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Denteste Dental Clinic Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey

Halaskargazi CAD. NO:165 FLOOR:3 34381 Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey
Price range:: $220 to $800
Focus Area: Denteste Dental Clinic | Istanbul | Turkey | Dental Implants | Root Canal | Orthodontics | Dental Veneers | Dental Crowns

About Denteste Dental Clinic

Denteste Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey is a reputed place to offer permanent solutions for any kind of dental problems and all treatments are under warranty by manufacturer’s certificate.

Dentistry Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Delogu

    Good evening, I have just returned from the Denteste clinic in Istanbul with the assistant and interpreter Habib, a fair, honest and humane person.
    I had 14 implants +7 grafts placed, 1 open lateral sinus lilf and 1 closed crestal sinus lilf.
    I felt no pain, all in 2 hours.
    A top clinic with real professionals, clean and perfect.
    I can only recommend this Denteste Tourisme dental clinic.
    I am going back in 6 months for the laying of the crowns...

    Google Jul 29 2022
  • Marcela

    Very good clinic, PROFESSIONAL thank you

    Google Jul 22 2022
  • ahmet

    They are very good, clean and meticulous to everyone, especially the doctors and the working team, the appointment hours are on-site, the treatment process is very good.
    Thank you very much Denteste dental clinic

    Google Aug 12 2022
  • Cengiz

    I went to teeth whitening, I am glad I went, they are very friendly and family atmosphere.

    Google Aug 22 2022
  • Bernardo

    Denteste Dental Clinic Wonderful

    Google Aug 24 2022

    We visited this clinic and the treatment was very profitional and the staff are very good and they speak many languges .... the doctor who treated my mom was very good and gentel .... if you need any dental service visit this clinic

    Google Dec 15 2021
  • Bilgin

    Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile.

    Google Feb 07 2022
  • Aleyna

    I recommend a good clinic. Thank you very much for your interest in Hatice.

    Google Feb 07 2022
  • Hatice

    I would recommend a nice clinic. I would like to thank Ms. Hatice for her interest.

    Google Feb 10 2022
  • nadia

    1st stay very well spent
    Super clinic, clean, welcoming, very professional, caring for the patient
    Can not wait to see the final result in 6 months

    Google Feb 10 2022

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