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Bright Way Dental Clinic Reviews in Dubai, UAE

United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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About Bright Way Dental Clinic

Brightway Dental Clinic ensures that a beautiful smile illuminates your face. Located in Dubai, UAE, the clinic provides top-notch dental solutions such as dental implants, dental plastic surgery, veneer teeth, endodontic and root treatment among others.

Dentistry Reviews in Dubai, UAE

  • ali

    Dr. Hasan did fix an implant and a crown for two of my front teeth, such an art work he did!!!, I strongly recommend him, he works with passion and he is a master in what he does

    Google Mar 18 2022
  • Mostafa

    Very professional and friendly staff that always deliver top quality services
    Highly Recommended

    Google Mar 27 2022
  • Saliy

    I have good experience with this clinic, the doctor amazing, He made my beautiful smile with natural color. I recommend this clinic and the doctor Hasan

    Google Apr 15 2022
  • Aniger

    One of the best dental clinic,! Had a best experience ever! Highly recommended

    Google Apr 07 2022
  • TimeGirls

    The most professional dentist in Dubai.
    His work is super, I have been searching very long for a good dentist! Suggest 100%

    Google May 31 2022
  • Anas

    I am really glad to be one of Dr.Hasan Al Mahdy patients at Bright Way DC , as of the team there are super energetics and helpful

    Google Sep 17 2021
  • T

    Dr. Hasan is the best dentist I have ever dealt with. Very professional with huge experience. And what makes me more confident and comfortable is that Dr. Hasan really gives the best care to his patients. Many thanks Dr. Hasan for making my perfect new smile

    Google Nov 16 2021
  • Ashraf

    A very classy and excellent clinic to deal with

    Google Dec 21 2021
  • bor

    Dr. Hassan Mahdi is such a professional doctor, he knows what he is doing, you wont feel you are seeing a dentist as we all know most of us are afraid of dentists, he makes sure you will be comfortable with him. I highly recommend Dr. Hassan Mahdi, he is an amazing dentist.

    Google Dec 28 2021
  • Malak

    I suffered for three months before I had the chance to know Dr. Hassan, When I came to his clinic I felt relaxed but still, I was very anxious till he finished fixing my teeth and I could see the impressive result. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the good work, he is fast, reliable, and very professional in his field.
    Dr. Hassan is Always very friendly and helpful. He explains everything beforehand thoroughly to you and puts you at ease.
    I highly recommend his clinic the Bright Way.

    Google Feb 01 2022

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