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Ruby Surgery and Aesthetics - Ruben Agredano Jimenez MD in Guadalajara,Zapopan, Mexico Reviews from Real Patients

Fracc. Villa Verona
Price range:: $250 to $5000
Focus Area: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Facial Surgery & Minimally invasive procedures | Body contouring surgery women & men | Transgender Surgery MTF & FTM | Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics | Guadalajara | Mexico

About Ruby Surgery and Aesthetics - Ruben Agredano Jimenez MD

We shape your desire ... Live it with passion ... ! Ruby® Surgery & Aesthetics is a premier plastic surgery center located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Our center is headed by Ruben Agredano Jimenez, MD one of the best Board certified plastic surgeon of the country. Our team of QUALIFIED and BOARD CERTIFIED professionals specialize in facial surgery & minimally invasive procedures, body contouring surgery women & men as well as transgender surgery MTF & FTM. We are devoted to the passion and excellence necessary to meet the needs of our patients. Our practice is grounded in the following values: Commitment, Honesty, Responsibility, Ethics, Quality, Trust and Safety.

Anti Aging,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,ENT,Skin Care Reviews in Guadalajara,Zapopan, Mexico at Ruby Surgery and Aesthetics - Ruben Agredano Jimenez MD

  • I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ruben Agredano – Jimenez.
    He and his staff were very detail oriented, answered all my questions and walked me though the entire experience. I felt very confident in the doctor’s ability to reach my goals. Would definitely recommend him It's worth the trip.

    Patient testimonial Dec 17 2021
  • Chimena C

    I had a very positive experience with Dr. Ruben . He was kind and very through. Having a recovery house was a god send and the even let my husband stay as well. The entire staff was amazing ! I highly recommend them for any procedure . Hector went above and beyond for my self and husband. He has a space spot in my heart of gratitude.

    Patient testimonial Dec 01 2021
  • Marianne D

    Hello, my name is Marianne Desasise. I am 63 years old; Dr. Ruben Agredano was the one who performed my face lift and rhinoplasty surgery, and the truth is that I am in love with my results, the doctor is very professional, passionate and very dedicated to what he does I leave really happy and satisfied with my results , I had the best hands to take care of my change , his very professional and helpful staff very attentive nurses , his assistant Hector very efficient and affective , I really leave happy in everything out more of my results thank you very much Dr. Ruben Agredano for your service and magnificent work.

    Patient testimonial Nov 21 2021
  • Jennifer E

    Going into surgery I was really nervous since it was my first time being operated on. When arriving at the hospital day of surgery Dr. Ruben Agredano and his team made me feel really comfortable and reassured me everything was going to be fine. I was completely satisfied with my breast augmentation results. Couldn't be any happier thanks to my doctor and his wonderful team.

    Patient testimonial Nov 23 2021
  • Julian G

    I'm Happy that I came across Dr. Ruben when reaching for the procedures I wanted. He whole heartedly believes in the best outcomes for his patients. Furthermore, he has the credentials to support his outcomes. Finally I'm from the United states that needed an English-speaking surgeon. As an English native I can attest that Dr. Ruben is fluent.
    Thanks again Dr. Ruben.

    Patient testimonial Oct 01 2021
  • Guillermo G

    I had a procedure done by Dr. Ruben Agredano and trust me when I say that he is a 5 star physician. Dr. Ruben is one of the most caring doctors I have had the pleasure of having his staff is no different and will go above and beyond to make sure all is well. He takes time to listen to his patients and clears all questions before during and after the procedure. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of having a procedure done, thank you so much for all you do Dr. Ruben.

    Patient testimonial Nov 02 2021
  • Amber B

    I had my surgery 4 weeks ago and it was the best decision I made. Dr. Ruben was so detailed and understanding of my needs. He was there with me every step of the way. I felt so comfortable with him that I also recommend my mom. She will be coming here in a couple weeks for eye surgery and breast augmentation. I am recovering nicely and with minimal scaring my pre and post operation pictures really show the difference my doctor worked hard and achieved more than I imagen. I am so happy with my mommy makeover that now I can get back to me.

