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Assoc. Dr. Fatih Uygur Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Clinic in Izmir, Turkey Reviews from Real Patients

Kultur Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Bulvar? No: 193 K: 3 D: 3 Alsancak - Izmir
Price range:: $2750 to $4500
Focus Area: Assoc. Dr. Fatih Uygur Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Clinic | Plastic Surgery | Nose Aesthetics | Gynecomastia| Face Lift | Breast Lift | Butt Aesthetics | Izmir | Turkey

About Assoc. Dr. Fatih Uygur Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Clinic

Assoc. Dr Fatih Uygur is a leading plastic surgeon in Izmir, Turkey. He has specialized in various cosmetic procedures using advanced techniques. The most important procedures offered in the clinic are rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty, breast aesthetics (breast enlargement, breast lift, breast reduction), gynecomastia, abdominoplasty chin aesthetics, PRP and more.

Anti Aging,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Reviews in Izmir, Turkey at Assoc. Dr. Fatih Uygur Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Clinic

  • Clara

    I am thinking of having surgery with this surgeon but the latest opinions leave me perplexed... I hesitate a lot because on intagram I see beautiful results. I do not know what to do.

    Google Jun 23 2022
  • Pınar

    Endless thanks to my dear doctor, my dear doctor Fatih Uygura and her team ... my breast augmentation surgery was painless and the result is excellent, I love you so much.

    Google Jun 29 2022
  • Misis

    I have been doing research for breast implants for a long time. I decided to refer to my teacher Fatih, whose reference is many of my friends, and went to him for a preliminary interview. We determined the day of surgery by enlightening me. Today is my 8th day. I am happy and satisfied. It is not worth risking something that is life-long. Dont get it done in places you dont like. Trust my teacher Fatih and take his suggestions into consideration. Nothing has bothered me until now. I never entered the exaggerated breast surgery mode because I did not have such pain. MyDoctor does this job really well and does it properly. no stitches, no crooked breasts. The bruising... even the edematous state looks very nice. Thank you to Fatih Uygur and his team. I wanted to express my satisfaction here that the right of people who do their job perfectly cannot be ignored. It works wonders even in breasts that have no tissue. She does not do 2 balls, guys. she makes great boobs you know

    Google Jul 07 2022
  • Ebru

    After two breast prosthesis surgeries, I knocked on my DR door, depressed and unhappy, with my returned silicone and collapsed breast. First of all, she greets you with her calm and smiling face. Then she listens to your problems patiently, comes to listen to what you want, and shares what should be the last thing with you. She does not say okay because you want it, naturalness for Dr Fatih in the foreground. Now I am in the healing process, I am sure that I will not experience the same problems again from now on. I cant thank you enough. Good luck, Dr. Fatih

    Google Jul 22 2022
  • Fatma

    A great doctor, I recommend it for any procedure.

    Google Aug 12 2022
  • S

    Hello. First of all, I am very happy that I came across such a doctor before I started my article, feeling good about my first chance. I was thinking of having an operation on my nose, but I was always postponing it and was afraid. He passed with a very good success. He is a smiling and successful doctor. I really recommend Prof.Dr.Fatih Uygur to everyone. I would like to thank his employees for their smiling faces. He is a very successful doctor in his work. Thank you very much

    Google Dec 21 2021
  • Bilge

    I had nose surgery 2 months ago. Before the surgery, I had fears Mr. Fatih told me what should happen without having to say my expectations and made me understand that I was in the right place. They were followed up and cared for after the surgery. It was very natural and the swellings became unnoticeable in a short time. I was very satisfied. I thank him.

    Google Dec 31 2021
  • Alev

    Through a recommendation, I chose Doc. dr Fatih Uygur decided and it was clearly the right decision. I am very satisfied with the result and can only recommend him.

    Google Jan 19 2022
  • eda

    Thank you very much to the doctor.. I had breast surgery 4 years ago, and I had a nose surgery 3 weeks ago without thinking. My trust is endless. The result is amazing I prefer Dr. Fatih without hesitation without fear.. I always felt safe and very comfortable inside.
    Like my doctor, Yasemin who works with her is very sweet and smiling, thank you for everything She is a very successful doctor in her work, I recommend it to everyone

    Google Jan 21 2022
  • Melisa

    Performing a breast reduction:
    From the first contact I had a feeling of familiarity. Competent and quick answers to my questions. The on-site support was fantastic. All appointments were kept and there were no waiting times. When I first came into contact with the doctor, I was very reassured because he seemed very calm and competent. The aftercare was also perfect. I can see Dr. Recommend Fatih Uygur and his team with a clear conscience.

    Google Feb 04 2022