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SAIGON CENTER DENTAL CLINIC in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Reviews from Real Patients

378B Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Price range:: $22 to $6600
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Saigon Center Dental Clinic was founded many years ago. This place has grown to be amongst the leading dental healthcare providers in the country, especially when it comes to Dental Care

Dentistry Reviews in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam at SAIGON CENTER DENTAL CLINIC

  • Lee W L

    I and my mother from the US to the Saigon Implant Dental to implant all on 6. The cost of dental implants here is 2-3 times more economical than in the US. Now my mother eats very comfortably, no longer picky. Thank you very much dentist.

    https://www.whatclinic.com/dentists/vietnam/ho-chi-minh-city/district-1-ho-chi-minh/saigon-center-dental-clinic Aug 10 2022
  • Mahesh F

    I was supplied the high quality with the extremely reasonable service at SaiGon Implant Center when I came.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Sep 13 2022
  • Cali A

    I recommend this clinic highly about both service and proffesional competence. For sure I will recommand for my friends and colleagues

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Aug 16 2022
  • Thanh N

    I have introduced my foreign friends/family to come here for teeth whitening and fillings. They have used the services here on a recent visit and they were very happy with the high quality service and the results. Thank you.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 08 2023
  • Alexandra M S

    At first, when I visit SaiGon Implant Center, I am quite anxious about its price but it's extremely reasonable and available for me.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 17 2023
  • Donia K

    The receiptionists are very out-going and happy, they make me feel be welcomed when I communicate with. Moreover, they also have promotions for customers when experimeting survices here. Best choise!

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Nov 22 2022
  • Ragho P

    No swelling, no pain. I’m just so pleased I had it done. I will recommend for my friends and accquantances to get great services here. 5 star for SaiGon Center Dental Clinic.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 04 2023
  • Felix N

    I got a decay, I have been taken this tooth out yesterday. I not only feel painless but also be pleased with the customer services of SaiGon Implant Center at 378B Vo Van Tan street, Ward 5, District 3, TPHCM

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 25 2023
  • Osama J

    The dedication of the team of doctors and technicians at here helped me when I got dental problem. Many thanks to SaiGon Implant Center for enthusiastic support and kindness.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Dec 14 2022
  • Deedra V

    The whole family uses the services at SaiGon Implant Center, we totally appreciate highly about this dental clinic. They are very enthusiasm and friendly.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 12 2023
  • Armstong M

    In the past, I was did some porcelain crowns at a dental clinic but they didn't fit proberly and made me uncomfortable recent days. Then I decide to come SaiGon Implant Center, the doctor checked and consulted clearly about the treatment plan and detailed solution for my dental problem so that make me trust very much.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Feb 15 2023
  • md a

    I had 4 implants done. Very professional. They even sent me for a physical exam before the treatment. I am very happy with the outcome. Thanks SaiGon Implant Center.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Mar 29 2023
  • Ramanand G

    Lastweek I have been done the first implant at SaiGon Implant Center at 378B Vo Van Tan street, Ward 5, District 3, TPHCM, and I am extremely pleased about the comfortable and proffesional of the whole procedure that this dental clicnic performed was.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Jan 11 2023
  • Isiah K

    I had a sudden accident and broke my incisor and was very worried because I didn't know how to fix and porcelain an incisor to resemble the old real teeth. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr.Tan at SaiGon Implant Center to treat and help me regain my beautiful smile that make me be confident in work and return to a normal life. I really appreciate the professionalism and high competence of Dr.Tan.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Feb 21 2023
  • Saquan G

    I made 18 porcelain teeth at SaiGon Implant Center and was really satisfied. Before making porcelain, the doctor very carefully simulated my teeth after making porcelain. During the process, he always communicated, encouraged and chose for me a really satisfactory tooth color.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Feb 09 2023
  • Thithuy H

    I arrived in Vietnam from Australia for 6 implants i attended Saigon Implant Center where Dr Tan performed the procedure with utmost professionalism. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and how hygienic and professional he and his staff are. I highly recommend his clinic, i will be returning in the coming months for Veneers on remaining teeth and my wife is now attending his clinic for implants. Thank you again Dr Tan

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Mar 21 2023
  • Babu b

    When I visit SaiGon Implant Center, I am very satisfied with the service here. Since I was given clear information about the procedure and the pricing, all in a very relaxed environment.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 18 2023
  • Jason S

    Done Dental cleaning, filling and 3 implants…
    Very good price and service…
    3D X-ray scan with no extra charges…

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 08 2023
  • Ragho P

    No swelling, no pain. I’m just so pleased I had it done. I will recommend for my friends and accquantances to get great services here. 5 star for SaiGon Implant Center.

    https://goo.gl/maps/i5oF6rkQs1RRjdyD9 Apr 11 2023

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