Medical Holiday in Mexico

I Desperately Need a Medical Holiday!

Matt said, "I am all ready to visit Mexico for a medical holiday". His wife Annie was a little surprised. What on earth is a medical holiday? There were hundreds of questions that raced in her mind. Is he leaving me? Does he have a medical condition that will lead to death and he doesn't want me around? Her mind was bogged down with a volley of questions and finally after a few sleepless nights, she thought that it was time to confront Matt.

She asked him what this medical holiday was all about. Matt had the toughest job on the planet, which was to make her understand why it was a medical holiday, how he got to know about it, and what does it really entail.


Medical "Attention!" or Something More?

Matt mentally prepared for the volley of questions expected to be thrown at him. Where to begin? He started out by being absolutely straightforward and provided an introduction to his current medical condition, so that he could link it to the medical holiday.

He revealed to Annie that he has been suffering from extreme oral pain and a quick visit to Dr. Graham’s dental clinic confirmed his fears – 4 of his second and third molars were badly decayed. This was a sign of infection caused by bacteria over the years leading to the formation of a pus-filled abscess at the end of the molar's root.

The solution according to Dr. Graham was Root Canal Therapy and this had to be done for all four molars. Annie asked, "So if Dr. Graham has provided you with the solution then why are you going to Mexico?" She added, "His clinic is around the block. Don't you think it would be easier to get it done here than flying to a foreign land?"

Now, Matt knew, he had to explain her why he chose a dental clinic in Mexico instead of Dr. Graham’s clinic around the block. He said, "It is more than medical attention. It is not about the treatment per say but the "cost" of the entire procedure. Dr. Graham would charge $1,500 for root canal treatment for each molar and then there is a dental fee for each visit as he would not do treatment for all 4 on the same day."

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

  1. Root canal treatment for 4 molars: $6,000
  2. Dentist fee: $600 @ of $100 per visit with a minimum of 6 visits
  3. X-ray: $50 
  4. Medications like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin): $10

The total approximate cost will be around $6,650 and this is expected to go higher up as well.

This is not all, research over the internet also revealed that the average cost of getting root canal treatment for a single molar in the USA is $1,300. Existing medical insurance would only cover around 40%. Is there any less costly alternative? I couldn't find any here in Denver, Colorado.

Annie was actually shocked to know that a non-surgical procedure like root canal treatment could be so expensive. Annie asked, "How did Mexico come into the picture?"


The Mexico Alternative

Dental Tourism in Mexico


Mexico came into the picture when Eugene, my colleague at work suggested me to check out PlacidWay.

I asked her, do I really need this? It must be another website offering dental options that I cannot afford. She said, "Grow up Matt! Do you want to live with the pain and indecisiveness or shell out $6,000 for a simple root canal treatment?" Obviously, I wanted neither and asked her how could I trust PlacidWay?

She said, "PlacidWay is not just another website. It provides information on different types of treatment and therapies right from plastic surgery to dentistry and even cancer. It also provides an exhaustive list of medical centers and health clinics that provide different treatments along with details of medical professionals and doctors. This is not all; the website provides details of clinics across the world!"

"Now, that really held my interest! Clinics across the world? I needed to check out the website as soon as possible. "

Researching over the website was a "walk in the park" as every type of information is right there and presented through easy to understand navigation.  Information includes details on 600 medical centers across 40 countries and 250 cities.

Annie asked, "Didn't you get lost?"

"Not at all! In fact, I started by checking the Sani Dental Group page, the clinic that Eugene had been too. Of course, I checked others as well but narrowed down to Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones as it came highly recommended and their costs were absolutely affordable."

The best part is that Los Algodones is not too far off. It is a small Mexican town situated in Mexicali. It is just 9.9 miles (16 km) west of Yuma, Arizona. Denver to Yuma is 994 miles via the I-70 west onto Interstate 8, and is a day's journey.

Annie was pleasantly surprised and said, "It's a long time since we went on a holiday. Can I come too?"

Matt was elated and said, "Yes. That would be perfect. In fact, I wanted to surprise you by taking you for this medical holiday. After the root canal treatment, we can visit the Guadalupe Island famous for the Great White Sharks, volcanic mountain ridges, and giant lobsters!"

After all, the money saved by getting the treatment in Mexico will be well spent revitalizing in the lap of nature! Mexico! Estamos en camino! (we are on our way)


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