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  • Stefan G 2019-02-14 Beaverton, United States

    We have not completed our therapy yet so this review is not really relevant.

  • Mahir K 2018-12-19 Ankara , Turkey

    Facilities sending and replying messages on time

  • Laura S 2018-12-10 N/A, Switzerland

    I have been in Istanbul and made this gastric ballon surgery.i am very happy.feel good,good service and good price.i will sugest just after surgery maybe still few days in Istanbul bcs travel is a bit dificult.thann youuu

  • Khalid M 2018-12-08 Taif , Saudi Arabia

    Like them

  • Marin N 2018-11-15 , Croatia

    Very helpful and kind staff!

  • Dr. S J f R J 2018-11-15 Karachi, Pakistan

    So the far the staff have been very helpful to assist and give information. I have yet to take my daughter to the Clinic in Tijuana for the therapy.

  • Tahmour A 2018-11-13 N/A, Iran

    I spoke to Mr. Stefan. Very kindly and honest. Serious and informed. Your partner medical centers are very alert and professional in their work.

  • Ahsan A 2018-10-09 Sialkot, Pakistan

    Thanks Out experience is 22 years. We want to start business with you

  • Silvia 2018-10-03 Huddersfield, United Kingdom

    Good information available.

  • Kelly L 2018-10-01 Sutton, United States

    Just getting info so far.

  • Sylvia T 2018-09-23 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    Tried to set up a consultation with Miguelangelo Clinic in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico and no response. I live there as an expat. Can you help find me someone who can do a neck lift in the area?

  • Brent S 2018-09-14 Vernon, Canada

    Great attention to service.. i have mot had surgery yet but there prices are reasonable Cheers Brent

  • 2018-09-10 Luton, United Kingdom

    Hello I wheit for the appointment in Austria. Thanks

  • 2018-08-23 ,

    its good

  • Tracy B 2018-08-15 , Canada

    Very great experience however I have decided to not go forward at this time. They’re a great place I’d recommend to anyone but I just hace too much going on right now. Thank you for your time.

  • 2018-07-13 ,

    We are travelling to Costa Rica in August and asked (June 22nd) the PlacidWay "team" to arrange an appointment with a leukemia specialist (Dra. Marisel Aguilar Herrera) in San Jose. The reply was that was PlacidWay (Colorado?) would get right back to us. Nada since then. Two days ago I wrote another note to the "team" and asked for some sort of follow through. Still waiting. Rochelle Rhea Brand

  • Hoyong L 2018-07-11 ,

    Clumsy interface. Keep on opening new windows. Bad design.

  • mary 2018-07-08 leicester, United Kingdom

    So far not bad. I am still waiting to get the final details and final year use your services. There forever at present I am not able to rate

  • Melanie 2018-07-03 Vigan, Philippines

    Thank you for everything! You were an outstanding support the whole time, and I truly appreciate everything that you did to help me!

  • Dr.Sumaiya 2018-07-03 , Bangladesh

    Thery are very sincere & quick to response..thanks this team.

  • Nic 2018-06-25 London, United Kingdom

    Really helpful so far. Thank you!

  • elena g 2018-06-18 prague, Czech Republic

    You proposed me several clinics. However when I asked to get few testimonials of patients with diseases that I have you could not provide any. I called you many times and all representatives were busy. I have never got calls back. Please be more responsive!!!

  • Jean-Michel B 2018-06-18 New Smyrna Beach, Afghanistan

    did not use any of the prescribed dentist chose on in Gurugram India instead But all subscribed dentist were very professional and complete in their estimates all being the same the dentist in Gurugram India was the most helpful and a much better price

  • 2018-06-15 ,


  • 2018-06-13 Los Angeles, United States

    So far love the service my emails are always responded to and questions asked

  • 2018-06-12 ,

    Nobody contact Me or send Me a patients. I`m a Dentist.

