Infinity Clinic in Kiev, Ukraine Reviews From Regenerative Medicine Patients

1, Olympic Street, Ozdorovchy Quarter, Khodosiyivka, Kyivo-Svyatoshynsky District, Kyiv Oblast Kiev, Ukraine

Focus area: Regenerative Medicine | Stem Cell Therapy | Chronic Diseases | Neurologic diseases |Autoimmune diseases | Sport Rehabilitation | Anti-Aging | Kiev, Ukraine

About Infinity Clinic

Infinity Clinic is located in the beautiful Kiev, Ukraine. The Infinity Clinic specializes in Gynecology Treatment, Alternative Medicine, Pediatric Treatment, General Medicine. Infinity Clinic is dedicated to the constant pursuit of excellence, committed to high quality medical care, featuring experienced and trained professionals and using the latest technology. In order to contact the medical center, please fill out the contact form.

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Stem Cell Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine Reviews

  • Anonymous

    This is the testimonial of a patient who has successfully undergone Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy at Infinity Clinic, Kiev, Ukraine.

    Dec 16 2021
  • Anonymous

    This is the testimonial of a patient who has successfully undergone Stem Cell Therapy for Autism at Infinity Clinic, Kiev, Ukraine.

    Dec 07 2021
  • Tshering

    we received very helpful messages from this clinic.

    Facebook Dec 08 2016
  • Maria

    Luxury clinic. Great doctors!

    Facebook Oct 08 2016
  • Michel

    very good clinic.

    Facebook Jul 24 2019
  • nosheen r

    v.good response

    Oct 08 2018
  • Dr N R

    V.nice response

    Jul 13 2018
  • Deborah H


    Feb 10 2018
  • mostafa

    Dec 10 2017
  • pontus n

    Good Rejuvelating

    Oct 01 2017
  • Bryan

    I was visiting Infinity Clinic with my family for the autism treatment for my son. I have been in many medical institutions thus I do have what to compare. I was very pleased with an attitude to my child. Doctors were explained and giving answers to all of ours questions in which we were interested in without time limits. Doctor was very attentive, polite and made the examination in a very professional way. I have understood, that all what we had seen before was a pitiful semblance of medical services. I have appreciated doctors recommendations on treatment strategy, drug choose, exercises etc. very much. Four months have past and I see my child smiling that the only pushing thing in my life. Thank you doctor Viktor.

    Jun 23 2017
  • Mr. T

    That was my first time at clinic and I appreciate treatment very much. Thanks to doctors after it I was first night I started sleeping like a child and continuing doing so. I got improvement in my daily life like getting more energy, I could work more and still have power for training and my personal life. Thank's to Dr. Yuriy my personal life started to be like in my 20th. By the way the weather was wonderful, beautiful clouds, beach near to lake where you could relax and breath fresh air. I enjoyed evening restaurant arranged for me and personal attitude of staff for me and my wife.

    Jun 13 2017
  • Khalid

    The procedure was easy, the staff of the hospital were very helpful and nice. the place is perfect for relaxation.
    thank you for all your efforts especially dr. Yury. I'll be coming back for anti aging again

    Sep 06 2016

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