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BestSmile Dental Clinic in Accra Ghana Reviews After Tooth Replacements

60 Boundary Road East Legon., 00233 Accra, Ghana
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About BestSmile Dental Clinic

BestSmile Dental Clinic is located in Accra, Ghana and offers a wide range of Dentistry treatments and procedures such as: dental implants, all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants, all on 8 dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bridges, dental fillings, orthodontics, root canal, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction and many more. Offering affordable prices and featuring cutting-edge technology and a renowned team of dental specialists.

Dental Implants in Accra Ghana Reviews

  • Lisa

    My 4 year old son needed treatment for a tooth, which turned out to have a cavity. I was not sure how skilled the dentist would be. I am an American so I was a little afraid the quality of service would not be the same as in the US. I was pleasantly suprised how skilled and professional the dentist turned out to be. She was very caring and knowledgeable. My son tooth was fixed to our satisfaction. I highly recommend Bestsmile.

    Google Apr 26 2019
  • PowerhouseMultimedia

    This would be the first time I visited a dentist in my life. And weird enough, its in Accra. I broke my tooth while learning to ride this 3tire bike hubby bought me. I was wondering if I would ever get my tooth exacted to its natural state as I love being natural.

    On a Google research, I found bestsmile dental. It was the only number I called and first impression, they got me hooked. From the customer service to the intake and final dental work, everything was up to the T.

    My dentist too is kind and patient and works from the heart. She progresses with so much caution as she is mindful of how you truly feel about your beautiful mouth. She ensures you are calm. They are clean.

    Visit #Bestsmile because I left with not just a the best smile but the greatest satisfactory smile.

    Princess Julia Gham Dean

    Google Feb 28 2022
  • abdul

    Excellent services generally. A thing I personally observed was the great dentist to patient interactions over my short visits. If you ask me BestSmile Dental Clinic is your ideal dental clinic.

    Google Feb 24 2022
  • Joy

    BestSmile customer service is the best I have experienced. They are patient with you and answer all of your questions. They also explain the procedures they would have to perform very well, so that you understand. They are also just a phone call away throughout the recovery and healing process. A very holistic health care experience. I would definitely recommend them to all! Also, Dr. Cato is the best!

    Google Mar 29 2022
  • Rita

    Has experienced Dentist and good patients and Dr relationship,The name BestSmiles tells it all.Try Best Smiles.

    Google Mar 30 2022
  • Susan

    Professional service with a warm smile!

    Google Apr 08 2021
  • Abynah

    Amazing customer service. She helped remove a tooth that was hidden for about 2years.They took very good care of my teeth. I am glad I went to BestSmile Dental Clinic. Thank you so much Doctor Cato

    Google May 04 2021
  • Herman

    The doctor was very professional and excellent with her service The doctor took such good care of me I took my son who also said he was very pleased with her service.

    Google Nov 15 2021
  • Antwi

    I was saved by Bestsmile clinic after suffering from broken front teeth pains for almost three years after visiting several clinics and hospitals. I never thought I would meet my savior not forgotten their costumer care service.
    Anytime I remember I smile and say thank you doctor.

    Google May 28 2021
  • Wuntema

    Its been less than a week since I started going there and my only regret is not going there sooner in my dental journey. I would recommend Best Smiles Dental Clinic anytime any day to anyone looking for affordable AND professional dental service. And when I say affordable I mean affordable, compared to other dental clinics that charge so much for so little. You do not have to wait hours to be attended to because appointments are made to allow enough time between patients. And the Doctor, my goodness! She explains with so much patience and understanding, regardless of how many questions you have. You all go there and thank me later.

    Google Dec 21 2021

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