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Dentistry Reviews in Cancun, Mexico

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  • JOHN K
    (5 out of 5) , 27th February,2018



  • Rochelle M
    (5 out of 5) Columbia, TN, 23rd December,2015

    Loved this place! These guys bent over backwards for me and made everything as simple and straightforward as possible. From round trip transportation to the clinic, a complete dental evaluation, and each aspect of my dental work performed by a specific specialist, all was professionally done to very high standards. I plan to come back each year to get my restorations done until my whole mouth is complete. I am very happy with the work done. I had 2 root canals and a zirconia crown done with posts and core build up for less money than 1 root canal with posts in the U.S.


  • Roxann T
    (5 out of 5) Oxford, Mi. USA, 15th December,2015

    I would highly recommend Ocean Dental. I cannot say enough about them. I had a wonderful experience and would certainly return for any future dental needs.


  • Roxann T
    (5 out of 5) Oxford, Mi. USA, 13th December,2015

    I cannot stress how pleased I was with Ocean Dental. They were very professional, the office was clean and modern. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. If you would like to contact me my e-mail is [email protected] and I would be more than happy to answer any questions. The price at Ocean Dental is great. I got 4 implants and lower denture for more than half of what I would have paid in the states and the procedure was more quicker. I am very pleased with the results and would go back there for any dental needs. Roxann Tarantino


  • joan d
    (5 out of 5) canada, 21st November,2015

    This was a very good experience. The staff before and after surgery were very helpful.


  • Akasa
    (5 out of 5) sherman oaks, 20th November,2015

    I had an excellent experience with the CDS. Their dentists, equipments, assistants and service are truly top quality. From the initial email communications to the completion of several dental works, I am completely satisfied and impressed by the team. I will definitely return to them for future dental care and highly recommend CDS.


  • Sakina m
    (5 out of 5) New York , US, 20th November,2015

    Dr Gavaldon is very professional , expert in her field and very kind and caring person . She is out of this world


  • David P
    (5 out of 5) Miami Beach, FL, USA, 17th October,2015

    Doctors and staff were very helpful and made us feel like family.


  • DS
    (5 out of 5) MD USA, 9th October,2015

    Excellent service. office is new and clean and they have the same equipment as the high priced places in USA. No problem communicating with staff. very nice people as well.


  • Tina K
    (5 out of 5) Calgary, Canada, 22nd September,2015

    My husband and I decided to go to Ocean Dental in Cancun after doing some research on dental clinics in Mexico. We were quite tired of the exorbitant rates being charged in Canada. I had 2 implants put in on my first visit in January 2015. It was a very quick and painless procedure. I was out playing volleyball that afternoon! We went back in August and I had my crowns put on. I would recommend Ocean Dental for ANY major work that you need to have done. The people in the clinic are very professional and the clinic itself is incredibly modern and clean...rivalling anything in either Canada or the U.S.


  • Kyrin V
    (5 out of 5) Dallas, TX, 7th September,2015

    I was floored at the amazing service. They go so far above and beyond to make it a crazy awesome experience. I loved laying in a massage chair and watching beautiful images while I had my work done. I actually fell asleep during my root canal and I'm usually terrified of dentists. lol


  • Kristen R M
    (5 out of 5) Lethbridge, Alberta, 7th September,2015

    I had two root canals and three crowns completed for a fraction of the cost that it would have been here in Canada. Not only that, but i received and explanation of why I was having dental and jaw issues. No dentist had ever explained that to me. I was fitted for a mouth guard and my migraines have not returned since. The dentist even let me keep the cast of my teeth so that I could examine my bite and the problems it might cause down the road. Was nervous going down to Mexico for dental work but once I walked into the office my fears were alleviated. Beautiful office and filled with people from all over the world, most of which were return customers.


  • David M S
    (5 out of 5) Madison, NC, 4th September,2015

    I highly recommend Cancun Dental specialists (Ocean Dental). This clinic has totally professional dentists who do great work. Pricing is fair with real accountability. No monkey business and CDS stays with you until work is done. Follow up is great.


  • Michael K
    (5 out of 5) St George, 1st September,2015

    A HUGE thank you to the entire staff of Cancun Dental Specialists....I like the new name...although I prefer Ocean Dental!! I know I will probably leave someone out...... Benny ( The Indispensable Coordinator ) Dr Gavaldon ( The Maestro! ) Luigi Pavorotti( The Artist ) Dr Galvez ( Amazing Endo-dentist..."G2" ) Dr Ortega ( Gentle Hands...Rising Star ) Dr Sanchez ( Pinch-hitter Extraordinaire ) Andy ( Dedicated to Success of Ocean Dental ) Drivers ( Great team! ) The Lab ( They really DO make it happen ) Martin ( Manager of 3 Ring Circus....makes it hum ) Dental Assistants ( Terrific ) WOW, what a team.....and there are other support staff.....just get quality dental feel the professionalism, genuine care for me as an all made me feel so welcome...part of your dental family.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As you know, Benny, I did a lot of research....your thoughtfulness and genuine concern.....initiating the conversation with Irma last October started this journey. Dr "G"'s honesty and her desire to save my teeth......and my belief in her ability was the best decision of my life( except of course my wife Gloria and our 3 children ). Thank you for giving me my life back.....and that is not an overstatement! I am a walking testament to the quality one can receive if they entrust their dental needs to Dr Gavaldon and the staff at Cancun Dental Specialists....formerly Ocean Dental Cancun. Gratefully, MJK Utah


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