Spanish Patients Travel to Mexico for Surrogacy

Why Do Spanish Patients Travel to Mexico for Surrogacy?

Spanish singles and couples interested in becoming parents through surrogacy don’t have the possibility of accomplishing it in their own country. Both gestational surrogacy and seeking a surrogate mother are illegal in Spain. Despite that, Spanish patients can travel to a country where surrogacy is legal and have the procedure done over there.

Hundreds of Spanish couples for whom surrogacy is the only reproductive alternative travel every year aboard to accomplish their wish. After the child’s birth, parents complete all the proceedings for the child to obtain Spanish nationality and return back home, ready to start a new, happy life.

Mexico’s legislation regulating surrogacy makes Spanish patients travel over there

Mexico is one of the few countries with legislation regulating surrogacy, ranking as a top choice among Spaniards who travel for becoming parents.

Mexico’s surrogacy legal recognition is the main reason why Spanish citizens take the plane to Latin America in order to become parents. And, besides couples, Mexico allows single, gay and lesbian couples to accomplish their dreams.

Spanish Seeking Surrogacy Abroad

Hablas Español?

There’s no language barrier for Spanish patients who travel to Mexico – and that’s another important reason why Mexico wins the battle so many times.

Spanish is the main language in both countries. It’s comfortable to travel to a place and be able to communicate in your native language. You make yourself understood better, you understand others better, and you face no struggles. You feel like home, while being actually on a different continent.

Patient-friendly prices

Surrogacy is easy and cost effective in Mexico. Prices are affordable for Spaniards with an average income. If you compare it to other countries that offer surrogacy packages, you reach to the conclusion that you save a significant amount of money by choosing to travel to Mexico.

Plus, Mexican clinics don’t charge extra and prices remain the same in the following situations:

a). oocytes or eggs are included in the packages’ final price

b). surrogacy with oocytes + IVF has the same price with surrogacy with oocytes + ICSI

Flawless medical services, high success rates and world class facilities

Mexican surrogacy clinics are known for their top notch medical services and facilities. Spanish patients take into consideration modern, clean clinics, advanced medical equipment, and the friendly environment. The healthcare system in Mexico is internationally recognized for its high standards, patient and result focus.

There are many babies born through surrogacy every year in Mexico and the numbers are constantly increasing. Results and experience are also definitely eye catching for Spaniards.

Mexican clinics provide one-on-one care, which is very important for Spanish patients who travel for surrogacy. This lifts their confidence and adds a lot to their final decision.

Surrogacy Doctors in Mexico

Experienced doctors

Another important aspect that brings Spaniards to Mexico is the high number of renowned doctors specialized in surrogacy. With a solid educational and professional background, surrogacy medical specialists have never failed to prove their professionalism and results.

The medical staff approach is highly appreciated. Caring, understanding and patient oriented Mexican surrogacy doctors are known for their ability to communicate with their patients.

Flexibility is appealing

Surrogacy packages offered by Mexican clinics are customizable. They are meant to be tailored for each and every patient. Spanish people love that they can add or remove procedures from a package.

Guarantee wins

Mexican clinics guarantee that the patients will get their baby. This is a crucial aspect for Spaniards. They’re assured that, no matter if they’re a couple, single, heterosexual, gay, or lesbian, they’ll get their child. This guarantee is based on the high number of successful surrogacy procedures underwent by different patients.

Spanish patients consider plenty of facts before deciding to travel to Mexico for surrogacy. But it seems that Mexican clinics and doctors are increasingly meeting their expectation. The number of Spaniards choosing Mexico is constantly growing, while their feedbacks are positive and full of joy.

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