IBIO - Brazilian Institute of Dental Implants Reviews in Curitiba, Brazil

IBIO - Brazilian Institute of Dental Implants Reviews in Curitiba, Brazil

Av. Brigadeiro Franco,3323 Curitiba Parana
Price range:: $500 to $18000
Focus Area: Dentistry | Odontological and Aesthetic Dental Care | Dental Implants | Cosmetic Dentistry | Preventive Dentistry | IBIO - Brazilian Institute of Dental Implants | Curitiba | Brazil

About IBIO - Brazilian Institute of Dental Implants

IBIO - Brazilian Institute of Dental Implants located in Curitiba, Brazil brings you latest odontological and aesthetic dental procedures by a multidisciplinary team of professionals trained to work in various dentistry specialties. The clinic aims to improve the health, well-being, and self-esteem of each patient through dental treatments and aesthetic procedures.

Dentistry Reviews in Curitiba, Brazil

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    Great professionals, 100% treatment

    Google Feb 23 2022
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    Excellent professionals and staff!

    Google Mar 15 2022
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    Nice place and good food ....

    Google Mar 25 2022
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    Excellent service from beginning to end, professionalism and respect for patients!

    Google May 17 2022
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    Excellent service and I highly recommend it too. Dr Antonio, Bruna and Fernando from the financial sector were receptive and attentive, and the payment method is super affordable, I start my treatment next week. Congratulations to all of IBIO Curitiba. Gratitude!

    Google May 20 2022
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    Not only in attendance but in everything great, my mother does treatment at Ibio. The attendance is the same for everyone without difference in how the person arrives at the place, price, forms of payment.

    Google Nov 02 2021
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    I did a facial harmonization at IBIO in Curitiba they used Botox on my face it was very good!

    Google Jul 20 2021
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    I think service is everything!! its no use being cheap if its poorly served. I was delighted with the service provided by this clinic in Água Verde in Curitiba, its own parking lot, good service from the entire team. I recommend biocuritiba

    Google Sep 14 2021
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    Best service in Curitiba. Bruna is friendly, attentive and solved our schedule problems very quickly and kindly.
    Super competent, sensitive and professional dentists. And the cleanliness of the call is impeccable. Super recommend !!! Ah

    Google Nov 30 2021
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    I will be honest they are not the cheapest in the City but as I can not afford to do a second time I went to do my implants with them. I placed imported implants with a lifetime guarantee, so I am calm and secure with the amount spent.

    Google Sep 06 2021