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Hurghada Surgery in Hurghada, Egypt Reviews from Real Patients

Price range:: $100 to $5000
Focus Area: Hurghada Surgery | Obesity Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery | General Surgery | Hair Transplant | Hernia Repair | Laparoscopic Surgery | Egypt

About Hurghada Surgery

Hurghada Surgery is a Medical Services Group located in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt. They specialize in the surgery of Obesity, Gastrointestinal, Thyroid and Breast diseases, Surgical Oncology, Infertility treatment and Paediatric Surgery.

Anti Aging,Cancer Treatment,Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Fertility Treatment,General Surgery,Gynecology Treatment,Infertility/IVF,Laparoscopic Surgery,Obesity/Bariatric Surgery,Sexual Medicine and Treatment,Weight Loss Program Reviews in Hurghada, Egypt at Hurghada Surgery

  • George

    Dr. Tamer is an excellent surgeon , with wide scope of clinical knowledge and experience both domestically and globaly .
    I would definitely recommend him .

    Facebook Oct 17 2019
  • Khaled

    excellent doctor and best surgeon
    operated on me twice

    Facebook Oct 16 2019
  • Shawg

    Excellent surgeon. Operated on me once. And excellent colleague to work with as well.

    Facebook Jan 06 2020
  • Lucia

    Thanks to Dr. Tamer El Zalabany my mum is alive. She was refused to be operated in Slovakia and Cech Republic, why? Simply because cancer patients in stage 3 does not get any treatment or help here, sad, but the truth. Tried all doctors around here, as I am also medical staff, no help at all. She was offered palliative care and that was it. At the end found this surgery and doctor who have helped me, operated my mum, successfully removed tumor. Dr Tamer is a great surgeon and also a great person, always will thank him for his greatest help. Hope he will help many other pacient s like my mum.

    Facebook Jul 11 2021
  • Ayat

    Dr. Tamer is real, after the grace of God and the grace of God, my husband was able to perform a surgery, and his health remained better, and God bless him, Dr. Tamer treated him very well and understands how to deal with the situation and was patient, despite our many questions, he was very responsive and made the best choices according to our ability. Thank you for your presence. That you were the reason after God in My husband health is getting better, thank you very much, and you are truly one of the best doctors we have dealt with

    Facebook Jul 11 2021
  • Donna

    Dr. Tamer is the best surgeon in Hurghaka and
    Excellent service

    Facebook Jun 23 2021
  • Saleh

    Place is more than excellent

    Google Aug 19 2020
  • Nader

    Very beautiful place and excellent medical care

    Google Apr 09 2020
  • sedika

    Very excellent doctor

    Google Apr 07 2020
  • A M

    One of the most competent surgeons I have ever known.

    Google Jul 07 2020

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