  • Naila 2018-06-07 , Pakistan

    Great response

  • Rui M 2018-05-24 Torres Vedras, Portugal

    As a recent healthcare proivder on addiction treatment at PlacidWay Medical Tourism platform, Dianova Portugal still does not have enough time to provide a full changing for the better and client engagement experience. We look forward waiting some more months in order to determine the desired results. Kind regards

  • Ahmed 2018-05-17 doha, Qatar

    You help a lot to get my medication, thank you

  • Marcy 2018-04-25 Houston, USA

    Excellent support! Fast replies, and i got much more help than i ever expected. Thank you!!

  • Charles D 2018-04-23 London, United Kingdom


  • MICHAEL 2018-04-02 jaffna, Sri Lanka

    They are doing really well, I don’t have anything to tell bad.

  • Muhammad S 2018-03-18 karachi, Pakistan

    Good job

  • Terry B 2018-01-31 , United States

    Everything went well although the location was a little out of the way.

  • Thomas D M 2018-01-18 Saint Louis, USA

    PlacidWay connected me with my doctor in Warsaw Poland. My medical experience so far in that respect has been excellent. I did not recognize the role that PlacidWay had in this process until I had completed treatment in Warsaw. All emails from PlacidWay were succinct and un-flowery. Because the medical experience thus far has been fine, at this point my experience with PlacidWay is also excellent.

  • Faiza 2018-01-08 , UAE

    The website and staff are extremely helpful ... friendly to the point information. I was so sceptical in the begining if I would get all the info I needed and be understood. But I must say am impressed with the level of English spoken and such well trained and polite staff. No one is pushing you for ex when will you book. You give the customer to think it through. So yes am so am pleased with the professional service offered. Looking forward to visiting your country and solving my concerns. Thank you very much. Rgds Faiza

  • Saleh A 2017-12-22 , Turkey


  • Reeves D 2017-12-13 Harare, Zimbabwe

  • abdul k k 2017-12-12 karachi, pakistan

    my experience is not very good keeping in view my regular communication pertaining cost effective ARTHROPEDIC SURGEON FOR MY LEFT KNEE TREATMENT.u receive the problem but then failed to pursue further .i am surprised that this is only with me or others as well.

  • Arnold F 2017-12-12 Florida, United States

    I have talked about my experience with any one in your place . about what going to happen soon .

  • Maria F 2017-10-17 NYC, United States

    Amazing experience with PlacidWay. Thank you for supporting me through my treatment and thank you for all support you gave me and patience to answer all of my questions.

  • Lilly F 2017-09-11 New Orleans, United States

    My experience with the company has been wonderful! I had a breast implants procedure and during my search, I found PlacidWay and sent them the request for additional information. Soon after my request, I received a call from them and had a pleasant conversation where they explained to me how the process will go and politely answered my questions. They have been a great help for me! I manage to decide which clinic I would love to go with, and I even got a help with preparation. My surgery was at the time, as we scheduled up front and doctor and nurses were really nice. Thank you a lot for everything!

  • Brieanna E B 2017-08-09

    I can't say enough about the wonderful job that Dubhe Licup did in setting up my upcoming medical procedure ( Bilateral Orchiectomy ) and keeping me informed and update with the progress. Thank you. Sincerely, Brieanna E brooks

  • Aine M D 2017-02-04

    Ioana was most helpful, the doctors she contacted were not. As a result,I did not go through with my procedure.

  • Berk G 2017-01-19

    I was looking with different clinics Here on USA and in everywhere practically, I’ve been in USA for 2 years. Sometimes I’ve had to deal with services similar to yours. The people is annoying, they call and they call, making me feel uncomfortable. Or they don’t even call at all. And I’m talking about 20-30 thousand dollars in stake. They just don’t care. I can easily say that this is the best service I’ve ever had by far. You were kind, fast, attentive, provided me all the information I requested and you gave me time to think about this information. For money reasons I have to stay with my dentist. But you were great! PlacidWay fully recommended by me, your service was outstanding and unique.

