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The growing popularity of dental cosmetic tourism is rising at an equal pace as the cost of such care in the United States. Regardless of what brings you to the dentist in the first place - whether it's cavities, whitening, bridgework, root canals, or replacing crowns, dental cosmetic surgery and procedures are expensive. Often, the wait time for such procedures in the US is long and patients must endure discomfort while waiting for openings. Take into consideration the fact that many people don't carry dental insurance, and that there are limits to what dental insurance will cover, and it's no surprise that many consumers are looking elsewhere for their dental or cosmetic dental needs.

One of the most popular and beautiful destinations for dental procedures is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a land of gorgeous jungle terrain, pristine white beaches and more activities in different environments . Costa Rica is ideally situated between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean to the east, and offers visitors lush, endless beauty.

Costa Rica has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world for excellent care and facilities in the fields of plastic and cosmetic surgery, dental implants and dentistry. Medical travelers to Costa Rica may enjoy as much as a 75% savings on surgical procedures over prices generally charged in the United States.

Costa Rica also offers facilities, physicians and surgeons who specialize in bariatric surgery, reconstructive surgery and addiction therapies. Visitors can take care of business and then enjoy a tropical vacation during recuperation in one of the many high-class facilities that Costa Rica has to offer.

Costa Rican Cosmetic Dental Medical Services
A recent visitor to Costa Rica found that out for herself when she suddenly realized that she needed  bridgework. Luckily, she had access to a computer and focused on dental tourism in Costa Rica and found a multitude of dentists and surgeons, as well as facilities that would meet her needs. What did she look for?

  • Were they certified?
  • Did they have hospital privileges?
  • Where were they trained (University and country)?
  • Years of experience in their field
  • Testimonials from foreign patients

Of course, these are just a few of the questions any patient should ask of his or her physician or surgeon, but it's enough to get started on the search. The woman was surprised to find numerous accredited and state-of-the-art facilities that would meet her needs, but she settled on the Center for International Medicine Advanced, especially focused and designed for Americans touring the country. Needless to say, she was also surprised to find that the US Department of Veterans Affairs accredited the facility as well as had an office at their location. This particular hospital is operated by International Hospitals of Texas (U.S.), and is a high-tech quality facility rated sixth on the United Nations list of best healthcare facilities.

The woman ended up having x-rays, teeth extracted,  dentures fitted, two root canals and half a dozen porcelain crowns as well as placement of bridge parts. Arranging her needs through a medical tourism provider, this woman was able to arrange for airfare, accommodations, consultations, the actual procedure, and follow-up care and ended up saving $20,000 over cost she would've paid in her native Canada.

Needless to say, Costa Rica and destinations like it offer medical travelers from the United States, Canada, and other international locations some of the best pricing for high quality, expert and compassionate dental cosmetic care. Taking the time to research options, opportunities, pricing and the ability to enjoy a great vacation at one of the most beautiful destinations in the world pays off in the long run and is more than worth the time and effort researching physicians, facilities, procedures and quality of care.

Finding a reputable medical tourism company means getting all your questions answered, understanding options, cost of procedures, tour packages that include transportation, accommodations, meals, procedures, facility stays as well as after-procedure care. One of the most popular medical tourism companies in the U.S., PlacidWay offers such individuals information regarding various international destinations, profiles on hundreds of facilities and staff, and detailed explanations regarding a multitude of treatments that helps consumers make educated decisions regarding healthcare needs.

Choose your medical care carefully. Understand your medical needs, what type of doctor or surgeon you might need, and which type of facility will best suit those needs. Take the time to do your homework and perform research on potential medical procedures and compare the cost of such procedures at different destinations. Dental cosmetics in Costa Rica offers all-inclusive packages for a multitude of needs, and includes consultations, lodgings, the cost of procedure and follow-up care in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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