    Patient Testimonial Aug 28 2021
  • Atenas R

    Vine de California y no conocía al doctor pero tuve el gusto de ser su paciente. El doctor es un excelente cirujano. El doctor Agredano es muy amable, atento y extremadamente perfeccionista en sus cirugías. Estoy muy satisfecha con mis resultados. Me hice un levantamiento mamario, liposucción 360 + Renuvion y tummy tuck. Todo su equipo del Dr. Agredano siempre han estado atentos a mi máxima y pronta recuperación. Agradezco mucho todas sus atenciones y lo recomiendo 100% por cierto.
    I came from California not knowing what to expect from his surgeries. He is an excellent doctor. Dr. Agredano is extremely professional and exceeded all expectations. He's very polite and takes the time to answer all my questions every time. He is a perfectionist with his surgeries. I with highly recommend him as an excellent cosmetic surgeon. I am very pleased with my results. I look forward to my recovery knowing that he did the best job I could possibly receive in cosmetic surgery.

    Patient Testimonial Sep 01 2021
  • Christian A

    Hello my name is Christian I am a 28 year male who was not happy with my chest even with working out regularly. I have seemed out pectorals augmentation and could not be any happier. I feel blessed to have surgeon as attentive as Dr. Ruben Agredano – Jimenez. From the initial consultation I was walked through the intime process from pre- op to post- op. We made sure I was the correct fit for this type of surgery. Spoke about my goals and what I expected from the procedure. This was a life changing experience for me and could not go back to a time before. Thank you so Much Dr. Agredano.

    Patient Testimonial Sep 01 2021
  • Cindy M

    Dr. Ruben is by far the best exp. ever!
    He made sure all my questions were answered I was super happy with my results.
    I recommend him to anyone.

    Patient Testimonial Aug 17 2021
  • Able G

    I made the best choice ever by going with Dr. Ruben Agredano – Jimenez during the first appointment he explained everything thoroughly He made sure that I wasn't left with any doubts. He was very kind and I got a really good vibe from him. I had seen 3 surgeons before him he was far the best one. His office were clean and I felt very secure with him. On top of his professionalism his prices were also very cost effective. He sent me pictures of his work and I knew I made the right decision. Not only was he on top of everything before the surgery he was also very attentive after the surgery. He did his best to accommodate my preferred appointments slots and if I had any questions he will very prompt with the responses. He was very careful with everything with a smile on his face. Thank you Dr. Agredano your work is amazing I highly recommend him !

    Patient Testimonial Aug 01 2021
  • Kendra M

    Dr. Ruben Agredano-Jimenez listened to all of my concerns and went throughout the process. When asked to add on additional services he was honest about what he could and not could do and what was best for my safety and health. He and his entire staff were both kind and watchful of my recovery throughout my 2 weeks here. I would not hesitate to see Dr. Agredano-Jimenez in the future, in fact I have plans to already.

    Patient Testimonial Jul 17 2021
  • Maria A

    First of all I found Dr. Ruben on google and did a lot of research before I trusted the doctor and place. June 12th is when I had my surgery and to be honest I am glad I found Dr. Ruben he is a very professional and wonderful surgeon . The services that I receive from Dr. Ruben is excellent Dr. Ruben and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about health and after care I would have no qualms in recommending them to anyone. Dr. Ruben and his staff were always there and available when I needed something or had a question. I want to thank Dr. Ruben and his staff on making this possible and really good experience. Thank you again I will be back soon. Blessings and great success!

    Patient Testimonial Jun 06 2021
  • Ana F

    I am extremity satisfied with my results Dr. Ruben did a great job I`m thankful I chose hectors recovery house, it’s a great environment from the moment your picked up from the airport also everyone is very attentive.

    Patient Testimonial May 06 2021
  • Diana C

    DR. Ruben Agredano did a excellent job on my round 2 bbl revision. He was able to fix everything I did not like without me even having to point it out. He left my body looking amazing. His staff was always on top of everything and would always reply super-fast. I felt super safe and cared for . Dr. Ruben was really professional and friendly overall.

