7 Reasons Why Patients Choose to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

7 Reasons Why Patients Choose to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Medical tourism has a long history in Thailand. Cosmetic procedures are the most popular ones among all, thanks to the locals’ interest in constantly improving their appearance.

For years, surgeons have proved their mastery in providing successful, natural-looking results. Cosmetic clinics are known to offer flawless medical services and a suitable environment. The technology and equipment used is the same one available in developed countries. The prices are affordable.

Hence, there are plenty of reasons why international patients choose Thailand when they decide to undergo plastic procedures. Read below an en detail analysis over the main reasons that make medical tourists pick Thailand.

1. Flawless medical services and patient-friendly prices

When you’re travelling to Thailand for cosmetic surgery, you know that you will get top notch medical care while paying an affordable price. You know you will go for a procedure that is way too expensive in your home country.

Hospitals and medical hubs in Thailand use the latest technology; they are fully equipped and the medical team is usually trained both in Thailand and abroad, in countries like the US or UK.

But why, how this can be possible – you may ask. Procedures that cost significantly less in Thailand are performed by highly trained, English speaking doctors, hospitals look like upscale hotels, the technology used is the best and latest and the medical services are flawless.

The reasons are various: lower labour cost, low construction costs (when hospitals are built), low real estate values, lower government taxes, good exchange rates, less bureaucracy. The labour costs difference is the main reason that makes cosmetic surgery prices in Thailand so competitive – prices are kept low, while the market is constantly battling for the medical tourist currency.

These are some of the factors that make things possible for patients who want to get cosmetic surgery, but they can’t afford it in their home country.

Cosmetic Surgeons in Thailand

2. Highly trained and skilled cosmetic surgeons

It’s a well known fact that cosmetic surgeons in Thailand are famous for their skills and training within the field.

The country is popular for the amount of successful cosmetic procedures performed on both locals and international tourists.

It all began when more and more Thai people started to improve their appearance by undergoing plastic surgery. The demand made the number of cosmetic surgeons increase, and not only that, but also the trainings, educational background and experience of each cosmetic surgeon had become better and better.

Cosmetic surgery is Thailand’s thing and most of the surgeons, aside from their training and experience, are members of important societies, communities and associations that gather international plastic specialists. This keeps then up to date with the latest procedures, technologies and treatment methods as soon as they appear.

Besides that, the human factor, the doctor-patient interaction, the nurses’ care and the after care are at their best and highly appreciated by most of the patients.

3. Beauty is Thailand’s thing

Thailand is one of Asia’s medical tourism pioneers. First, people used to travel for cosmetic procedures that weren’t available in their home country. Now, they are travelling to Thailand in order to get the same services that they would get at home, but paying significantly less.

Beauty has always been a big thing in Thailand. Thai people, both women and men are among the most attractive individuals in the world. They have always been concerned about the way they look and have always found ways to improve their looks. That’s how the cosmetic surgeries had become extremely popular in Thailand, even when this wasn’t yet a trend overseas.

The whole globe admires Thai facial features, flawless skin, and harmonious body. And, while looking at such a natural-looking beauty, many people take the decision to go for nip tuck surgery in the country where surgeons has proven over the years to provide such good results.

4. There are plenty of clinics specialized on cosmetic procedures

With the amount of highly trained, educated and experienced plastic surgeons, there comes the large number of hospitals, clinics and medical hubs that specialize in cosmetic procedures.

Each and every patient has plenty of options to choose from. Thailand offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures that appeal to any individual’s needs. These clinics gather the best cosmetic surgeons, are built and organized for people who undergo these types of procedures and offer everything in order to provide great results both in terms of medical performance and comfort.

Thai cosmetic clinics are also known for their after care flawless services, which, as in the other medical fields, is a big necessity for any patient.

Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand - English talking staff

5. English talking staff and language assistance for international tourists

Usually, the entire staff working in Thai cosmetic clinic speaks in English. The big flow of international tourists has made doctors, nurses and administrative staff masters in speaking English – as they are able to have a conversation with every patient.

In the situation in which one or more members of the medical staff is not so proficient in English, every clinic offers language assistance for international tourists. This assistance is not limited to English, but also available in other foreign languages, as there are medical tourists that feel more comfortable communicating in their native language.  

6. High number of domestic surgeries proves the cosmetic surgeons’ skills, training and experience

As mentioned before, cosmetic surgeries are something common and popular in Thailand for a long time.

This made the surgeons achieve a wide experience and a wide portfolio of successful results. When you watch Thai people on TV or on the streets, you can clearly notice their beautiful appearance. And, even if it’s so naturally looking, you now know that there are big chances to be the result of a surgeon’s work.

Cosmetic surgeries can somehow be called a tradition in Thailand, a habit. The results are proving the surgeons’ skills, which are, of course, based on qualitative training and experience.

7. Many hospitals are offering hotel-like accommodation

The Thai cosmetic clinics have been long time swarmed by tourists. Besides their qualitative, caring services, the comfort offered in terms of accommodation adds a lot to the patient’s decision.

Starting from the hospitals’ lobbies and ending with the rooms and hallways, everything looks luxurious, comfy and friendly. Patients don’t feel like they’re in a hospital, which is a big moral lift.

Soft lighting, cosy cafes, apartment-looking rooms and plush sofas are creating a look of a 5-star hotel.

With all that being said, patients can start doing their own research over the reasons why Thailand is a great destination for cosmetic procedures.

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