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International Smiles in Medellin, Colombia Reviews from Dental Work Patients

Calle 11 # 30 A 21, Medellin, Colombia, South America
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About International Smiles

International Smiles, situated in Medellin, Colombia provides the latest services in dental technology. The caring and healing touch of the doctors makes the whole experience extraordinary for the patients.

Dental Implants in Medellin, Colombia Reviews

  • Shawn

    Very very happy with the service I received here. I am blown away with my new smile. I needed a fair amount of work with my gums and to repair damage from years of grinding my teeth. All the staff are wonderful and took great care of me. Dr Gloria helped me through everything step by step. I now smile with more confidence than ever before and I highly recommend their services. The only feedback I have for the business is to explain any additional costs and treatments beforehand. Had to have a little extra gum work done and wasn’t expecting the bump in price. That being said it’s still a fraction of what it would have cost back home in Canada so it’s not a big deal, just proper expectations help. Again very happy and highly recommended. Gracias Dr Gloria y a todas!!!

    Google Aug 29 2022
  • Pascal

    I am a French citizen living in the South of France. I underwent an intervention for acute periodontitis in August 2022.
    A year ago he was an international smile dentist who had alerted me to the necessity of treating this disease. I was very much in charge by Kenya to answer all my questions and organize the various meetings. The dentist Lina Marcela Ardila Serna, has operated for more than three hours with almost complete sedation but I have no pain on waking and the healing went well. I warmly recommend this institute and again thank Lina Marcela Ardila Serna and her assistants for the help provided .

    I am a French citizen and I live in the south of France. I underwent surgery for acute periodontitis in August 2022.
    A year earlier it was a dentist from international smile who alerted me to the need to treat this disease. I was very well taken care of by Kenya to answer all my questions and organize the various appointments.
    Dentist Lina Marcela Ardila Serna operated for more than three hours with almost complete sedation, but I had no pain when I woke up and the healing went well. I warmly recommend this institute and again thank Lina Marcela Ardila Serna and her assistants for the help provided.

    Google Aug 01 2022
  • Ken

    I love this place, everyone was kind and polite and very professional, they did their best to accommodate me and my dental needs, and I plan to keep using them for all my dental work. I highly recommend this practice to anyone needing dental work at a reasonable price. I give them a 10 out of 10.

    Google Sep 07 2022
  • Jim

    International Smiles is an excellent place to have dental work done. Dr. Lina Ardila, on-site periodontist, did the original consultation and a deep cleaning. Dr. Ardila was very gentle and thorough. The remainder of the work, preventative and cosmetic, was done by Dr. Rizzo. Before the work was started, I was given a detailed cost breakdown. There was never any further costs charged. I had both crowns and veneers. Dr. Rizzo was extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I did not have any discomfort. After each appointment, the Dr. or the front desk staff called to ask how I was feeling. International Smiles uses Whatsapp to communicate which was exceptional. Kenia, Maybel and Tatiana at the reception area treated me as if i was family. Tatiana always made me smile before and after my appointments. The other people at the reception were just as nice and friendly.. I just did not get all of the names. I also would point out the Dr assistants were very nice and saw to my comfort during my visits. International Smiles is a great Dental Office.

    Google Sep 08 2022
  • Mike

    Amazing place to get any dental work done! Professional and Nice crew !

    Google Sep 02 2022
  • Dee E

    Speechless. Grateful and pleased with this dental company. This group consist top notch professionals with expertise and care. I live in florida and i never received this level of care in the US. Dr. Rizzo was amazing from the initial consultation to the post consultation, Dr. Ardila was a great with the surgery process.. she made me feel comfortable throughout the process, Dr. Posada was great and showed compassion with the root canal treatment. She made me feel comfortable. Dr. Vasquez did a excellent deep cleaning. Tatiana and kenia was amazing receptionist. They followed up with throughout my treatment plan, sent up delivery meds to the hotel. I will be coming back in 6 months for my next treatment plan and I cant wait for it ! I highly recommend this company

    Google Sep 16 2022
  • juanjose

    Best service i’ve ever received at any dentist care. 100% ! Highly recommend !

    Google Sep 30 2022
  • Johanna

    I had the best dental experience of my life - not even an exaggeration, last week and I may never visit any other dental outfit again. I’ve never been treated with such kindness, fairness and compassion along with having the whole process cost pennies on the dollar, compared to US rates. Also, it’s certainly worth it to mention that Gabriela and team were totally transparent about unnecessary procedures that US dentists were ready to charge me thousands of dollars for, which were on the treatment plan I brought with me. I am so thrilled to have found the Smile team and (I’ve never said this about a dentist before)
    I can’t to go back! Thank you so much!!