    Patient Testimonial Jun 05 2021
  • Maria E

    From my first zoom consultation with Dr. Agredano I felt very safe. He seemed knowledgeable in his craft . Upon arriving and having my first face to face consultation with the doctor my safeguard was further widen he thoroughly explained the procedure made sure all of my questions were answered and made me feel like everything was going to be okay.
    In the hospital all of the staff, doctors, nurses anesthesiologist were very kind and made sure all of my needs were meet.
    The surgery care as stellar. Dr. Ruben made sure I was provided with the best care . he sent his nurse to the recovery home and was in constant communication with them to make sure I was healing properly. The nurses were happy to help me with whatever I need from bathing, to changing to eating. My results are astonishing. I don’t think I could have gotten a better result elsewhere. If I am this happy with my results with the surgery being so close I can only imagen how I will look in 6 months.
    Dr. Agredano exceeded my expectations from me to return home.
    Procedures: Lipo360, tummy tuck, buccal fat removal, chin lipo.
    Gracias Dr. Agredano.

    Patient Testimonial Jun 30 2021
  • Liz I

    Dr. Ruben was amazing. I had so many other doctors I was considering in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Dr. Ruben made my choice so easy. He is so sweet and warm. I love, beyond love my results. I feel complete now. I will recommend him to my friends and family. You can see he loves what he does and is very passionate about it. His professionalism.
    Thank You Dr. Ruben.

    Patient Testimonial Jun 11 2021
  • Eliza L

    I was referred by family friend from day one of communication doc and Diana it was very carrying and all attention on my need . Once arrival I was very impressed with all the details DR. Ruben pointed out my body .

    Patient Testimonial Aug 06 2021
  • Jackselyn C

    Thank you! I love the results !

    Patient Testimonial Jul 06 2021
  • Amit P

    I had a great experience with Dr. Ruben and his team they all were very kind and helpful for everything that I needed , Hector was excellent was constantly checking on me for everything. Thank you, Dr., Ruben
    It was a great experience, Thank you !

    Patient Testimonial Jul 05 2021
  • Maria A

    My experience with Dr. Ruben his team was absolutely exceptional. Everything was coordinated with the upmost care professionalism. The entire team took care of me from start to finish. I can not express how grateful I am. His coordinator Diana was always on top of everything. The nurse Alegria helped care for me with gentleness and professionalism. The anesthesiologist followed up with me daily to ensure I was feeling well. As for as my body I am already healing looking good. The doctor took care of all my problem areas. I was very very happy with the care provided by the entire team.

    Patient Testimonial May 30 2021
  • Adrienne W

    Dr. Ruben and his team were wonderful ! Considering I came all the way from the US Wisconsin the team was always so supporting answered all of my questions and make me feel secure. Dr. Ruben is truly talented and skillfull in what he does. I had a 360 lipo, bbl and my body even after one week looks amazing. Also I got small fat transfer to my lips , aside from natural swelling may look just as I expected natural plump . I thank you all so much for your support and great work !

    Patient Testimonial Apr 01 2021
  • Eduarda V

    I Traveled from Tulsa Oklahoma, going to Dr. Agredano was the best decision. I love my results. He gave me exactly what I asked for. He comes about his patients and takes care of them. He explained everything with detail and answered all my questions I will definitely go back to him for future surgeries. His staff were amazing as well. Diana and his nurse Atziri were so nice and helpful. Diana is quick to answer any question and to deliver your questions to the doctor Atziri is so nice and caring she took care of me and helped me so much my first days after surgery. I'm incredibly thankful to every single one of the they made my experience very pleasant. I will always recommend Dr. Agredano and his staff to everyone. From the bottom of my heart thank you guys!

