Fat Transfer for Strong Hips in Men in Istanbul, Turkey

Fat Transfer for Strong Hips in Men in Istanbul, Turkey

Estetik International is now one of the top aesthetic clinics in the world. It was founded in 1999 by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Bulent CIHANTIMUR. In this article, the clinic presents its fat transfer for strong hips in men procedure.

If you think that looking good is a privilege presented only for women, you are wrong, that era is over. Men ask also help from us. In addition, men make a request about Brazil butt ascetics that has gained momentum in women for last 5 years.

A news has been published in New York Times last year. According to the news, enlarging butt in men is extremely popular. In 2015, men hipaesthetics constitutes 6.2% of aesthetical surgical procedures and this number was only 2.2% in 1997.

We can perform hip aesthetics surgery in two ways. Implant placement and fat transfer. I prefer fat transfer because;

  • Fat transfer looks natural
  • It is not necessary to place foreign matter, we only use its own regional fat
  • Recovery process of fat transfer is extremely short and comfortable because men are not patient as much as women
  • More healthy and useful

The underlying reason that men would like to intervene their hips is to get an aesthetical and strong view because women instinctively look at hips of men. Women like strong men with tight and salient hip more. In addition, this tendency may result from trendy slim sizes, Italian and modern fashion trends.

In addition, men lose attractive hip shapes like with age and after specific weight loss. Elasticity loss and floppy tissue in hips are the fundamental components that provide hip aesthetics tendency.

As I said about hip aesthetics in men, I prefer fat transfer. In addition to advantages patient experience, I would like to emphasize that patients get rid of regional lipoidosis problem.

In general, we remove regional fat accumulated on the abdomen area in men via liposculpture technique. If it is in the Cihantimur Fat Transfer, it purifies unnecessary water and other substances in its content by putting centrifuge device in the operation room before the fat draws a blank. A fat concentration with full of alive stem cells left. Afterwards, we inject the fats into the hips of patients to get requested form. 

All the operation has been performed in the same session. With the help transplantation of patient’s own cells are performed perfectly. Stem cells before dying, continue to live in hip area where they are just transplanted. As this make a life-time comfort, it affects recovery process and skin quality.

In addition, we can provide extremely natural tightness and form because we inject fat intramuscularly. All the operations have been performed with 1 cm incision scalled cut-free. No problem called waiting scar and wound recovery process happens.

If you want to find out more about the Fat transfer for strong hips in men, please contact us!