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Cerrahi Group Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews of Dental Treatment Patients

Merkez Mah. E-5 Yanyol No:143/A Avcilar, Istanbul, Turkey
Price range:: $100 to $3000
Focus Area: Cerrahi Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in Istanbul Turkey | Best Dental Clinic | Top Dental Procedures | Implant Treatment | Maxillofacial Surgery | All-On-Four Treatment | Orthodontics | Pedodontics | Endodontics | Periodontology | Prosthesis

About Cerrahi Group Dental Clinic

Cerrahi Grup is an oral and dental health polyclinic providing the best services of Implant Treatment, Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Periodontology, and many more treatments in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dental Implants in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews at Cerrahi Dental Clinic

  • Gamze

    I had a few procedures and dental cleaning done on my teeth, the approach of the staff and doctors was very good.
    I am very satisfied

    Google Jun 15 2022
  • Alp

    I would like to thank Mr. Utku and Ms. Melek, who helped me in my wonderful outpatient treatment process. The people at the bank and Ms. Nazmiye were very helpful in this process, it was a very nice experience, I recommend it to everyone.

    Google Jun 17 2022
  • Yağmur

    From the moment we entered the clinic, they hosted us very well with their warm-blooded staff. I would like to thank especially Çağatay Bey and Emre Bey, then Batuhan Hodja and Gürkan Hodja, Mrs. Nazmiye who took care of us during the procedures, and all the other staff whose names I have forgotten.

    Google Jun 16 2022
  • Tuna

    An incredible clinic..The most modern, the most stylish and the cleanest you can see in Istanbul..Thanks to all the staff, one by one.

    Google Jun 23 2022
  • Çelme

    We visited with my wife the other day, we went for the first time and we were very pleased with this interest Nazmiye makes you feel very special thanks to her individual care with each patient. I would also like to thank Mr. Batuhan and Ms. Ceren, I will recommend them with peace of mind, be sure The health sector needs such businesses.

    Google Jun 23 2022
  • yavuz

    I had my 8 implants and 16 porcelain teeth done in this clinic. I felt neither pain nor pain. The clinic is incredibly hygienic. I would like to thank Mr. Utku, Mr. Necati and Eda hnma.

    Google Sep 27 2021
  • erdem

    I had my zirconium dental treatment done at this clinic. Thanks to my teacher necati, he created me all over again. It is a clinic that you can definitely go to without thinking. You cannot see such a caring and knowledgeable doctor and staff. All our dental treatments as a family continue in this clinic. Thank you very much..

    Google Sep 29 2021
  • saliha

    Mashallah suphenallah a person hand can not be this naive, its a great job done in a short time without hurting any of my gums

    Google Oct 05 2021
  • ahmet

    The interest and relevance is really good, I did not research the price in any way, and then I saw that they were also suitable for the price.

    Google Oct 13 2021
  • Barıs

    Hello, first of all, I would like to thank all the staff, especially associate professor dr eda hnm and business manager ceren Turkes and erhan, for their interest and smiling faces. As a polyclinic, I would like to thank the management for providing such a service in a comfortable and peaceful environment as if you were at home with your family members, and I wish you continued success as a patient.

    Google Jan 13 2022

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