    Google Oct 07 2022
  • Anthony

    I flew in from New York, USA in 2022 for the first time to find a well prepared, safe and sound clinic. I had initially done my ‘due diligence’ in order to identify a well equipped dental clinic - filled with professional doctors that would be capable of handling my dental needs. After much reviewing ‘Google Reviews’ and seeing the YOUTUBE videos, I was convinced that this would be my first stop. I arrived to Medellín and called soon after to make an appointment, at which point I met Doctor Gloria Arbelaez, and her Assistants - they brought me in to the treatment room.. sat me down in the chair, placed a warm blanket over me in order to make me feel comfortable while offering a ‘chair massage’ AND to complete my satisfaction they even offered me a variety of music choices of my liking - coincidentally, the doctor also enjoyed my preference in the music selection as well.. “It was truly an enlightening experience to make me feel as a valuable client, this truly was a total ‘VIP’ treatment - which is unheard off back in the states unless you’re on “PARK AVE &/or BEVERLY HILLS” paying exorbitant prices. After my being treated, I had tears of gratitude and satisfaction, even-though the treatment was not completed because it’s the first stage to my overall dental work. However, I had a huge smile when I saw her wonderful work, something which I have NOT had in over 45 years+. Dr. Arbelaez did an initial impression of my from teeth that left me with a permanent smile, she’s truly an artist in the manner in which she brought out my smile after all these years - “Dr. Arbelaez is simply Amazing.” The treatment continues for the next 24 months, I fly every other month to Medellín from New York for continued follow up treatments with now Orthodontist Dr. Ricardo Vélez - he’s truly a ‘GEM’ of a person along with his Assistant Ana Maria who’s also wonderful and she’s always waiting and greeting me with a smile. My overall treatment is extensive and necessary in order to attain my goal of my teeth straining and modifying my smile due to a missing front tooth, which I lost to a bully hitting me with a rock as a young child at 8 years old, I’m 56 now, and in all this time I’ve come to entrust ‘INTERNATIONAL SMILES’ to give me this back, which I’ve been missing all of my life!,,, AND today, I feel that the progress has exceeded my expectations and it’s all going really well!.. In addition, I’ve been able to navigate through all of their services, in which they offer an extensive “A La Carte” menu.. ‘if you will’… and a variety of physical treatments which I’ve used 90% of them - starting with dental services. Along the ways, I’ve also had the privilege to have met Manager Laura Londoño who’s been just as professional, wonderful and caring -always, ensuring my level of satisfaction is fully and always met. I find that my objective will be completed to my fullest satisfaction and it wouldn’t be possible without a team like the AMAZING WONDERFUL Dentists and Staff, as well as Managers of this incredible Clinic. I “HIGHLY RECOMMEND INTERNATIONAL SMILES” to anyone seeking one of the finest dental centers in Medellín, Colombia you won’t be disappointed or let down!... I would have given a them 10 STARS if I could have done so -however, I’m giving them the 5 Stars the very well deserve. “THANK YOU ALL AT INTERNATIONAL SMILES :)”.

    Google Oct 21 2022
  • Brons

    Surely my favorite dentists. From eye massages and steam facial while and after treaments. Had mercury fillings removed, root canal treatment, porcelain crowns and tooth whitening for a fraction of the price and mind you this is the absolute finest in dentistry in Medellin. I came here based in the reviews and left happy as can be. On my last day I got a couple of cakes as a super thank you to all the girls that helped me. Definitely an absolute 5 star experience!

    Google Feb 07 2022
  • Deborah

    We had an amazing experience at IS. The staff was able to help us and attend to all our dental needs within one week time. All the staff, especially Juliana, Isabel, Ana Maria, Dra. Arbelaez, Dra. Rizzo, Dra. Posada, Dr. Velez and everyone there was awesome! Very caring, understanding, attentive and supportive to my daughter and myself. They cater to your calmness to ensure its a relaxing experience. We also requested IV anesthesia which was done extremely professional. We HIGHLY recommend IS to anyone who is looking for a professional and caring all inclusive dental clinic. Thank you to IS and hope to see you on our next visit

    Google Feb 08 2022
  • Ellen

    Both of us had treatments done at International Smile Dental Clinic. Doctors Lina Rizzo and Gloria Arbelaez were involved in our procedures and it was professionally done with a personal touch! Putting you at ease while undergoing the procedures with Holistic approaches are a plus. It has certainly given us a whole new experience at a dental office. All staff speak english and communication and reminders for your appointment from the front desk was handled through whatsapp which we found very convenient. Very happy with their work and kind personalities, highly recommended! Thank you Lina, Gloria, assistants and front desk!

    Google Feb 15 2022
  • Ken

    I had a dental emergency. One bridge came loose. I contacted them late in the day and they got me in the same day and fixed it. It was also very inexpensive. Great place to go to.

    Google Feb 22 2022
  • Lee

    Excellent dentist! I was really worried about getting my wisdom teeth taken out in Colombia initially. In hindsight I will probably travel to Colombia to get my next dental procedure done by International Smiles. The treatment was as good, if not better, than anything I have received in a western country and the price is about 1/4. They put me under IV sedation for the operation so there was no stress or fear on my part, the anesthetist did an excellent job at putting me at ease before the operation. The dentist did a superb job removing my wisdom teeth, the sockets healed after about a week, all pain is gone away and I am back to normal eating. They were also kind enough to take me home after the procedure so I did not have any issues while I was still in a woozy state.

    Google Feb 22 2022

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