Why is Dental Tourism Big In Costa Rica?

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Why is Dental Tourism Big In Costa Rica?

Many international patients, especially people from America and Canada are flocking in Costa Rica for dental treatments for several years. In Costa Rica, dental tourism is big. Euromonitor reveals that 90% of the patients for dentistry and plastic surgery treatments in Costa Rica are foreign tourists. So, if you are thinking about proceeding with dental tourism in Costa Rica, remember that many other people have made this decision before and the outcome is satisfactory. Thus, dental tourism in Costa Rica is a safe choice.

You may wonder why Costa Rica is so popular among foreign patients for dental procedures. Low cost of dental procedures is definitely one of the key reasons, but people love to combine dental work and vacation in Costa Rica.

Is it Convenient to Reach Costa Rica for Dental Tourism?

Costa Rica’s location is very convenient, especially for people from Canada and the US. For example, it takes around four to seven hours to travel Costa Rica from the US, depending upon the city where you are flying from. In fact, there are many non-stop flights from the major cities of the US. Moreover, the citizens of the US and Canada whose passports are valid for another six months don’t need a visa for entering Costa Rica for less than three months stay. This makes Costa Rica a very convenient location for dental tourism.

What is the State of Dental Clinics in Costa Rica?

Dental clinics in Costa Rica are top-notch in every way. They use the best of technology and equipment along with the most advanced features. In fact, you can get the treatment with the same equipment and prosthesis that are used in the dental clinics of the US. However, the cost is comparatively lower, which means you can get the same quality treatment by paying less and enjoying your vacation at the same time.

How about the Care and Treatment

One of the best things that amaze people who visit Costa Rica for cosmetic dentistry is the personalized treatment level. Most of the clinics are providing dental services for many years so they understand the need of every patient. Based on that they design personalized offers that attract the patients. The clinics are very strict about the hygiene standard and sterilizing equipment. The staffs are fluent in English, which makes communication easier. Moreover, doctors for dental services in Costa Rica are also very experienced and trained in various aspects of dentistry. They can suggest the best treatment procedure that is safe, effective and long-lasting.

Are the Dental Treatment Packages in Costa Rica Good?

Many packages for a dental vacation in Costa Rica come with a fixed price. This means the chances of any surprise expenditure or hidden cost is eliminated. You know exactly what final price you have to pay unlike the clinics in the US where everything is not so clear in advance. However, also do your own research to check the packages thoroughly. You must know what is included and what is not clear. This will help you to plan your vacation and the treatment in a better way with no shocking surprises.

With a low crime rate and serene atmosphere, Costa Rica can be termed as a peaceful nation with fantastic locales. People here are friendly and full of life. It is not surprising that dental tourism is thriving in the country. If you are planning to go for dental treatment, learn more about the price, package, dentists and the clinic. Check more reviews and testimonials before zeroing on a center.

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