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Nucleo V Reviews in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Campos Eliseos 9371 int 820 Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua
Price range:: $4100 to $10000
Focus Area: Núcleo V in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico | Gynecology Treatment | Vaginoplasty | Laparoscopy | Reproductive Therapy | Fertility Treatment | IVF | Stem Cell Treatment

About Nucleo V

Núcleo V clinic in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, provides high-quality gynecology treatment and stem cell therapy at affordable prices to patients around the world.

Anti Aging,Fertility Treatment,Gynecology Treatment,Infertility/IVF,Laparoscopic Surgery,Stem Cell Therapy Reviews in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

  • Nancy S

    I'm 4 months pregnant and the truth is the attention has been very professional. Any questions or concerns that the doctor has, answer me immediately. Super recommended.

    Núcleo V May 12 2022
  • Anna M

    Excellent!! Dr. Gonzalez guides me, guides me, explains everything in the best way and is always patient. Took care of my pregnancy, c-section & post follow up. Simply the best.

    Núcleo V Sep 22 2022
  • Alejandra M C

    Excellent treatment from the dr. Gonzalez, I had two years with my recurring problem (every three months) and multiple doctors who had already operated on me. The dr took care of me in his office and I haven't relapsed for almost a year now.

    Núcleo V Oct 13 2022
  • Aleida G A

    Dr. Gonzales excellent gynecologist Very good service and explains everything very well!!

    Núcleo V Nov 10 2022
  • Arely O

    Excellent Doctor Dr. Erik Gonzalez, why he cares about his patients' problem, always looking to solve them, excellent treatment and very capable in his performance. My mom is so thankful with him and we highly recommend him.

    Núcleo V Nov 17 2022

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