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Odontologia Laser in Bogota, Colombia Reviews from Real Patients

Calle 53 No 21-62 Bogota
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About Odontologia Laser

Odontologia Laser, international dental clinic with five offices in Colombia, is dedicated to caring for the oral health needs of people with a primary focus on comfortable and painless dentistry.

Dentistry Reviews in Bogota, Colombia at Odontologia Laser

  • Sebastian

    In my opinion, getting to that place was the best decision I could have made hahaha. Normally I have been very afraid of dentists, since I was little I was nervous just going in there.
    I had seen them for almost 2 years on social networks, following their work, their cases and others, I assumed that it was expensive, because something so good cannot be cheap, so after a long time I made my diagnosis appointment, I waited around 3 weeks for her and to my surprise I arrived at the quiet place, confident that everything would turn out well, and it did, a quiet environment, very friendly and talkative people; so they explained my case to me in detail and the step by step I had to take to obtain a good smile. When they gave me the prices, I cannot deny that the cost was high for my point of view, but regardless of that, I paid a certain amount to remove my wisdom teeth, I saved a couple of months for it and when I removed them I was so shocked with the procedure, because I couldn't fit in my head as something that is so "strong", that just listening to it is scary hahaha, it can be so simple and painless.
    Obviously I was able to go to my Eps to do the procedure, but I can assure you that I would never have received such good care. I swear I almost cried with joy when I got rid of that "thorn" that I had been waiting for years. Investing in our health is the best decision we can make, because unlike clothes and technology, teeth are with us for life.

    Odontologia Laser Jul 13 2022
  • Adriana D

    I just want to thank you for your excellent service. I am a patient at the Galerias headquarters and last Saturday I had scheduled an extraction of 2 teeth. I am very, very nervous, I did not sleep the night before, I arrived sweating, hands sweating, my nerves at 100; but since I entered the girl who received me and made me sign the consents very talkative hehehe and began to give me peace of mind about the procedure, the doctor telling me about his experience and that of other patients that my mind was relaxing and helped me calm down a bit with your comments. When I arrived for the procedure, the doctor also noticed my nerves, he explained the process to me, which was very simple, reassuring words, and when I least realized it, I was already lying down and the doctor told me one came out and then the other and I didn't realize it, I didn't feel pain. And I couldn't believe what a soft hand, what a professional process. The recovery is going super well, it didn't swell me, it doesn't hurt and I couldn't go to therapy for the scarring because of my work. and a thousand thanks recommended 100%.

    Odontologia Laser Sep 23 2022
  • Erika M

    I came to Artek laser dentistry, through social networks, I was curious to know a different dentistry, I do not have good experiences with traditional dentistry, but I can say that the short time I have been in treatment has been an excellent experience, the Treatment, ethics, professionalism of each one of them towards their patients is great, from reception, their advisors, assistants, dentists of all specialties make me feel safe and calm in my process. There you will find a friendly face, a smile, a respectful and assertive treatment, highly recommended! I hope to complete my process satisfactorily.

    Odontologia Laser Oct 14 2022
  • Laura M

    My experience was very good, I was treated by empathic, friendly professionals and most importantly, experts in modern dentistry.
    Dr. Angélica especially thanks you for making what seemed impossible possible, your energy is unique and you are the soul of the clinic's networks. I recommend it 100%.

    Odontologia Laser Nov 09 2022
  • Aura L M S

    My experience at this clinic has far exceeded my expectations. When I started my treatment, I knew that I was going to the landline, because I had taken the time to search, investigate, see the valuable content, the testimonials and everything that the clinic offers in information through the internet. I had previously gone through other places, looking for the best option and in ARTEK I found much more than what I wanted, needed and could have imagined.
    From the first moment I came into contact with the clinic I felt very well received, each person who is part of this work team, regardless of the position or role they are holding, lives up to its motto "We are Light" and really they are. Human quality, professionalism, high technology and the value they provide are pillars of the clinic, this together with the care, delicacy and respect they have for each patient and their particular case.
    Visionary professionals who strive to work with excellence, providing the best to their patients, from every point of view. They take care of every detail and go beyond what you expect, working with quality, innovation, honesty and ethics. A clinic that has set the bar very high, standing out in the field of health, as well as as business leaders, educators and communicators. The love with which they carry out their work is evident.
    I have been grateful to ARTEK since day one I came to this clinic. While I was being treated for the first time, I repeated in my mind: “Always aim for the best” because I confirmed that I had chosen precisely the best.
    It is not possible to skimp on words of thanks and recognition, because you do not skimp on offering the best to your patients and your community. They have stayed in my heart, thank you for so much ARTEK family, you provide the best and deserve the best.

    Odontologia Laser Dec 02 2022