    Patient Testimonial Feb 22 2021
  • Sandra O

    I had a great experience throughout my process. Any questions I had they answered made me feel comfortable. The Dr. Ruben is very honest will tell you his honest opinion on what will work for you or your out come. I would definitely recommend him.
    I would 100%recommend the contour recovery house I came here by my self-everyone there made me feel so comfortable and they were all so welcoming. Hector is amazing and knows how to speak English for those who do not speak Spanish. Fabi took care of me and helped me so much during my recovery, they cook anything you want and nena cooks delicious. Thank you to Miguel for always making me laugh. The house is so cleaned daily, and they wash your clothes every day. There is so much more amazing things I can say about everyone at the recovery house.

    Patient Testimonial Mar 15 2021
  • Maria R G

    I was extremely privileged to have found a wonderful surgeon and his team in Dr. Ruben Agredano- Jimenez. He was not only a perfectionist but a true professional. Very attentive and caring he always made me feel like I was his only patient knowing he was very busy all the time.

    Patient Testimonial Feb 12 2021
  • Gemma H

    Dr. Ruben and his team are made this change and transition run so smoothly. I can never thank him enough for the wonderful work that he has done . He went over and beyond my expectations I was so afraid to go into surgery and about the outcome, but his team was with me since the beginning and continues to be with me during aftercare . I came into surgery worried about my results but in just 1 week post op the results from my breast augmentation are flawless. He was so gentle and precise that after surgery was in minimal pain and swelling. If you want a professional surgeon who delivers the best results and truly cares about his patients then Dr. Ruben Agredano is the surgeon!
    Also I want to give a huge thank you to Diana she has assisted me since day one from consultation to post op care. I could never thank her enough for her hospitality and support. Without Diana I do not think I would have been able to make the choice of having surgery , she truly makes this experience so much better.

    Patient Testimonial Feb 02 2021
  • Laine H

    Dr. Ruben answered all my questions before we fly to Mexico. He made me understand the procedure and explain in great detail. I would recommend him if you are looking at plastic surgeons . The recovery home amazing and took great care of my wife and I after surgery.

    Patient Testimonial Apr 04 2021
  • Toni H

    Dr. Ruben made having surgery less stressful. He answered all my questions and put my anxiety at ease. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to have plastic surgery.

    Patient Testimonial Apr 04 2021
  • Ruiyi L

    The entire experience with Dr. Ruben was very pleasant. Doctor carefully examined me and gave me excellent suggestions. The medical team here was helpful and always ready to help I'm glad to be here and I'm looking to see my final result.

    Patient Testimonial Dec 18 2020
  • Jeanette A

    My mommy make over, fat transfer procedure was the best thing I could have done. But the fact that it was with Dr. Ruben Agredano made it that much easy and comfortable from the moment I contact his staff for a consultation until my last day and visit I have felt important to him and his team. great communication and treatment my results are life transforming. I be more grateful and happy. Thank you!

    Patient Testimonial Dec 18 2020
  • Gladys T

    I am extremely grateful to the wonderful Dr. Ruben Agredano -Jimenez. He is truly an amazing doctor throughout my whole journey before ,during and after surgery Dr. Ruben is always there to answer any and all my concerns/ questions. During surgery he showed great bedside manners and great expertise . Post operation Dr. Ruben has made sure I am healing in a timely manner and he and his team have been there for anything I have needed . My result are incredible thanks to his ability to pay great attention to details. He is extremely professional, ethical and has a great sense of humor. Thank you doctor for all your great work. I have found my forever plastic surgeon.

    Patient Testimonial Dec 15 2020
  • Yanira T

    Dr. Agredano has been god-sent from beginning to end, he has shown genuine care, communication expertise and professionalism. Traveling around for surgery is terrifying but thankful Dr. Agredano managed to make this first time experience an easy, comfortable and safe moment in my life. The time he has taken with me to answer all my concerns before during and after my procedure is invaluable. My results are phenomenal they truly surpassed my expectations. I am grateful to say that Dr. Ruben Agredano -Jimenez is my forever plastic surgeon because in him I have found a truly talented ethical, caring and professional surgeon. Thank you Dr. Agredano!
    PS. Thank you for your contagious sense of humor. You managed to keep us happy and laughing throughout.

