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Verified Reviews of In-Vitro Fertilization Patients in Buenos Aires, Argentina at CEGYR

Dr. Demian Glujovsky at CEGYR Viamonte 1432
Price range:: $200 to $7800
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Fertility Treatment Positive Response of patients in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Kim P

    Not a good experience trying to have our second child. An ectopic, a miscarriage, one transfer with no picture or evidence of an embryo, multiple failed transfers and no answers to embryo quality. Ignored and dismissed. Had to chase treatment like we were an inconvenience to them. Having to pay most times in cash always felt uncomfortable.
    Happy to be contacted for further info.

    May 25 2022
  • Anonymous

    Check out patient's testimonials who undergone fertility treatment by Dr. Demian Glujovsky at CEGYR, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Dec 05 2021
  • Anonymous

    We have planned to return for our second child very soon. We stay in contact with Dr. Glujovsky
    all the time. He has truly altered the course of our lives! I would and
    have recommend Dr. Glujovsky to anyone who is in need of fertility
    help. Especially those who have tried in America's very exp

    Dec 25 2021
  • Anonymous

    We got pregnant this first time and not only that, upon our
    second ultrasound discovered that we are expecting twins!

    Dec 16 2021
  • Anonymous

    I must say our trip to Argentina was much better than we could have expected. Buenos Aires and the surrounding area's we visited were wonderful. Most people spoke English and were very helpful.

    Dec 11 2021
  • Anonymous

    The clinic staff was very professional, and the clinic easy to find.
    Dr. Glujovsky made the experience as stressfree as possible.

    Dec 15 2021
  • Anonymous

    He has truly altered the course of our lives! I would and have
    recommend Dr. Glujosky to anyone who is in need of fertility help.

    Dec 16 2021
  • Anonymous

    They came to Fertility Argentina twice. The first time, they got a baby. In the second time, they got twins.

    Dec 08 2021
  • Anonymous

    I would highly recommend Fertility Argentina.

    Dec 16 2021
  • Anonymous

    As most couples faced with fertility problems know, the prospect of the heading down the IVF road is daunting.

    Dec 28 2021
  • Naomi

    Very helpful

    Aug 29 2018