Prices of Fertility Treatments Worldwide

How Affordable Are Fertility Treatments Abroad?

Fertility treatments are sought out by those couples who have a problem with conceiving a baby on their own. With the increasing fertility problems for people all around the world, more and more couples are deciding to try one of the many options available for assisted conception and for increasing fertility in both males and females. However, the couples opting for these treatments can face problems in their countries, either because the treatments are too expensive or some types of treatments being banned or inaccessible to them. Because of this, a lot of couples choose to look elsewhere for their treatment.

When deciding to travel, most couples are worried how much they will have to pay for the trip, the treatment, and the stay. While the price should not be the decisive factor (the quality of the treatment should), we understand that it can sometimes be very important, which is why we will do a comparison of prices around the world. But first, let’s see what fertility treatments are all about.

Overview of Fertility Treatments

Depending on the severity of the problem with fertility, there are a couple of ways to approach treating fertility problems. Fertility treatments involve, but are not limited to: clomid treatments and ovulation induction (for women with ovulation problems), intrauterine insemination (for both male and female fertility problems), and in-vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (which are done in the laboratory). In case of homosexual partners, surrogacy is the preferred method for getting a baby.

All of these have in common the fact that conception needs assistance, as the either the female or the male have a problem with their reproductive organs. IVF and ICSI are usually used when males have a problem with their sperm, while clomid treatments and ovulation are used when the women have a problem with either their cycles and/or reproductive organ. 

What is the Cost Around the World?

Since fertility treatments are rarely covered by insurance, the couples in need of fertility assistance often travel to other countries. When preparing they encounter wildly different prices all across the globe. Fertility treatment prices depend on many factors, which is why no singular price can be established across the world. The primary problem here is that most fertility treatments are personalized and differ from one situation to another. Another problem is that some require medication, while others do not. Add to that the overhead costs in each country, the difference in the doctors’ salaries, rents, etc. and you get prices which range from $100 for sperm freezing in Mexico, to $71,350 for surrogacy in Cyprus. 

The Most Popular Destinations for Fertility Treatment

The Most Popular Destinations

Spain ($170 - $9,310)

Spain has been a preferred destination for couples who find it hard to conceive a child for a long time now. Their doctors have dedicated themselves to this field of medicine and it can be said that they are among the finest in the world when it comes to assisted reproduction. That being said, their prices are also among the cheapest in the world. They start at $170 for sperm freezing and end at egg donation, which costs $9,310. The average price for fertility treatment in Spain is $1,992.

Mexico ($100 - $38,500)

Mexico, as we already know, is a primary destination for the US patients, regardless of the type of medical procedure that they need. Fertility treatments are no different. However, while they provide services of the highest quality at cheaper rates than in the US, when it comes to fertility treatments, Mexico is still more expensive than the rest of the countries mentioned here. For most people this is not a problem, though, as they find that they can rest easy knowing that their fertility program is carried out by doctors who are either US citizens, or have been trained in the US. This is why Mexico is a popular destination for these treatments. The average price for fertility treatment in Mexico is $4,294. The cheapest procedure to be found here is $100 for sperm freezing, while the most expensive is surrogacy which will cost you $38,500.

Russia ($68 - $55,300)

Russia has been developing their medical facilities and capabilities ever since the start of their latest rise in the economical sense (around the start of 2000s). Since increasing the population’s number is one of the goals of this country now, a lot of investments have been given to the fertility field of medicine, to spur improvement. This has been achieved, and now Russia can boast with some of the finest fertility programs in the world. The average price for a fertility program in Russia is $5,995. The cheapest procedure here is the $68 for egg freezing, while the most expensive is surrogacy, which will cost the prospective parents $55,300, or more, depending on the number of tries until pregnancy is achieved.

Czech Republic ($37 - $7,500)

The Czech Republic has always had developed medical tourism thanks to a large number of hot springs which have healing properties that lie all around. They have, since joining the EU, developed other medical fields, as well. This is why, today, they offer some of the best fertility programs available, which are complemented with beautiful, relaxing surroundings which are afforded by the aforementioned springs. The best part is that they offer these treatments at cheap prices, as the average price for fertility treatments of $2,215 shows. The minimum that a couple would have to pay is $37 for egg freezing, while the most expensive fertility procedure in Czech Republic is egg donation at $7,500.

Greece ($170 - $7,235)

The tradition of Greece stems from the Ancient Ages, as some of the first civilizations developed there. It is a tradition they proudly carry forward and they always strive to be the best they can. This is applied to medicine, as well. Greek treatments for infertility are highly popular all across the world, especially in Europe. The average cost for fertility treatment in Greece is $2,310. The most expensive procedure is embryo donation, which costs $7,235, while the least expensive is assisted laser hatching at just $170.

Why Are Fertility Treatments so Expensive Around the World?

Fertility treatments depend on many factors, most notably on the patient couples. The price varies in accordance and the more complicated the situation, the higher the price. While there are regular costs for every clinic, like staff salaries and office rent and maintenance, there are also other factors which influence the price here. One of them is the fact that, in some cases, the procedure has to be done again and again in order to be successful, as no fertility treatment guarantees 100% success rates. Also, there is the question of medications which should be used, which are almost never free, and drive the cost up, as well. These things, alongside other factors, like storing the eggs and sperm, and R&D of new fertility treatments drive the prices upwards.

How to Choose the Right Clinic?

While we understand that in today’s global economy the price is one of the deciding factors on whether or not a clinic will be chosen, we urge you to consider other things before looking at the price of the treatment. While cheaper treatments may seem more appealing, it might also increase chances of the treatment going wrong. If a treatment is unsuccessful, then you will have to do it again, at the same cost, usually, which means that the cost-effectiveness can slowly turn into a financial nightmare. It is much safer to always go with a clinic with proven credentials and experience, with doctors who are properly certified in their field. We have prepared a list of questions you should ask before choosing a fertility clinic, as well as a more general guide for choosing a clinic. We highly recommend that you look at them before deciding on which clinic should you trust with your potential progeny.

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