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Sports Medicine Systems Reviews in Cancun, Mexico

Hospital Galenia Nombre de Vialidad: AV Tulum MZ 1 No. LT 1 No. Interno piso 5 torre B Consultorio 511 Nombre de la Colonia: SM 12 Delegacion/Municipio : BENITO JUAREZ Nombre de la Localidad: CANCUN Nombre de la Entidad Federativa: QUINTANA ROO Co?digo Postal:77504
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About Sports Medicine Systems

Sports Medicine System is a leading center providing sports injury treatment to athletes. Located in Cancun, Mexico, SMS provides key treatments such as sports medicine, sports trauma, joint surgery and joint replacement.

Orthopedic/Knee Surgery,Sports Medicine,Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in Cancun, Mexico

  • Mark F


    This not an appropriate response system. Your requesting people to rate organizations that they have no contact with.
    The sales/registration page drops personal information, requiring people to reregister multiple times, throughout the process. It looses information every time you log in to home page. Your IT group should revisit the sales funnel. Even on this page the “I m not a robot” has timed out multiple times.

    Jul 28 2023
  • Gerardo

    Excellent my best wishes greetings to my brother Dr. Pedro Castillo knowledge and human quality

    Facebook Mar 24 2017
  • Leticia

    Dr. Castillo has always stood out in his specialty in traumatology. Wish you continue to reap success.

    Facebook Oct 10 2019