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Iscare Clinic in Prague Czech Republic Reviews of Verified Fertility Patients

Jankovcova 1569/2c
Price range:: $3200 to $7500
Focus Area: IVF | ICSI | IUI | Egg Donation | Assisted Hatching | Fertility Procedures | Infertility Treatments | PICSI | IVM | ISCARE IVF Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic

About ISCARE IVF Clinic

ISCARE IVF Clinic, located in Prague, Czech Republic, was founded in 1994. The private clinic in specialized in reproductive medicine, offering procedures such as IVF, ICSI, Egg Donation, Embryo Donations and many more.

In-Vitro Fertilization Reviews in Prague, Czech Republic at Iscare Clinic

  • Inka

    I was really excited about the approach of the staff.
    The ordering time mostly sat. Such a great approach should be everywhere.

    Google Jun 09 2022
  • Filipova

    Iscare disappointed me at first. I wrote a bad review and someone from this company asked me for an email with details. I sent an email and within a month I received a scanned apology directly from the mayor with understanding, compassion and a description of the remedy. Thank you very much

    Google Jun 09 2022
  • Milena

    I was very happy in Iscare. Ordering on time without waiting, experienced and helpful staff at a professional level. New, clean, pleasant environment and great accessibility. I can definitely recommend. Thank you.

    Google Jun 16 2022
  • Kristýna

    I visited the clinic several times in a short time and I left in a great mood each time. I praise all employees, nurses and doctors. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and kind. I would love to return to the clinic again

    Google Jun 16 2022
  • Nela

    Very friendly staff, all examinations were quick, they did not keep me waiting long and the procedure also went without complications. Thank you very much to the whole team

    Google Jun 09 2022
  • Renata

    A modern clinic located next to the O2 Arena and the Harp Gallery. Upon entering you will come to the main reception, where the staff are really nice and helpful. My mother and I were very satisfied with the overall gynecological service. Patients are called on time, the doctor approach is also very professional

    Google Jan 20 2022
  • Lenka

    The modern environment, the main reception and the reception of gastroenterology are pleasant, the care in the sleeping area or in the hall is nothing to complain about. Absolute satisfaction for me.

    Google Jan 27 2022
  • Pavla

    Great approach so far. Modern clinic.

    Google Feb 03 2022
  • anne

    I was in the Iscare Clinic for an upper eyelid lift in January 2022 and can only recommend it. I felt very well looked after from the first moment. The surgery was performed by Dr. Hasenohrlova explained in detail. And I can only say that the result is worldclass. The clinic is state of the art, the doctors and nurses are super nice and professional. And Prague is always worth a visit.

    Google Feb 03 2022
  • kimberly

    Came here for my breast augmentation the nurses and especially my doctor was amazing. Everyone who helped me spoke English which was helpful since I am not from there.

    Google Feb 03 2022

    I’m happy with everything

    Apr 02 2018

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