Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics  in Houston, United States Reviews from Real Patients

Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in Houston, United States Reviews from Real Patients

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    Dr Ravi is the BEST!!! I am loving my new body and happy with my results. Anytime I had questions or concerns, the staff or Dr. Ravi called me immediately. Eveyone is helpful and nice. Thank you for making my body look amazing.
    I wish I had done this sooner.

    Google Sep 14 2022
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    If you’re thinking of getting breast augmentation Dr. Ravi and his staff are amazing. From the first visit to my last. I was very anxious about getting my breast augmentation from going under anesthesia to possibly getting botched. Dr. Ravi was recommended to me but I still did my own research. Had a consultation with another surgeon before him and basically told me pick whatever you want and I’ll do it for you. When I had my consultation with Dr. Ravi, I told him I don’t want to look “fake” that I wanted a natural look and proportionate to my body. He gave me a size and told me this is what fits your body and I won’t go bigger than that. If you want bigger than I’m not the surgeon for you. I don’t want you to look botched. He answers all my questions no matter how “dumb” the question could be. I left my consultation like wow he cares about how his patients look and that’s what made me decide to go with Dr. Ravi. Almost two years later people see me out there and haven’t questioned if I’ve had a surgery, the people I do tell about my surgery are shocked how propionate and natural they look. Plus the confident boost it gave me was amazing!! I love my new girls!! I’m very happy I went with Dr. Ravi.

    Google Sep 13 2022
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    Dr.Ravi is a talented doctor and my results are excellent! Only 7 weeks out and I look great and very pleased with my result. After significant weight loss I needed his skill to make my transformation possible. If you’re like me, you put in the hard work, lose significant weight, build muscle and your left with frustrating loose skin. Dr. Ravi can resolve that issue and help you realize your transformation goals.

    Google Sep 15 2022
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    This man will change your life!

    There is so much stigma around plastic surgery but people fail to understand that diet and exercise are not always the solution. For me, getting a Mommy Makeover was not about vanity. It was for my mental health. I have not recognized my body in years and its been hard as hell. I got a Tummy Tuck to repair my abdominal muscles that had separated during my pregnancies and remove all the loose skin, as well as a Breast Lift (no implants) and Lipo. I had mentally prepared myself for 7 days of hell, but between the Exparel injection and the cocktail of medicines I was prescribed, my recovery was a breeze. The possibility of post-op complications gave me the most anxiety but I have had zero issues to date, thanks to Dr. Ravi surgical skill and post-op regimen.

    If I were to leave a review for just Dr. Ravi, then I would absolutely give him 5 stars. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. But unfortunately I have to knock off one star for the rest of his office. Over the last 6+ months, I have had to follow-up multiple times on questions and concerns. I have called, emailed, and texted, waited 2-3 days for an answer, and then called, emailed, and texted again. This place will not coddle you during your recovery. And there is not a lot of information given around what to expect. I highly recommend joining a Mommy Makeover group on Facebook to help manage your expectations and learn tips/tricks for healing.

    Best of luck to you on your surgical journey.

    Google Sep 20 2022
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    I was referred to Dr Ravi by a friend of a friend and had already had a couple of consultations. I looked him up and loved his delivery with the videos and scheduled my consultation then surgery. I had breast augmentation and a tummy tuck with high definition liposuction. My surgery went great I was surprised to not have any pain however very uncomfortable for weeks but no pain. I look great and I absolutely recommend Dr. Ravi and his staff.

    Google Sep 22 2022
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    Dr. Ravi was incredible. I had breast augmentation surgery and he has made my dreams come true. I have never felt so good about my body before. Thanks Dr. Ravi for making my dreams come true.

    Google Feb 08 2022
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    At a seasoned age exercising 3 to 4 days a week, my stomach was not looking the way I hoped it would, with the type of exercises I was doing over the years as I aged. I decided after extensive reflection, and research to get a tummy tuck.

    Dr. Ravi did an excellent job, the scar is not visible, because it is located under the breast area. Two weeks after the procedure I was driving, and at six weeks I am back in the gym, and doing great. I am able to do strength exercises, along with stomach exercises. Everyone helped make my experience stress free, and helped me feel at ease.

    I highly recommend Dr. Ravi and his team!!!

    Google Feb 08 2022
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    If you are even considering getting Botox and fillers, just do yourself a favor and get it done. You will not regret using Dr. Gopathi. While their prices are a touch higher than competitors, the quality of the work is significantly higher than anything else I have seen. She is also gorgeous to boot too which is incredibly reassuring.

    I went in a few weeks ago for some natural looking lip filler and baby botox for the first time, and Dr. Gopathi was pretty up front about not being able to work miracles on what wrinkles I have already, however she is pretty well erased any signs of aging on my face after one round of Botox. She knocked it out of the park. She nailed the me but better look! I highly highly recommend using her!!

    Google Feb 08 2022
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    I am 6 weeks post op from my Body lift and breast lift with Dr. Ravi. Let me just say, I could not be happier! My results are AMAZING! Literally changed my life!

    I sought out Dr. Ravi because I had a lot of loose skin due to weight loss and was very self conscious about it. After an amazing consult Dr. Ravi suggested his signature Body Lift procedure. Not only would it give me the amazing benefits of a tummy tuck, it also took care of all the skin and fat throughout my back and butt!
    I also decided to correct my A cimetrical breasts with a single breast lift to my larger breast.
    I had my procedure right after Christmas. I was so nervous about the pain it would cause but was MORE than pleasantly surprised when I realized the pain was very manageable. Dr. Ravi technique includes a pain reducing medicine that reduces recovery pain DRAMATICALLY at least for me it did.
    I cant forget to mention Dr. Ravi excellent bed side manor. He is so easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable. Jessica, my concierge, was so sweet and helpful throughout the whole process. The staff, nurses, and administrators are all so friendly and accommodating.
    I would recommend Body By Ravi to anyone!

    Google Feb 10 2022
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    Dr. Ravi is the go to Dr for natural results! Everytime I look in the mirror, I say, Thank you Dr. Ravi...You are awesome!
    He is the type of doctor that not only cares for you on the table, but before and afterwards! I love my results and love the new confidence I have in myself everytime I put on a pair of jeans!

    Google Feb 12 2022