PlacidWay Mexico Medical Tourism Reviews in Tijuana, Mexico

PlacidWay Mexico Medical Tourism Reviews in Tijuana, Mexico

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About PlacidWay Mexico Medical Tourism

PlacidMexico perfectly combines healthcare with exotic travel options in Mexico at affordable prices. If you are trying new ways to improve or preserve your health through traditional or alternative health methods or if you have a condition that requires medical attention PlacidMexico offers a variety of options for you to choose.

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    E K

    After long searches, Dr. I decided on Sibel Atala and saw how right my decision was. They were very interested in the surgery and controls, I felt very comfortable and safe. Sibel Hanım and her Assistant Ümmühan Hanim are very smiling and very successful in their jobs.
    Thank you so much for everything

    Google Apr 28 2022
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    Thank you very much Sibel and her team. A reassuring and very caring clinic, they took good care of me before and after the surgery and first of all they helped me to overcome my fears. They made me feel like I was always with me, without cutting their interest and relevance after the surgery

    Google May 05 2022
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    3 weeks after the operation liposuction of the abdomen and waist I decided to write a review about the amazing doctor Mrs. Sibel and her entire team! I liked the clinic before I got there. Before that, I chose doctors for a long time, I was several times for consultations, but at the Sibel clinic they answered all my questions immediately by phone! A very attentive girl named Ümmühan tried to explain everything to me and we made an appointment with a doctor in a few days! The clinic has a wonderful atmosphere, the staff is very friendly! They looked at me and almost immediately appointed the day of the operation! I did not delay for a long time, because the doctors approach and the price suited me right away! The operation went smoothly! An hour later, I recovered from anesthesia and was already on my way home. Ümmühan was in touch with me almost 24/7 . The stitches were removed last week, which I am very happy about! The result is not yet complete, but pleases the eye! Edema disappears quickly, the light hand of the doctor . My only regret is that I did not find this clinic sooner! I hope my review is helpful!

    Google May 19 2022
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    I wanna thank Dr Sibel Atalay Clinic , I had a very successful breast reduction surgery, the doctor did an amazing job and did meet my expectations and even more took in consideration my requests regarding size , shape , the Doctor is very skilled in work I would recommend her to anyone .
    The price is reasonable as well
    I wanna also Thank the whole team , everyone has been so nice and helpful including reception staff and my surgery planner Miss Ümmühan, she’s extremely sweet, patient and dedicated to her job , answered all my queries at anytime including weekends .

    Google May 26 2022
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    I am really super satisfied, the result of my breast augmentation is simply great and both the pre-care and after-care were really great. My also a doctor German-speaking supervisor really stayed with me until the end the effects of the anesthetic holding hands! thanks

    Google Jun 01 2022
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    I have recently travelled from the uk to get some hair treatment, a superb team and exceptional standard of service has been received and I cannot be more grateful. I will return with 100% faith that I could not be in better hands, thank you

    Google Nov 17 2021
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    Dr. Sibel is a doctor who I have known for years with a competent personality and great communication. A team that you can really close your eyes and trust with the same care and nice team in her clinic

    Google Nov 22 2021
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    So happy to have found Doctor Sibel from a recommendation of a friend she is one of the best at her job with perfect advice and the right solutions options for your body or face. The price of the treatments is more than reasonable for the quality you get. Recovery was much faster than i expected wish i did not hesitate before and have it done earlier. Many thanks to Doctor Sibel and her assistants for everything.

    Google Dec 26 2021
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    Sibel is the best, caring, polite and talented doctor.
    I am so lucky to have met him and his amazing team.
    I was very satisfied with all my surgeries.
    Its good to know you, thank you so much for everything

    Google Dec 28 2021
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    First of all, hello, I am Fatma, as one of the most afraid of surgery, when I went to op.dr.sibel atalay, a wonderful team, especially muhan, answered all my questions with a great smiling face every time I called, and I thank him very much. I am a great doctor and he has a team at night. Even though it was 12, she came and checked me, doctor lady, you can have the surgery blindfolded, thank you all, team bi and my doctor op.dr.sibel atalay

    Google Dec 31 2021
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    Erika d


    Oct 08 2018