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Florence Nightingale Hospital Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey From Real Patients

Abide-i Hurriyet Cad. No: 166 Sisli - Istanbul
Price range:: $400 to $14000
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About Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals are to be a pioneering institution that is innovative and constantly improving, offering reliable, up-to-date, and patient-centered healthcare in all services provided, continuously training and educating its staff, and putting patients’ and employees’ welfare at the forefront, as well as respect the environment and patient rights.

Health Care Reviews in Istanbul Turkey at Florence Nightingale Hospital

  • Tamer

    First of all, hello to everyone, I have been postponing my nose surgery for years because of hearsay news and the videos I watched. A short time ago, a friend of mine had an operation at Florence nightingale hospital in dilitepe. Mr. Gaffar did his surgery without bruising, pain and cuts, and I was very surprised, he said that he did not feel any pain even when removing the tampons Taking this information as a reference, I went to the hospital and was examined on Friday, and he gave detailed information about what we would do, both aesthetically and in order to breathe correctly.

    Google Nov 29 2022
  • zulal

    Hello, we had my baby born here last week. The hospital staff is very respectful and helpful, the nurses on the delivery floor, the nurses are very good, the delivery room doctors are very successful. We do not only recommend as a pediatrician. If possible, contact your own doctor immediately. The doctor who constantly rebuffs his ego is really annoying. Thanks for everything.

    Google Dec 08 2022
  • Kübra

    For rhinoplasty, Prof. I had surgery on my teacher Gaffar Aslan in December 2021. He is an amazing doctor. He got a much nicer nose than I expected and my breathing problem got better. I stayed one night in the hospital. From my point of view everything was perfect. I am glad that my doctor and my paths crossed, I would recommend him to everyone

    Google Dec 09 2022
  • yummy

    Endless thanks to our Neurosurgery teacher prof dr cetin evyaoglu and his team, he successfully performed my lumbar hernia operation and brought me back to my normal life...as a doctor, I am grateful for his scientific and compassionate approach... dr Uğur DOĞANÇE

    Google Dec 15 2022
  • gican

    After the first surgery I had due to breathing problems I had before, I had to have a second surgery after the infection developed in my nose, and my nose collapsed due to the doctor. After living without a nose for 1 year, I was examined by Gaffar Hodja upon his recommendation. Although my nose is very bad and the operation is difficult, cartilage was removed from my rib and a new nose was built in the operation performed by Gaffar teacher :) After this operation, I have been living my life for 8 months without any problems.

    Google Dec 16 2022
  • Nora

    I chose it for birth and I never regret it. I cant thank my doctor Aykan OzCelik and his valuable team enough. I would like to thank all the employees who helped with their prenatal support, during and after the birth Despite my first birth and cesarean section, I walked out of the hospital on the 2nd day. In case of a pregnancy again, I will go to the doctor and hospital without fear.

    Google Oct 12 2021
  • Gizem

    The only hospital I prefer in every ailment. But the most important is the hospital where I gave birth. My doctor, Mr. Dr. Thanks to Begum KUSEYRIOGLU, I had an incredibly comfortable delivery. During all my pre- and post-natal check-ups during my pregnancy, I felt comfortable and always felt safe. In addition, from the birth of my daughter until this age 1.5 years old Exp. Dr. Eda BALANLI GUNGORMUS, our doctor is also very, very good and smiling. I have never looked for other hospitals and doctors. I would like to express my gratitude to all the doctors and the team at the hospital, especially my doctors.

    Google Oct 22 2021
  • Zafer

    Doctors are really experienced and reassuring. They explain every detail about the disease at length. However, the personnel who do the paperwork and insurance process can be a little faster. Apart from that The hospital provides a very clean and reliable environment.

    Google Jan 13 2022

    Endless thanks to the 6th floor nurses, nurses and all the service providers, where I stayed for 4 nights after the prostate surgery I had last week.

    Google Jan 20 2022
  • Pilates

    The first hospital I will always go to is in Istanbul. The only problem is that the invoice is not given and it is stated that it will be sent by mail, but the e-invoice never reaches my mail and I have to chase the invoice for it.

    Google Feb 10 2022
  • Ana M M

    Still looking for clinic
    Uou have been very helpful
    Thank you

    Feb 26 2022
  • Anonymous

    Dec 09 2021
  • Anonymous

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    Dec 12 2021
  • Anonymous

    It gives me pleasure to express my deep appreciation for your kind help in my treatment earlier this month. Your professional expertise in conducting my complicated spinal surgery in a successful manner is highly praiseworthy.

    Dec 15 2021
  • Anonymous

    Our stay has been very enjoyable. Thanks to the cheery and nice Miss
    Ilknur. We look forward to know more and explore this beautiful country.

    Dec 27 2021
  • Anatasia a M T Y f E

    "On behalf of Anastasia (Muffy) and the family, we wish to thank you very much. You played an important part in making this life saving journey a success. May you continue receiving the lord’s choicest blessings."