    Patient Testimonial Dec 15 2020
  • Elizabeth M A

    I traveled to Guadalajara for a breast augmentation, lipo 360 and tummy tuck. From the minute I was admitted my experience was amazing the staff the doctors treated me with the most respect and care. I was taken care of wonderfully.
    Prior to surgery the doctors and nurses were very helpful with dealing with my many emotions.
    Post-surgery hourly and daily check ups were very professional. They all took care of me with a lot of patience and care.
    My experience healing process and results were amazing. I am very happy with my results and look forward to anyone I plan to recommend.

    Patient Testimonial Nov 14 2020
  • Carolina C

    My experience with Dr. Ruben was great. dr. Ruben made me feel comfortable at all times, would ask me if I had any questions or concerns whenever he was done explaining something to me . To make sure I understand every word and everything he was talking about he would give me time to really process and think , wanted to make sure that’s what I really wanted and that the results are as expected . I felt like I was in good hands and his assistant Diana was awesome too, no matter what time it was she would always answer any questions I had. I can't wait to see my final results and I would definitely come back again, Thank you Dr. Ruben and Diana for everything!

    Patient Testimonial Nov 06 2020
  • Kayla E Z

    Quiero agradecerle al Dr. Ruben por haberme cambiado la vida con esta cirugía. Quede muy encantada con mis resultados y excedió mis espectativas. Muchísimas gracias por el cuidado y la paciencia que tuvo conmigo y muchas gracias también a Diana por siempre estar atenta conmigo las 24-7 del día . Muchas gracias también a Ahtziri la enfermera del doctor que me ayudo demasiado.

    Patient Testimonial Feb 12 2020
  • Maribel M

    I am so glad I chose him as my plastic surgeon. He answered all questions and doubts I had about my surgery. He was very responsive and his whole staff was amazing. His assistant Diana was very helpful throughout the whole process since day one of my consultation. Thank you for everything!

    Patient Testimonial Dec 01 2020
  • Maria E R

    My experience with Dr. Ruben Agredano has been great. He did a mommy makeover . Breast lift, tummy tuck and lipo with fat transfer to my butt and I look great. I really do recommend him.

    Patient Testimonial Jul 17 2020
  • Johana E

    Dr. Ruben provides the best possible experience. I have absolutely no complaints from the moment consulted with him through Facetime, he protected the most professionalism, knowledge experience and relief. What was most important tome was that he gave my family the certain and information needed to proceed with the procedure. My pre op appointment was confirmation that I has in good hands Dr. Ruben is honest , realistic and brilliant. Being able to effectively communicate with you via email. I am truly grateful for such a great and honest experience.

    Patient Testimonial Mar 26 2020
  • Kelly S

    Body lipo / lipo chin
    Dr. Ruben was so very awesome. he was attentive, explain the process in detail so I was able to understand, and very patient Dr. Ruben did an amazing job on me and will definitely come back and definitely recommend him to anyone that's looking to work done.

    Patient Testimonial Nov 03 2020
  • Jan H

    Dr. Ruben and his staff were very friendly and informative. Great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Patient Testimonial Nov 26 2019
  • Hope H

    Wow ! Where do I start? Dr. Agredano – Jimenez has been an outstanding surgeon for me. From the earliest online consultation chats to the very last post-op meeting, Dr. A-J has been clear, honest. He addressed every question and concern I had with professionalism. His calm and helpful. Helped me make one of the most significant transitions in my life.
    During my visit I completed a breast reduction and liposuction. I am beyond happy with the results that I’ve obtained. Dr. Agredano understood thoroughly to my request and provided exactly the outcome I was hoping for. I'm glad that I trusted Dr. a-J with such a significant life decision.
    I would fully recommend him to anyone!

    Patient Testimonial Aug 16 2019
  • Maria D

    I had a facelift a blepharoplasty and fat insertion done by Dr. Agredano Jimenez in Guadalajara Mexico.
    I had a long video conference with Dr. Agredano -Jimenez before coming down to Guadalajara, during which he ascertained the areas and the manner in which he would treat my particular needs Dr. Agredano -Jimenez was exhaustive in his video examination and was open to answer all my questions. Before and after the surgery he was always reachable and supportive during the 2 weeks recovery period I spent in Guadalajara. Although I developed a rather serious inflammation on my left eye which prevented me from folly closing my eyelid and this developed dry eye which is extremely annoying as a I couldn't see properly for several days. I understood that Dr. Agredano-Jimenez was working on an area that had previously operated which caused the extra inflammation.

