Azul Fertility Experts Reviews in San Jose, Costa Rica

Azul Fertility Experts Reviews in San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica, San Jose, Mata Redonda, Sabana Sur, 100mts Este del Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos, Edificio Abdin, Piso 1 San José
Price range:: $8515 to $8515
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About Azul Fertility Experts

Azul Fertility Experts is one of the leading infertility treatment centers in San Jose, Costa Rica. They provide IVF, Egg Donation, Artificial Insemination, Assisted Reproduction, and more fertility solutions.

Fertility Treatment,Infertility/IVF Reviews in San Jose, Costa Rica

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    Excellent clinic, with a fully professional staff, people with great charisma, super recommended!!

    Facebook Feb 22 2020
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    Excellent treatment, too much professionalism, they clarified each of my doubts filling me with hope without promising impossible, although the appointment was online you feel one at home we hope in God and in you achieve our goal.
    thank you very much!

    Facebook Apr 08 2020
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    I am currently a patient of Doctor Marcos Azulay and from the beginning they have made me feel comfortable with the service and attention. Deciding where to have treatments like these is not easy, because we all carry feelings on the surface. But the team of people who work in the clinic and the professionalism they have, I highly recommend it.

    Google Mar 28 2022
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    The clinic has the best professionals you can ask to take care of you in an infertility situation. They are knowledgeable but most of all, ethic human being who think first of you as s human and then as a patient, doing for you the best they can to reach a healthy baby.

    I have gone thru other IVF processes, and Dr Azulay managed my case to get a good amount of embryo without putting me at risk, a hard goal to manage in my case. We know that, with everyone help in the clinic, we will have a baby with us.

    Google Apr 22 2022
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    Thank you Dr. Azulay for your professional guidance and encouragement. Looking forward to working with you and your staff to build my family.

    Google May 01 2022
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    I want to thank the entire team, Dr. Azulay for his words, his comments and explanations always concrete, in simple language, his support and advice, Tati, always kind, happy, involved in the process, with a Monday disposition to Sunday, excellent attention, celebrating day by day that little miracle in formation. To the embryology team, I admire you and I wish I could be there and see those sparks of life that happen in that laboratory. To your urologist, anesthetist.
    Thanks to God and his team, today we celebrate the miracle of Life, which we await with much love.

    Google May 20 2022
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    Excellent service, they clear all doubts highly professional, you are left with the satisfaction that they know what they do and give you peace of mind that the process will be a success

    Facebook Apr 01 2020
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    Super professionals and human quality

    Facebook Jul 31 2021
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    excellent service and top quality service

    Facebook Jan 20 2022
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    I came to Azul Fertility clinic looking for an opportunity to become a mom and found a family of experts willing to walk with me on this incredible journey.
    I went to several Doctors in Costa Rica and none with the professionalism, knowledge, dedication and international experience as Doctor Marcos Azulay. There is no doctor as him in Costa Rica.
    Since our first appointment, I trusted every protocol and every exam as he inspires confidence; Dr Azulay and his crew were supportive, they always explained the procedures, what to expect and they always answered my questions promplty and with care.
    Infertility path is hard, but having the right experts with you makes a total difference. I found a family for me and my baby at Azul Fertility and can express with words how bless I feel to have found this clinic

    Google May 14 2021
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    Thanks to Azul fertility my dream of years, today is a reality, my baby arrived at the first attempt, thanks to the efforts of a tremendously committed team, they valued my state of health and gave me different options, full of arguments in understandable language and much I respect! The contact with the nurse was undoubtedly one of the keys to success in this process, Tati is wonderful and responds literally 24 by 7, regardless of whether it is Saturday or Sunday. Dr. Azulay always gave me hope and spoke to me honestly, I was very happy when the pregnancy test came back positive and he even called me to see how my pregnancy is going, even though I was discharged! For me it is the best fertility clinics in Costa Rica; I was with another before who only raised the possibility of natural childbirth, she scolded me and told me that it was a risk, while at Azul Fertility they told me we would love for you to have a natural and respected childbirth" HERE IS HUMAN QUALITY! I RECOMMEND THEM 100%

    Google Feb 04 2022