    Group Florence Jan 27 2022

    A mother of my friend had an operation in that hospital We really liked that,employees were very good and polite,foods were delicious,even my friend and I had a memory

    Google Review Jan 03 2020
  • Gulden S

    We have been patients of the hospital since decades , I have been operated several times and my sister had and still having cancer treatment in this hospital. Clean and friendly environment but ofcourse make a good search on doctors interested, SGK and private insurances accepted. Never had a bad experience with this hospital.

    Google Review Jan 01 2021
  • Merve

    I was supposed to travel on Tuesday and had to have COVID PCR test. I chose this hospital for my test as location wise it was close to where I was staying.

    They do PCR tests 24 by 7 and the price is 250 TL. So I had mine done on Sunday morning. I received my test result in 5 hours in a text message. Next day, I stopped by to the hospital and got a paper copy of my test result with a seal and a signature.

    They are fast and efficient. The hospital staff is not necessarily the friendliest, yet they are not rude, either. You just have to ask questions to receive the information that is already supposed to be explained to the patient with the procedures. e.g. when the test result would come out, how I should get the paper copy of the test result once it is ready etc.

    Google Review Feb 01 2021
  • Daniel

    I have very mixed experiences at this hospital. My wife and I have been attending there in the lead up and aftermath to our first child being born. First and foremost, the doctors and nurses are wonderful. We have had the pleasure of receiving the expertise of a gynaecologist and paediatrician, both who are very straightforward, supportive and speak excellent English.

    The administrative procedures of the hospital have much room for improvement. It is near impossible to get a quote in advance. They also do not work with SGK national insurance, only private insurance whose own procedures are a minefield in Turkey.

    To give an example, 2 days ago our 5 day old baby needed to spend a night in hospital for jaundice treatment. Straight away I am taken to the accounts office to pay. I paid a 2000TRL deposit. I asked if I could pay the full amount straight away as after the birth 2 days earlier, it took over an hour for the bill to be ready and an hour is a long time waiting with a new born and they said no as although they had a price for one night of pediatric care, they did not know the total amount as my insurance may cover some of it. The following morning, the doctor said we would be discharged at 10am, and the nurses had completed all business by 11. We were then told to await a call from the accounts office when they were ready for payment. At 12:30 accounts were ready. I went down, and had a total price much higher than expected. I paid in the payment room then went back to the accounts room to ask if I could have an itemised bill so that I could better understand the charges. I should mention that the way the numbers are conjured seems to be by phone calls and written bills on carbon copy paper. It reminds me of the 1990's. They said to wait for half an hour. I asked if they could email it to me instead, which they could not, or if I could collect it in 2 days when we had a follow up appointment, which they said is not possible as there may need to be a reimbursement due to insurance. It was around 2:30pm when they said they were ready. No itemised bill was provided but I had a new bill which was around 40% cheaper due to my insurance, which remember I had told them about at the outset. No itemised bill was produced. They then tried to reimburse be but had problems with the card machine. i was fold to sit and wait, which I did until 3:45pm when 3 members of staff came and together worked the card machine.

    Summary: The hard stuff medical expertise is great. The billing is not great as me, my wife and newborn had to wait for nearly 5 hours for our bill to be prepared and rectified correctly with no sign of an itemised bill. It is as if numbers come out of thin air.

    A final note to the hospital if you read this, please do not reply with the we would like to share our contact information with you message you post to all negative comments here as I have given detailed constructive feedback. Good luck in organising the billing department with more efficiency, transparency and respect to your patients so that the service is at the same exemplary level provided by your medical staff. As someone from Florence Nightingale home town, I am sure it is what Florence, as a person who brought hospitals up to date with modern advancements would want.

    Google Review Aug 01 2021
  • sedat

    Pain treatment center, a successful physician Dr. war pottery and a successful team

    Google Review Jan 10 2022
  • Thalita

    The doctors are nice and speak great English. I was being taken care of Dr. BASAK Inan, she is very caring and gave me good care. Thank you so much for the kindness.

    However, there are some improvements can be made. The medical secretary is not competent. Sinve my first visit, the MS did not take me seriousky. When I came with the sick leave letter, and 2 test influenza and PCR she accept the doc and said everything will be emailed. 2 days later She still did not send my documents as promised. When I come back to the hospital 2 days after to fetch my documents...she told me to wait and wait...after a few minutes, she told me to come back again on Monday because my doctor has went home, and she need my doctors permission for my sick leave letter extention from 2 days to 4 days. She or they did not take me seriously as a patient just because I m a foreigner. Fortunately, there was another doctor who present at that moment. She recognized my stressful situation and kindly help me with, and she handled the situation with a great care. Without a great administration team who at the least willing to use google translate, the great doctors experience somehow is overshadowed. But in the end the medical secretaries hand me my sick leave letter. After so much irritation. Kudos for the kind doctor who help me. To the medical secretary, please learn to respect your YABANCI patient. We are human as well. PS until today I still have not received my influenza test.

    Another thing is during my PCR test, there is a bruder male nurse at the swap test stand that sneezed without mask on. Instead of holding his mask to prevent his droplet spreading, he took off his mask, sneeze hard, than put his mask back on. This maybe unconsciously done...but in covid era, please pay attention when you are about to sneez and other people safety.

    Google Review Jan 22 2022

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