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Doctor Vorobjev Clinic in Belgrade, Serbia Reviews from Real Patients

Dorda Cutukovica 48, Beograd 11080, Serbia
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About Doctor Vorobjev Clinic

Experience compassionate and effective drug addiction treatment at Dr. Vorobjev's clinic in Belgrade, Serbia. Find hope and recovery with our expert team.

Addiction Treatment Reviews in Belgrade, Serbia at Doctor Vorobjev Clinic

  • Maisy E

    What differs Vip Vorobjev’s clinic from the others is human attitude and professionalism. They listen to you, understand and help you! Work with psychologists is really awesome! After 2 weeks of medical treatment I had therapy with the psychologist who helped me to overcome my negative emotions.

    Doctor Vorobjev Clinic Mar 20 2023
  • Jett L

    This is not the first time we come for medical consultations. My brother had been suffering from alcohol addiction for about ten years, he had lost his family and his job. I had to take him into my own hands and look for specialists for treatment and my friends advised to consult Vip Vorobjev’s clinic.

    Doctor Vorobjev Clinic Apr 04 2023
  • Edith G

    Thank you for your help, I really liked the attitude of the staff to their clients. Vip Vorobjev’s clinic is famous for its comfortable environment and competent doctors. I didn't have confidence in such clinics before, but after visiting this one, I realized that I just didn't know how they could treat you with respect.

    Doctor Vorobjev Clinic Apr 27 2023
  • Juan A

    I suffered for a long time from alcohol addiction. The clinics were I had treatment before were unhelpful. When I came to went to Vip Vorobjev’s clinic I was surprised by the attitude of staff, treatment methods and living conditions. Thank you for opportunity to live a sober life!

    Doctor Vorobjev Clinic May 05 2023

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