Dental Crowns in Cancun Mexico: Your Ultimate Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Crowns: Why Cancun Mexico is Your Go-To Destination

When it comes to dental care, the pursuit of both quality and affordability can lead many to consider options beyond their local dental clinics. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why Cancun, Mexico, has become a favored destination for dental treatments, particularly for dental crowns. From understanding what dental crowns are and their importance, to diving into the benefits of getting them done in Cancun, this guide aims to provide valuable insights for anyone considering this option.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration which completely cap or encircle a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are often needed when a large cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth. They are also used to improve the strength or appearance of teeth. Commonly, materials used in crowns include porcelain, ceramic, and sometimes gold or metal alloys, which are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Why Do You Need a Dental Crown?

  1. To Protect Weak Teeth: A crown can protect and hold together parts of a cracked tooth or a tooth that has been weakened by decay.
  2. To Restore Broken Teeth: If a tooth is broken or severely worn down, a crown can restore its shape, appearance, and function.
  3. To Cover and Support Teeth with Large Fillings: Teeth with more filling than natural tooth left require crowns for additional support and protection.
  4. To Hold a Dental Bridge in Place: Crowns are placed on the abutment teeth to support the bridge and ensure stability.
  5. For Cosmetic Enhancement: Dental crowns provide a means to cover misshapen or severely discolored teeth, enhancing one's smile and boosting confidence.

Why Choose Cancun, Mexico for Dental Crowns?


Cancun is renowned for offering dental treatments at a fraction of what they would cost in countries like the United States or Canada. For instance, while a single crown may cost upwards of $1,000 in the U.S., in Cancun, the price can be as low as $300 to $500, including the same level of quality materials and craftsmanship.

Quality of Care

Despite lower costs, the quality of dental care in Cancun is on par with international standards. Many dentists in Cancun are trained globally and adhere to American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines. Dental clinics are equipped with advanced technology and follow stringent sterilization processes.

Vacation and Recovery in Paradise

Combining dental care with a vacation is another reason why Cancun is so popular. Known for its stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, and vibrant culture, Cancun provides a perfect backdrop for recovery. Patients can relax on the beach, enjoy local cuisine, and experience Mexican hospitality, all while on a dental trip.

English-Speaking Staff

For international patients, language barriers can be a concern. However, most top dental clinics in Cancun cater to tourists and therefore have English-speaking staff, which makes communication seamless and the treatment process smooth and stress-free.

Top Dental Clinics in Cancun, Mexico 

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Costamed Medical Group

NEO Dental Group

Dentaris Cancun Riviera Maya Dentistry


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What to Expect When Getting Dental Crowns in Cancun?

Initial Consultation

Your journey will typically start with an initial consultation, either virtually or in person. During this session, the dentist will assess your oral health, discuss your needs, and explain the procedure.

Preparation of Teeth

The tooth receiving the crown is reshaped to make space for the crown itself. This involves removing a portion of the tooth so the crown can be placed without altering the size or structure of the mouth.


Once your tooth is reshaped, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth, which will serve as a model from which the crown will be made. Temporary crowns may be placed while you wait for the permanent crown to be fabricated.

Fitting the Permanent Crown

Once the crown is ready, you'll have a fitting session where the dentist places the crown on your tooth to ensure a perfect fit. Adjustments are made as needed.

Tips for Choosing the Right Dental Clinic in Cancun

  1. Research Credentials: Ensure that the dental clinic and the dentists are certified and recognized by relevant authorities.
  2. Read Patient Reviews: Look for testimonials and reviews from previous patients to gauge the quality of service and patient satisfaction.
  3. Understand the Costs: Be clear about what the costs cover to avoid any hidden charges.
  4. Check for Guarantees: Some clinics offer guarantees on their dental work, which can provide additional peace of mind.

Get Dental Veneers in Cancun Mexico

Choosing Cancun, Mexico, for your dental crown procedure is not just economically sensible, but also an opportunity to enjoy a dental vacation in a beautiful locale. High-quality care, lower costs, and the added perk of a holiday make Cancun a compelling choice for many seeking dental treatments. When planned carefully, the experience of getting dental crowns in Cancun can be smooth, enjoyable, and ultimately successful.

With the right preparation and choosing a reputable clinic, those in need of dental crowns can look forward to a new smile and a refreshing break in one of Mexico’s most picturesque destinations.

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