Why Turkey is also known for its Dental Procedures

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Dental Treatments in Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its cultural landmarks, architecture, museums, and ruins. Aside from being a destination for adventure and exploration, it’s a land of two cultures – the East and the West. Turkish healthcare services are also being noticed around the world. Medical tourists from all over the world journey to Turkey for Lasik Eye treatments, hair transplant, cosmetic surgery and dentistry procedures (such as application of zirconium crowns, orthodontic braces, and titanium implants.)

Reasons why medical tourists go to Turkey

Aside from the tourist spots, Turkey has to offer, the country has become a high-quality dentistry hub. Turkish packages are very low compared to its European neighbors. It’s almost 70% lower and affordable, along with its cosmetic dentistry treatments.

One noticeable reason is that Turkey has a lower cost of living. Because rent, employee wages, and expenses are relatively cheaper compared to its European neighbors, its prices of dental procedures are correspondingly lower - making it an ideal destination for all your high-quality and affordable dentistry needs.

The majority of the dental clinics in Turkey are clean, spacious, and modern equipped, plus most of them have no waiting lists. Consultation may be free of charge as well. Some clinics offer assistance in arranging extra treatments such as hairstyling, cosmetics, and wrinkle-filling.

Another commendable feature in Turkish dental clinics is that they combine dentistry and holiday packages for their international patients. Some of the dental centers and clinics have international patient departments that coordinate foreign guest pick-ups (from the airport to their centers), and help in hotel accommodation and sightseeing tours. Interpreting services for the following languages are also being offered such as: English, Arabian, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Macedonian, Georgian, and even Kurdish.

Other add-on services that provide more value and customer service include the following: medical second opinion may be free of charge, assisting patients and their relatives during their hospital and holiday stay, and offering free hotel accommodations for a certain number of treatments availed by the patients.

Dental Implant Cost and Services in Turkey

Prices and other dental services

Dentistry service prices are amazingly affordable. All on 8 implants in Turkey will only cost you $884 with 5 years warranty. You might be surprised that in the US, one tooth implant might cost $4,000-5,000 (including surgery and restoration costs). Zirconium crowns in Turkey are priced $142-$274 (per tooth) instead of around $1,022 in the UK. Root canals in Turkey may cost $94-$137 (per tooth) compared to $300-2,000 (per tooth) in the US. Now, see the price difference?

Turkish dentists, orthodontists, and endodontists take pride in delivering one of the world’s most advanced dental solutions. They also offer other services such as Porcelain, Ceramic or Metal Crowns, Teeth Bleaching (Whitening), Removable Prosthesis, Panoramic X-Rays, Removable or Permanent Dentures (full or partial), Orthodontic braces, Teeth Enhancement (correct chipped, cracked, damaged or broken teeth), treat symptoms of various dental infections and diseases, as well as Teeth, Jaw and Facial Alignment.

The Warranty/safety question anyone will ask

Of course, any invasive procedure may have associated risks but the good thing about availing of dental services in Turkey is that dental clinics here offer a 5-year warranty on dental treatments. This means that in case of any discontent in the procedure(s) performed, repeating the treatment(s), maybe possible under the warranty scope. Most Turkish dental clinics are Joint Commission International (JCI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited.

Dental Procedures in Turkey

Booking your dentist in Turkey

Most clinics have a website so accessing them may be easier. Important details aside from price packages and years of experience is of course the license of your dentist. His safety practice, and the number of times he has performed the procedures are also relevant.  

How PlacidWay can help:

As a leader in medical tourism services, PlacidWay connects patients to certified doctors and other medical professionals. More than connecting, PlacidWay assists in creating a personalized treatment option that is affordable, safe, and high in quality.

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay, a leader in the medical tourism industry, has a network of over 250 renowned medical centers from more than 30 countries. PlacidWay is able to help customers from all over the world get access to personalized, safe and affordable medical care according to their budget and needs, no matter where they are from.

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