Surgimed Clinica Reviews in Ensenada, Mexico

Surgimed Clinica is a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic located in Baja California, Mexico. The clinic is owned by famous cosmetic surgeon Dr. Pedro A. Cota, who has an experience of more than 18 years in this field.

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  • Stephanie Y
    (5 out of 5) Redlands

    The doctor and his staff make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process Answer all questions and make sure you’re informed.


  • C F
    (5 out of 5) Australia

    Went there for upper eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty) in November 2017. Had awesome experience! Dr Cota speaks great English, which is actually - so unfortunately - necessary, as coming from Australia, next to impossible to learn Spanish at school (in fact, have never heard of any schools teaching Spanish but who knows?), so my Spanish is really, really bad. His staff don't speak English but any emails you send in English are answered by him (maybe not straight away as he is runs a robust clinic and is quite busy). Please plan ahead, as you may have to wait a week/10 days approx to get in.

    Dr Cota is very personable and extremely, extremely professional. Saw him for two after procedure visits also, (all included in price), so if you can't stay long enough for those, just let him know and that's why he gives dissolvable stitches. Stayed at the Coral Hotel& Marina, Ensenada. You may be able to arrange with the concierge for a car to pick you up and take you, as they can arrange that for you if you would like to go to Costco, PLUS they have a car/mini van to take you across the border and back again if you wanted to book that.

    Some bruising on cheeks as I didn't sleep on a 45 degree angle when I got home and so the blood pooled instead of draining. My mistake. I seemed to have one eye that performed better than the other, and I was worried that it wouldn't close properly by a smidge, but now all the swelling has gone down, (now around five weeks later) it's perfect!

    My husband has since had it done, based on my experience. He really needed it because he had a LOT of skin dropping on his eyeslashes, actually and it was beginning to interfere with his driving - he just couldn't SEE sideways out of his eyes like he used to be able to do!. Periphery vision was diminishing little by little and only going to get worse. He's in his 50s. He DID sleep on a 45 degree angle and no bruising on his cheeks whatsoever! Annoying!

    Be sure and ask him what you can do to speed up your recovery (ie, ask about Arnica cream and almond oil and when and how actually to massage etc).

    Clinic is not that big but very clean, friendly staff and Dr Cota is lovely! Highly recommend!!!


  • Brittney.J
    (5 out of 5) houston,tx

    Dr.Cota was great as well as his medical team. Upon arrival Dr.Cota took excellent care of me and met my expectations. If you are looking to travel to mexico this is a great and clean clinic and the prices are great !!!! I will be sending my friends to have procedures done in the future. I'm very happy with my results.


  • Ronald W
    (5 out of 5) Winnipeg, Canada

    I was impressed and blown away with my experience at Surgimed Clinica. When I arrived, the clinic was nice and clean. My first contact with Dr. Pedro and his assistants was overwhelming. The assistants were polite and kind. Dr. Pedro was very professional, his English was fluent and understandable. He answered all my questions and concerns. I was provided transportation from the airport to the clinic and hotel. The surgery was on time and the price is reasonable. After the surgery doctor did checkups to make sure I was okay. I must admit I am happy and satisfied with my surgery. I thank the PlacidWay coordinator for recommending Dr. Pedro and being on call throughout this whole process.


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