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Polyclinic Dr. Dzepina Reviews in Zagreb, Croatia From Cosmetic Surgery Patients

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Price range:: $350 to $4000
Focus Area: Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures, Selected ENT Procedures in Zagreb, Croatia

About Poliklinika Dr. Dzepina

Located in Zagreb, Croatia, Poliklinika Dr. Dzepina meets the most stringent operating criteria and professional competence. The highly qualified medical team offers a variety of procedure in the ENT, Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery in Zagreb, Croatia Reviews at Polyclinic Dr. Dzepina

  • Giljanovic

    Dr. Dzepina is an extremely professional and conscientious physician; dedicated to the patient and individual needs. There is always a pleasant atmosphere in the polyclinic.

    Google Feb 10 2022
  • Jelena

    Dr. Dzepina is very perfectionist and professional approach during consultations, examinations and procedures is the reason why I always come back to this clinic. All compliments and recommendations!

    Google Feb 23 2022
  • Ana

    Polyclinic Dr. Dzepina is a polyclinic that provides top medical services.

    Dr. Dzepina, like all other members of the medical team, ensures both diagnostics and solving a wide range of medical problems according to the highest world standards.

    The communication and organizational aspects of the business are also at a high professional level.

    In the Polyclinic Dr. Dzepina is all subordinate to the well-being of the patient. The combination of professional knowledge and desire to help the patient are the key to the success of this clinic.

    Google Jan 14 2022
  • Ela

    I have only words of praise for Dr. Dzepina and the staff. They are all extremely kind, affordable and professional. From the very entrance to the polyclinic where you are greeted by a sympathetic receptionist until the examination and procedure, there is a relaxed atmosphere because both the nurse and the doctor radiate positive energy. His biography available on the Internet shows how expert Dr. Džepina is. If I have a need for a similar procedure in the future, I will definitely come back here. One big thank you to the whole team!

    Google Mar 17 2022
  • Danica

    The staff and the doctor are smiling and professional, the atmosphere is relaxed, the praise itself, definitely a place I will visit again.

    Google May 20 2022
  • Marina

    Clear and open communication with patients during the consultation and postoperative period uptodate answering of inquiries by e-mail, adherence to agreed deadlines and quality service of the Polyclinic. Definitely a great team

    Google Dec 29 2021
  • Tajana

    Great experience! Dr. Dzepina is very professional, kind and very patient as well as all his associates who are available after the procedure for any questions. All praise !!!

    Google Dec 04 2021
  • Petra

    I am extremely pleased with the service provided and the kindness of the team at the Dzepina Polyclinic!

    Google Jan 02 2022
  • Doris

    All praise ... best!

    Google Jan 04 2022
  • Sanja

    Greetings from a longtime satisfied client

    Google Jan 12 2022
  • Glenn C

    Went to Dr. Dzepina for removal of a lipoma. Very pleasant experience with virtually no pain during or after surgery. Procedure required followup visits at 1 day and 1 week after surgery, so I combined this with a 10-day vacation in Croatia. For this elective surgery, I encountered the same high medical standards I would expect at home (USA) for a much lower price. Dr. Dzepina and his assistant speak perfect English. They put me at ease and addressed all of my concerns. About one month later, I am almost fully healed.

    Oct 05 2017

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