  • Nurlan L 2017-01-09

    I'd like to thank "PlacidWay" and its coordinator Ramona Rusu for the great support with information and arrangements that kindly provided us since 2014. Whenever I addressed my query the respond was quick and very helpful. Your help is very much appreciated! I do recommend your organization for assistance of finding best option in medical services.

  • Majorie 2017-01-06 Canada

    I cannot express enough how grateful I am to PlacidWay who were responsible for my seeking out an incredible Orthopedic surgeon in Puerta Vallarta , Mexico. I had been suffering with right hip pain back in 2015 but all my doctor informed me was I had acute osteoarthritis and ordered analgesics. The pain wasn't so acute at that time but I noticed my leg would buckle periodically. By Christmas 2015 I was much worse and after Christmas holidays I returned to work at the hospital as I am a Registered Nurse. During January and February my pain worsened to the point I had to take sick leave. My doctor finally referred me to the hip/knee clinic. Analgesics were not effective but I ended up having to use crutches to get around and had no quality of life. I started to research on line and Dubhe Licup saw my inquiry and started to send me emails. She gave me all the information about the clinic in Puerta Vallarta and said she could even arrange a phone call with the Dr. I was so impressed and after talking with the Doctor I felt very comfortable and decided to go on faith to have my surgery. I had been on crutches for five months and felt is was the best thing I could have done for my body and truly the experience was amazing and I had probably better care in Mexico than I would have had in Canada. Dr Max Greig is an amazing surgeon so caring and kind and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend going through PlacidWay for any information on prospective surgeries, they are very professional and knowledgeable. Marjorie/Canada

  • L F 2017-01-03 Floresville

    "Would like to share my experience with Liza at Placidway. I was searching for a cosmetic surgeon to perform liposuction on wanted the added benefits of saving money by going to Mexico for the procedure. Liza gave me several Dr's that were experts in the Cosmetic field. Send me their profiles so I could learn about each ones experience and choose the one I felt most comfortable with. She obtained pricing on my procedure and set up my consultation and subsequent surgery date. The icing on the cake was having her make our hotel accommodations! I feel very comfortable talking with her about my cosmetic surgery needs and wants. Will always go back to Liza and Placidway to help with other procedures I feel confident in having. She's my go to person and always follows up and answers without delays. Big Thanks Liza

  • Ebony Y 2016-12-28 Baton Rouge

    I thank u very much for all your help and answering all of my question in a timely manner you have been a big help to me

  • Annette F 0000-00-00

    Although I did not have surgery with the doctor I spoke with, I cannot leave without thanking you for your details, your efforts and diligences to help me, I have no doubt of that and I am totally grateful and I apologize if I made you waste Time or lose some kind of remuneration. My eternal gratitud and may God bless you.

  • Donna W 0000-00-00

    Thank you so much for your help and information in arranging surgery for Tobe. You have answered all questions, referred me to the correct people and I know you will continue to stay connected with me as long as necessary. I could not have found a better person to work with me on this once in a lifetime journey! Please forward this message to your supervisor. He/she needs to know what a valued employee they have!

  • P. R 0000-00-00

    Greetings, I am a US citizen who lives overseas and needed medical attention. I highly recommend the services offered at Placid Way. As my request was quite unusual I was unsure of my options. The representative 'Paola de la Garza' contacted me right away after my inquiry. She was both professional, kind and prompt. She had scheduled an appointment and had all the details ready for me to review including pricing and hotel options. Thank you Placid Way! I will use your service again!

  • Renee-Marie C 0000-00-00

    I have been dealing with Alicia Solis and I must say her customer service is remarkable. Even when she didn't have an update she she still emailed me to reassure me and I appreciated it.

  • Yana 0000-00-00

    Hello, I would just like to take this opportunity to say that Paola has been great through my search for an optimal clinic for my dental needs. She has been resourceful, informative, responsive and respectful. I would recommend this service and Paola.

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