Smile More Dental Clinic in Manila, Philippines Reviews from Real Patients

Smile More Dental Clinic in Manila, Philippines Reviews from Real Patients

Room 203, A.T.C. Bldg. (L.B.C. Express Bldg.), 572 Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila Manila Philippines
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Dentistry Reviews in Manila, Philippines at Smile More Dental Clinic

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    Smile More Dental Clinic helped me achieve cool and carefree smile. That kind of smile I shall be not ashamed to show because people might think that I am wearing an obviously generic cosmetic dental job. I am happy that they gave me a signature smile that I can own.

    With this smile, I can talk, I can eat, I can smile, and surely I can sing without the hassle. Thank you Smile More!

    Google Feb 16 2021
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    For years I have been putting off getting a dental treatment for my unappealing front teeth. It took me a while before decisively booking my appointment with Smile More Dental Clinic. I finally went to see Dr. Richard Liao seeking his expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry. I received dental veneers and was highly impressed with the result. I never expected I would have a smile that I can be happy about. I gained confidence showing my teeth and a brand new smile made possible by Smile More Dental Clinic Team. I am now excited to flash my smile in front of the people and the camera. Dr. Liao told me that for my dental work to last, I need to see them for maintenance which I will comply with. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

    Google Mar 10 2021
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    For years, I have been transferring from one dental clinic to another to look for those that offer better services. Finally, it seems like I will be settling with Smile More Dental Clinic as I've had a great customer experience with the dentists, staff, and facilities. The dentists, especially Dr. Richard Liao, are truly experts in their field as they will offer you several treatment plans to choose from while taking into account your personal needs, oral health, and budgets. I was given a treatment that fixed my bite problem and with an appealing smile. I had low confidence to converse with people, especially at a video conference which clearly shows the flaws of my smile, due to my asymmetrical teeth. Gladly, it was fixed cosmetically and the function of my teeth is even more satisfactory than before. This clinic is highly recommended as it is worth every penny. Kudos!

    Google Apr 14 2021
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    After having an awful experience at a different dental clinic, Smile More Dental turned my spirits and confidence. Meeting Dr. Richard Liao and his team, carefully planning and discussing my treatment plan, we were able to carry on with the appropriate procedures and completed them in few weeks. The dental crowns and fixed bridge they did to me are superbly done. And I have no complaints! I regretted that I did not check and go straight to them. Sometimes, it is essential to check whether the dentist is seasoned enough to perform an extensive procedure rather than those you see on your phone screen feeds. Chances are, you can be hooked with other too good to be true offers rather than get the right opportunity to get the treatment a good shot a once.

    Google Sep 20 2021
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    I have been Dr. Richard Liaos patient for at least 25 years and I can honestly attest that when it comes to dental services Smile More Dental Clinic comes next to none.

    I have had all my dental procedures done by Dr. Liao as I do not trust that any other dentist will have that same level of result.

    For the sake of curiosity and comparison, I once tried other dental clinic for my oral prophylaxis and what a disappointment it was. Imagine if their basic dental service was that bad what would you think of their major dental procedure? Needless to say after that bad experience I told myself to never try any other clinic ever again.

    Here are some of the dental services I had with Dr. Liao where I can literally vouch for the quality of each service.

    Oral prophylaxis
    Dental fillings
    Root canal
    Deep gum cleaning
    Dental crowns from Ceramic to Tilite and most recently Zirconia

    I also wanted to acknowledge his team, his staff are all efficient and the level of professionalism that they gave me is just superb.

    Its a shame I can only give 5 stars. I personally give Smile More Dental Clinic a 10 out 10.

    Google Oct 27 2021