Dental Treatments in Cancun

Why do US and Canadian Patients Choose to Travel to Cancun for Dental Care?

Nowadays, it purely makes sense to purchase all types of products and services online and even buying from foreign countries, from sellers that offer the exact same quality services for a lower cost. So, the fact that people choose to travel for dental care is no different from the example stated above.

A sharply increasing number of patients from the US and Canada opt to go abroad for dental treatments. They are looking for dentistry services in foreign places, such as Latin American countries - especially Mexico. Overwhelmed and frustrated by high prices, lack of medical insurances, and lengthy wait time for medical procedures more and more patients choose to go to their neighbours from Mexico. Cancun is one of the cities that US citizens and Canadians visit the most in their search for affordable and flawless dental care.

Cancun is one of Mexico's leading tourist and dental destination. Once a small fishing village, the Caribbean paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise waters attracts a large number of international patients travelling from the US and Canada. Cancun is a bustling city with hundreds of renowned dental clinics and dental professionals. Plus, the city features plenty of touristic attractions, exotic beaches, nice restaurants and shops.

This city provides US and Canadian patients with world-class dental care systems, flawless dental services, top notch medical facilities, highly trained dentists, the latest medical equipment and great results. All of these are offered at affordable prices, so they end up paying significantly less compared to what they would spend in their home country. And the reduced cost includes the round trip plane tickets, the hotel accommodation and the treatment.

It?s true, saving money explains the main reasons people have for travelling to Cancun, since private dental care is, in most of the cases, extremely expensive in the US and Canada. Meanwhile, private dental clinics in Cancun, Mexico (such as Cancun Dental Specialists) provide the same quality of dental treatments and procedures with lower costs, allowing medical tourists to save a lot of money.

And, for many, being an international patient is also a chance to combine an exotic vacation with state-of-the-art dental procedures. With the information globalization and the consumer empowerment, patients are nowadays able to make their own decisions and choose the medical provider that best suits their needs.

In addition, dental care in Cancun, Mexico also gives patients from the US and Canada the chance of getting medical care on time and with their own schedule. Dental clinics in Cancun are private, use the latest facilities and equipment and feature highly trained and experienced medical staff that speaks English.

Affordable Dental Tourism

For example, Cancun Dental Specialists is a dental clinic visited by a lot of patients from the US and Canada. An up-to-date, state of the art facility designed, and made to offer top notch dental treatments and procedures performed by renowned dental specialists with years of experience and impeccable reputation. The clinic features the latest technology in order to make any patient?s dental experience a wonderful one. Plus, the clinic also offers additional services like pick-ups and drops offs from hotel to the clinic and clinic to the hotel.

?Patients from the US and Canada are often revealing their frustrations regarding the high costs of dental services in their home country. They arrive here, at our clinic, for affordable dental care, flawless dental work, up-to-date equipment and supplies and, of course, the renowned team of dentists. I love seeing them leaving the clinic happy, with a wide smile on their face? - says Dr. Irma Gavaldon, head of Cancun Dental Specialists and a U.S Board Certified Dentist, as well as an active member of the ADA. She has been studying, teaching, and performing dentistry for more than 30 years and has never had any history of board sanctions or malpractice. She keeps up to date on new dental techniques and technologies by attending numerous advanced learning courses.

To reach this dental paradise, it is best to purchase a complete dental treatment package from a medical tourism company. Thus, the dental holiday will cost less than if the patient goes on his/her own. For a dental implant package, patients will pay $900 (per implant). For those who opt for dental implants with additional treatments that together exceed $6,000, the clinic will pay for a 5-day stay at a hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Of course, different options are available and can be discussed with the medical tourism company that guides US and Canadian patients.

The clinic's All-On-4 Dental Implants package has the price of $4,180 and dental veneers package costs $420 (per veneer), including free cleaning and whitening treatments of 6 or more veneers/crowns.

PlacidWay is a medical tourism company that helps patients from the US and Canada choose from a wide range of dental treatment packages offered by renowned dental centers in Cancun, Mexico. By requesting a free quote, patients will receive all the information they need within only 48 hours, followed by continuous assistance and support, in order to take the proper decision and make the best out of their dental medical trip. As a renowned facilitation and information platform for medical tourism, PlacidWay ensures the complete information and assistance offered to international travellers are accurate, up-to-date, and useful.

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