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Maurice Dental Clinic in Cairo, Egypt Reviews from Real Patients

132 Merghany st. Heliopolis Cairo
Focus Area: Orthodontic treatment in Cairo, Egypt | smile correction procedure | dental care | dental implants in Cairo, Egypt | Maurice Dental Clinic | Cairo, Egypt

About Maurice Dental Clinic

Maurice Dental Clinic, situated in Cairo, Egypt provides the latest services in dental technology. The caring and healing touch of the doctors makes the whole experience extraordinary for the patients.

Dentistry Reviews in Cairo, Egypt at Maurice Dental Clinic

  • abeer

    Dr. Ramy is very professional, my experience at his clinic was amazing, perfect work in short time with no pain, very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Thanks Dr. Ramy really appreciate your caring attitude, also thank you Geina Dr. Ramy`s assistant for your help and effort.
    Highly recommended especially for those who fear visiting the dental at Dr. Ramy honestly it is zero pain. God bless you Dr. Ramy.

    Google Jul 20 2021
  • David

    I was having a very hard time with one my teeth and it was critical then found peace and professionalism with Dr. Ramy.
    I highly recommend him and really best dentist I’ve ever dealt with.

    Google Jun 30 2021
  • Wael

    Dr. Rami is not only a dedicated, excellent and highly professional up to date dentist but..He is also top in moral and medical ethics.
    Pleasant well equipped clinic, very clean .. up to the highest standards of disinfection... competent assistant and secretary. High taste in soft music selection... perfect atmosphere
    As a colleague in profession, I highly recommend him to everyone.
    Well done Dr. Rami Maurice
    Keep the good work going on

    Google May 20 2021
  • hany

    Professional, Clean and you feel safe regarding the hygiene and the treatment. Using the latest technology and very honest. Caring to save the teeth rather than removing them.
    Thanks a lot Dr. Ramy

    Google Mar 23 2022
  • Salma

    Seriously, a respectable, accurate, and capable doctor, with excellent appointments, and a psychologically comfortable clinic

    Google Apr 21 2022
  • Mariam

    The clinic is so clean with a really high technology and the doctor is very professional. He is so friendly I really recommend himmm

    Google Apr 15 2021
  • Marco

    Dr. Rami Al-Haqiqah is excellent in diagnosis, treatment and explanation
    The level of cleanliness and sterilization is excellent (by virtue of my being a surgeon, so make sure you take great care of these matters)
    The appointments are very correct
    The truth is a wonderful experience
    Thank you dr Ramy

    Google May 19 2021
  • Carolina

    The clinic is very clean, and Dr rami is very professional,
    I made whitening before my wedding and it was amazing everybody liked it and it looked so natural
    Thank u so much Dr Rami.

    Google May 11 2021
  • tamer

    Excellent medical service, high discipline, super hygiene

    Google Jan 15 2022
  • Sana

    The best dentist ever , the cleanst clinic ever, the most honest doctor , all the stuff are so welcoming, the doctor is insisting to talk and explain.. very happy to visit dr ramy maurice..

    Google Nov 02 2021

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