    Patient Testimonial Aug 10 2019
  • Jazmin F

    Amazing experience excellent customer service. Dr. Ruben Agredano and staff went and made my stay and surgery go smooth. Will recommend with friends and family.

    Jul 23 2019
  • Aliyah

    I was a patient of Dr. Ruben Agredano. I had breast implants, liposuction, fat transfer to my hips and buttocks implants. I am a transgender patient. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ruben. He was very professional, well knowledge and very attentive to me. The hospital was also wonderful and it's staff were amazing. I’m very happy with the results. It was just what I wanted thank you Dr. Agredano for giving me the body I dreamed of. Love Aliyah, I won't forget you.

    Patient Testimonial Jun 01 2019
  • Marisela V

    I was very pleased with my experience at doctors Ruben Agredano- Jimenez located in Innovare in Guadalajara Jalisco I can be a hard critic of this day be of procedures due my extensive knowledge regarding the subject. This time my first time regarding this cosmetic procedure with Dr. Agredano- Jimenez was a world away from my previous experience with other doctors . It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. I was also impressed with nice facelift and caring staff and friendly . I saw the doctor's and all the other employees of his medical office care made me feel that I was in safe hands. I’m truly grateful and would not hesitate to use Dr. Agredano – Jimenez the next time I might need another cosmetic surgery. I appreciated the knowledge and concern and willingness to answer any questions. Also a big thank you to Dr. Agredano – Jimenez and to all his staff . I love my new body!

    Patient testimonial May 30 2019
  • Karina F

    Dr. Ruben Agredano was very attentive from the beginning. He answered all my questions right away and calmed any anxieties that I was feeling.
    I got breast lift with implants, lipo of back arms, knees with fat transfer to glutes.
    I am very happy with my results it changed my life for the better.
    And Dr. Agredano has been with me every step of the way.
    I highly recommend Dr. Agredano to any who is looking for a life changing result.

    Patient testimonial Aug 03 2019
  • Arely S

    My experience with Dr. Ruben Agredano has been amazing from the first interaction I felt comfortable and in good hands.
    I absolutely LOVE my results and I`m glad I choose Dr. Ruben Furthermore; in my personal experience every doubt or issue were addressed immediately. I whole heartedly recommend the doctor to anyone interested in a breast augmentation and Brazilian but lift / fat transfer.
    I came out to received this surgery from the US and I do not regret it one bit. I felt safe and in good hands.

    Patient Testimonial Jan 18 2019
  • Vanessa Y

    From the beginning Dr. Ruben Agredano – Jimenez was patient with me and explained what my procedure would be like, in regard to the goals I was looking for with regards my body`s goals. For our first consultation he asked me what were the areas of my body that I wanted to change, and why. Which means be wanted to make sure that the surgery was for changes I wanted for my body. Then him and I broke down my body by where I wanted to have changes made. Since I can remember my arms have been challenging to deal with because no matter what diet or exercise I did I was unable to obtain my fit arms with allowed me to wear short sleeves shirts, jackets and other clothes because my arms blacked me, instead I hide. That was something nobody else understood to feel uncomfortable in your skin. We went over what part of my arms I was unhappy with and what changes were realistic.
    The next part of my process was what other areas of my body were challenging for me and a dead end was the areas of my stomach, back area and being able to see my body for it`s natural beauty which was to bring out my hips. So, we discussed what would be taken away to help work on sculping my body. We spoke about what areas would be changed and what the process would be.
    Before my surgery he made sure to check-in with me to make sure I was prepared for a surgery that would change my body. Painful for me my surgery was painful because I opted to stay awake throughout, meaning even though I was numb I felt every part of the surgery. The reason I choose to stay awake was to avoid any medical complications from accruing my surgery had two doctors, two registered nurses and anesthesiologist and another specialist to make sure if an emergency occurred during my surgery the medical staff could prevent any harm happening to me.

