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Innovative Procedures and Affordable Prices Make Cancer Patients Consider Medical Tourism as an Option


Each year cancer kills millions of people worldwide. Most of them because the needed treatments and medication are not available in their home countries, or simply because they cannot afford it. With the rapid expansion of Medical Tourism over the past years, the number of cancer victims can be dramatically decreased by informing patients about the options they have from early diagnosis of the disease to using latest innovations.

According to Cancer Research UK, in 2012 alone around 14.1 million new cases of cancer occurred worldwide and the same year, almost 8.2 million people were killed by this disease. Statistics also show that  more than 6 in ten cancer deaths worldwide occur in less developed regions of the world. The most common types of cancer worldwide are lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer.


HOW is medical tourism helping?

Medical Tourism could be seen as a door opener for patients not having access or not being able to afford medical care in their home countries. Traveling abroad for healthcare is not an easy decision to be made, but in many cases, this choice saves lives.  The times have passed when people were dependent on the medical care offered in their country and when the insurance covered mostly all the medical care one needed.

If several years ago, traveling abroad for healthcare was only an option for rich people who were looking for revolutionary and innovative cancer treatments, this is not the case anymore. With the rapid development of emerging markets, the expensive treatments available only for the elite have now become accessible to the middle and low classes.


Cancer Treatment Abroad - Medical Tourism

WHY choose cancer treatment abroad?

Second Opinion

Being diagnosed with cancer is life changing. Some patients choose to go abroad for a second opinion, either because they do not trust their local doctors or simply because they need a confirmation of the diagnostic.


New Technology/Treatments Available Abroad

Some patients choose to go abroad to have access to new treatments, technology and procedures such as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Cyberknife, Intensity Modulated Radiation, Novalis Radiosurgery Guided Truebeam STX or Stem Cell Therapy.




In some countries prices for cancer treatment could reach thousands of dollars, with the insurance companies covering only a small part of this amount and only according to strict conditions. That is why traveling abroad not only helps patients save money, but also gives them the opportunity to benefit from a complete and high quality treatment.


Last solution

For some, going abroad for cancer treatment is the last solution after trying everything that was possible in their home countries. For those who still have the strength after numerous failed attempts, a new procedure abroad could save their lives.


Cancer Treatment Abroad Destinations

WHERE to go for cancer treatment?

As mentioned above, there are numerous emerging markets in Medical Tourism which offer accessible treatments and procedures at high quality and latest technology medical equipment.


Patients from the Middle East, Africa or South East Asia choose India as a medical tourism destination for its JCI or NABH accredited hospitals, state-of-the-art technology, highly experienced medical professionals and the medical care costs which can be 60-80% lower compared to highly industrialized countries.

Hospitals such as Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, Manipal Hospital, or Vattikuti Institute Of Robotic Surgery, all cater to their patients' needs offering the best medical option according to their needs.



Mexico is chosen mainly by patients from Canada and the US, seeking affordable or alternative cancer treatments, but at the same time high quality and experienced physicians.

Hospitals and clinics such as The Good Samaritan Medical Center or Almater Hospital offer a variety of new cancer treatments and surgeries, experienced medical staff, modern equipment and accessible prices for each patient.



Turkey is the hub of the best cancer hospitals and clinics in the world. Always aiming towards perfection and being no.1, Turkish surgeons continuously perfect their techniques bringing new methods and technologies to their countries. The country is chosen mostly by patients coming from Middle east and Eastern Europe.


Neolife Medical Center, Kent International Hospital, or Anadolu Medical Center are just few of the modern cancer medical facilities worthy to be mentioned for their high success rates and professionalism in dealing with their patients.


Cancer Clinic - Doctor - Treatment Abroad

HOW to choose the clinic/doctor/treatment abroad?

If cancer treatment abroad is the right option for you make sure you get the most out of it and make it a safe and successful experience.  When choosing to go to a foreign country for cancer treatment seek for as much information as possible and get the answers to all your questions regarding the safety and standards of the clinic, the success rates, former patients, what happens if the treatment does not work, doctors' credentials, regulations and real costs.

Medical Travel offers so many possibilities it would be a pity not to take advantage of them. PlacidWay, a worldwide medical tourism company highly recommends customers to carefully evaluate their cancer treatment options abroad.  The patient must do a thorough research about the cancer centers, doctors who will be treating them, technologies used, and specifically if there are there any hidden costs.


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