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Dr. Sameh Hany Reviews in Dubai, UAE

C37 Medical Hub , Al Razi Building ( No. 64 ) , Block B , 4th Floor Dubai Dubai
Focus Area: Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai UAE | Dr. Sameh Hany

About Dr. Sameh Hany

Dr. Sameh Hany is a Doctor of Medicine with a scope of practice in Aesthetic, Anti Aging and Regenerative medicine and clinical practicing experience of 20 years in Egypt, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates.

Anti Aging,Chronic Diseases,Skin Care,Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in Dubai, UAE

  • Imran H

    You changed my life!

    Dr. Sameh Hany May 05 2022
  • Spidey

    You are the best doctor ever.

    Dr. Sameh Hany Jul 05 2022

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