    Patient Testimonial Nov 08 2018
  • Yarit R

    I´d like to thank the staff for the amazing service. My procedure went great, I thought it was going to be super painful, but it was completely the opposite. Dr. Agredano – J. made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns. No doubt I made the right decision/ surgeon. The procedure was fast and my recovery too.
    Again, thank you to the Dr´s and staff for your hard work.

    Patient testimonial Oct 28 2018
  • Nancy G

    Dr. Ruby answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with the procedure. Very professional staff that takes time and always took good care of me very happy with the care I received with Dr. Ruby.

    Patient testimonial Oct 13 2018
  • Luis G

    Hi – DEF Lipo
    1 day recovery, excellent work and attenuation to detail. Was able to resume all activities within 14 days, was able to resume best work same day. Non notable incisions.

    Patient testimonial Apr 18 2018
  • Lauryn W

    Dr. Ruben was very attentive, kind just amazing he explain everything and just made you feel more than just a patient.

    Patient testimonial Apr 04 2018
  • Linda V

    First of all I would like to thank you Dr. Ruben for help me to achieve the body of my dreams. I appreciate all what he did to me and I'm really happy with the results and recommend him as one of the best doctors I ever met. From the beginning until the end he been in touch as I had a problem not in the surgery but after as my body heals more slow than normal people so took me around 4 months to heal fully and all this time Dr. Ruben shows interest to help even his surgery was successful and probably I had to see him 3 times per week (with absolutely not cost) calls to check how my wounds is it going and for all what I had to go through I really thank you for his kindness and I go back home (London UK) very happy with my body transformation and I would come back probably in the near future for different process or re touch something. Regarding hospital I would say is very good with high standards in technology, everything clean and people here very respectful, friendly and ready to help !

    Patient testimonial Oct 03 2018
  • Martha O

    Coming to see doctor Ruben Agredano – Jimenez was a great experience. Really friendly and makes you feel welcome . He was able to answer every question or though. My experience was beautiful everything was done just the way that we talked about and what was planned. I would definitely come and see him again. I really truly recommend Doctor Ruben Agredano – Jimenez he will talk and guide you to what you are expecting. I could not be any happier I just have to say that I am very pleased and welcome with my treatment.

    Patient testimonial Jan 20 2018
  • Saira P

    Dr. Ruben Agredano was amazing , he was very patient with me and extremely helpful. The staff was so great ! they saw I was getting nervous and made conversation with me to try to keep me calm. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ruben Agredano to anyone whom was looking into plastic surgery they are the best ! I can't explain now satisfied with results.

    Patients testimonials Jan 13 2018
  • Anonymous

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    Patient Yarit Rodgriguez was so thankful that she made the right decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure to Dr. Rubén Agredano Jiménez, MD, at Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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  • Anonymous

    Patient Marisela Vera was so pleased during her stay at Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic that she felt secured and in good hands during her cosmetic procedure.

    Dec 01 2021
  • Anonymous

    Patient Jazmin Fregoso experienced the amazing customer service from Dr. Rubén Agredano Jiménez, MD, at Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico.

    Dec 29 2021
  • Anonymous

    Patient Areli Sanchez expressed her personal experience from Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic that it was amazing during her procedures - breast augmentation, brazilian butt, and fat transfer. She felt safe and in good hands.

    Dec 20 2021
  • Anonymous

    Check patient testimonial after she undergoes a cosmetic procedure to achieve her body of her dreams to Dr. Rubén Agredano Jiménez, MD, at Ruby Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico.

    Dec 03 2021
  • Jane S

    top rate and i was well treated and taken care of all my needs were taken care of the after care was the greatest the follow up after the surgery was awesome i highly tell people to go to this surgeon

    Feb 05 2021
  • Marnie R S

    Friendly, helpful. I would not go to anyone else given the choice

    Apr 15 2020
  • Jennifer B

    Friendly customer service

    Jan 24 2020

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