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SIMETRIS in Monterrey, Mexico Reviews from Real Patients

Av. Gomez Morin 911 Monterrey
Focus Area: Dr. Gabriel Garza | Droopy Eyelid Surgery | Lacrimation treatment | Eyelid Tumors | Thyroid Eye Disease | Eyelash Problems | Botox and Wrinkle Filler | Monterrey | Mexico


Dr. Gabriel Garza Martinez has experience in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery in Monterrey, Mexico. The key procedure includes Correction of Droopy Eyebrows, Droopy Eyelid Surgery, Botox and Wrinkle Filler, and more.

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Reviews in Monterrey, Mexico at SIMETRIS

  • Natalia

    Excellent treatment from the doctor and I was delighted with my results

    Google May 04 2022
  • Alfonso

    The best specialist in his area, total mastery of his specialty. A very friendly and knowledgeable person. I recommend it without reservation.

    Google May 06 2022
  • Rosalinda

    I definitely recommend Dr. Garza, his experience and professionalism are first class, I am happy with my procedure, in the best hands without a doubt.

    Google May 13 2022
  • Pearl

    The Doctor is extremely kind and clear in his explanations, he gives you the confidence of being in the hands of an expert. His preparation is exceptional, graduated from Hadassah Hospital in Israel and Harvard Medical school in Boston, and with a lot of experience. The best doctor in his specialty.

    Google May 20 2022
  • Albert

    Im coming from Houston Tx and been with this doctor over a year now he is the best doctor i find my experience to be awesome i totally am satisfied he is there for me when i need my appointment very affordable very nice

    Google May 27 2022
  • Reyna

    Excellent person and doctor. He personally treated me wonderfully. I highly recommend it. I will send photos of before and after my surgery without pain. Thanks to God and the doctor. God bless you for your attention

    Facebook Dec 24 2017
  • Yolanda

    Excellent treatment, extensive experience and professionalism.
    Highly recommended

    Facebook Oct 10 2018
  • Mar

    I loved the experience, I highly recommend !!

    Google Feb 03 2020
  • Julia

    Excellent results and excellent treatment of Doctor Gabriel Garza thanks

    Google Feb 11 2020
  • Marisol

    All of my expectations! I did research for over a year and consulted with 2 other certified plastic surgeons, before deciding to go with Doctor Gabriel Garza Simetris his experience and credentials are the most important requirements when involving the eyes! Because its the main focus of the face! Dr. Garza, his staff and the hospital where all first class and provided excellent care during my surgery.

    Google Mar 18 2020

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