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Sonrisa Perfecta Dental in Cartagena, Colombia Reviews from Real Patients

Bocagrande av 3 # 6-128, Edificio Centro De Negocios Piso 2 Cartagena Bolivar
Price range:: $120 to $500
Focus Area: Orthodontic Treatment in Colombia | Cosmetic Dentistry in Cartagena | Nasal Aesthetics | Child Dental Care | Sonrisa Perfecta Dental | Cartagena | Colombia

About Sonrisa Perfecta Dental

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Dentistry Reviews in Cartagena, Colombia at Sonrisa Perfecta Dental

  • Susan

    Very happy with the results of my smile design with Dr. Tarsys undoubtedly the best decision. Excellent service, care and attention to detail definitely recommend

    Google Feb 15 2022
  • Agudelo S

    Excellent attention and service, a very good team and professional.

    Google Feb 08 2022
  • sandy

    Excellent person and professional! .

    Google Feb 04 2022
  • Jose

    A pleasant experience in the service and professionalism of Dr. Tarsys and her team of professionals.

    Google Apr 22 2022
  • Gloria

    Excellent service, guaranteed quality, an experience without comparison

    Google Apr 22 2022
  • Yolanda

    I am the dental assistant of Dr. Tarsys Loayza, I consider myself to be in the best dental clinic with the work we do, we give faith of our quality. And we permeate our love and warmth in our day to day. It is a clinic where, for a remuneration, they give us the value of who we are. Thank you Dr. Tarsys for your values.

    Google Nov 11 2021
  • Arlenis

    Thank you for the good disposition that you have in helping the most vulnerable, in addition to having a valid human being, you are an excellent professional

    Google Nov 26 2021
  • Emilia

    Excellent professional, dedicated, noble, excellent human being; and very meticulous in her work, she is a perfectionist person.

    Google Nov 23 2021
  • L

    Excellent attention, high quality services, a unique experience with internationally recognized professionals. Congratulations

    Google Nov 10 2021
  • David

    The best dentist in Cartagena, I highly recommend her!

    Google Nov 29 2021

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