable, honest and detailed that makes a big difference in the results. I would do it all again with him and Marina. They have a fantastic team that gives you security and you feel comfortable because the team is all women except him , and not to mention that he is very human!!! Only praise!!! love it

    Google Mar 23 2022
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    With all the certainty in the world, Dr. Rodrigo Rosique is the angel that came into my life. He corrected, with complete excellence, a previous medical error.
    The Doctor. Rodrigo Rosique is extremely responsible in everything he says and does. It conveys boundless confidence. He is very capricious, detail oriented, perfectionist and very affectionate in treating the patient from the first consultation. Unrivaled competence. I had a mastopexy with a prosthesis and my result was amazing, its just perfect. Gratitude to Dr. Rodrigo Rosique for being impeccable and for so much dedication. His work is perfect. I only recommend him.

    Google Mar 25 2022
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    I highly recommend, excellent professional! I loved my result! Very attentive, dedicated and careful both pre and post surgery.

    Google Apr 08 2022
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    So there is the person who works miracles Dr Rodrigo Rosique is the combination we need, surgeon and perfectionist, without a doubt an exactly perfect combination... like every human being, I was afraid of having a surgery and not getting the expected result. I feel different, and the sentence that sums it up would be I am Feeling Me but I feel sooooooooo much ahahaha in love with the result, and I just have to thank this professional for all the attention and dedication and the excellent work, without a doubt this dream would be far from being carried out with such perfection! Its priceless to look in the mirror and be totally satisfied with your own reflection! Thank you very much… Natalia Guerra

    Google Apr 15 2022
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    I met Dr Rodrigo at the recommendation of a friendly doctor. From the first consultation I felt enormous security and confidence, an excellent super attentive professional. I am very satisfied with my result and soon I will do my second procedure.

    Google Feb 01 2021
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    I highly recommend dr. Rodrigo and his entire team. I underwent mastopexy surgery with prosthesis and, at the first consultation, I knew that dr. Rodrigo would be my surgeon. He showed a lot of knowledge and clarity with the options I had and was very confident, in addition to always being very kind. During all consultations, on the day of surgery and throughout the postoperative period, dr. Rodrigo was always available for anything, answering questions and giving us a lot of tranquility. The result was great and I was very satisfied.
    Thank you dr. Rodrigo and the entire medical team!

    Google Feb 02 2021
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    Since my first surgery, always very attentive, responsible, honest, impeccable professional posture, I trust and recommend you. Not to mention service to the office or even online in case of doubts. I fulfilled the dream of my plastic surgeries, satisfied in the perfection of the work done by the medical team. Every day I feel more fulfilled with the result. I just have to thank !! It is no wonder that I became the surgeon for my entire family.

    Google Feb 12 2021
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    Excellent professional!!! It has a fantastic post operative followup!!! Very attentive and clear in your explanations! Experient!! Very happy with my procedure!

    Google Sep 08 2021
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    Since the first appointment, he was very attentive and took all my doubts away, leaving me calm and confident, he is dedicated and careful. It was worth having the surgery with you guys , in the post operative it also met my expectations ! I am very happy and recommend it! Thank you Dr Rodrigo and Dr Marina

    Google May 02 2021