PlacidWay and Dr. Siegfried Block Join Hands to Implement Innovative Medical Practices Based on Patient Individuality

PlacidWay and Dr. Siegfried Block Join to Implement Innovative Medical Practices

Colorado, October 05, 2016PlacidWay, the already famous provider of exceptional medical tourism services in the US has announced with joy the start of its collaboration with Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH Centre for Cell Therapy, in Lenggries, Germany. The collaborators aim to innovate the medical field through renewed practices based on comprehensive patient education and a high-level of doctor-patient interaction.

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Block, the founder of the clinic, studied under Prof. Paul Niehans, the father of modern living cell therapy, for many years and started working in cell therapy around 60 years ago. Today the clinic is managed by Mr. Daniel Block, the grandson of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Block and Dr. med. Petra Block, the daughter of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Block.

The clinic uses stem cells that have been harvested from hardy race mountain sheep, from its own herd of about 700 sheep, kept high in the mountains far away from any damaging environmental effects. The lyophilized full cell therapy is intended to produce a general revitalization of the whole organism.

The lyophilized full cell therapy is applied for functional blood supply disorders, growth disturbances, sclerosis of the cerebral vessels, functional cardiac and cardiovascular disorders, to strengthen the body´s own defense mechanism and general revitalization among others.

Leading Live Cell Therapy Clinic

The leading live cell therapy clinic has also obtained amazing results with preventing chronic disease procedures, enhancing overall longevity and wellness in patients and reversing their symptoms of aging to ensure unlimited beauty and proper healthy lifestyles for many years to come.

The collaboration between PlacidWay and Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH Centre for Cell Therapy will open the doors to living cell therapy treatments to patients from all over the word.

“By joining our forces with PlacidWay, more people will find out about and have access to the benefits offered by the living cell therapy. All animal health examinations are made by the Bavarian Animal Health Service and the University of Giessen, Germany so all our sheep are in perfect health and suitable as organ donors”, said Dr. med. Petra Block, Medical Director.

For PlacidWay, the collaboration with the German clinic represents another step forward in their continuous project especially created to deliver only the best possible services in every field of medical care. This time, they join hands with Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH Centre for Cell Therapy to bring innovation and an integrative approach to patient care in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

“Our association with Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH Centre for Cell Therapy is meant to change the perception of people regarding the benefits of live cell therapy. They should be aware that such treatments are safe, performed by specialists with years of experience and highly successful,” said Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay.

Partnership  between Placidway and  Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH

PlacidWay is a leading medical tourism service provider that offers people around the world the chance to discover the most reliable resources on global medical treatment options. People are connected at a global level through PlacidWay and find solutions for their medical needs based on similar principles: perfect knowledge and skills on behalf of worldwide medical teams, commitment to proper patient care and optimal health care treatments. No matter the destination you may be interested in for medical procedures, this leading medical tourism service provider has the best solutions for you around the world.

Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH Centre for Cell Therapy, located in Lenggries, Germany, is one of the few which offer highly dosed and individual prepared lyophilized Full Cells prepared in the top-notch laboratory. The medical team is creating individualized treatment plans for each patient in their ultra-modern laboratory, equipped according to the latest TÜV and GMP guidelines.


For more information regarding the procedures offered by Dr. Siegfried Block GmbH Centre for Cell Therapy and their collaboration with PlacidWay, do not hesitate to contact us!