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Mouth Restorations with CAD/CAM Cosmetic Technology in Nuevo Progreso Mexico

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Calle Benito Juarez #217 Zona centro Nuevo Progreso, Tamps., MX, Calle Benito Juarez #218 zona centro Nuevo Progreso, Tamps.,Mx, Nuevo Progreso 88810, Mexico
Price Range: $70 - 11000
Specialty: Dentistry
Focus Area: Dental Clinic in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico | Dental Artistry & World Dental Center | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implants | Endodontics | Periodontics | General Dentistry | Dental Surgery | Pediatric Dentistry | CAD/CAM cosmetic technology

Dental Artistry & World Dental Center Profile Overview

Dental Clinic in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Dental Artistry - Top Dental Clinic in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Dental Artistry Dental Center is one of the leading cosmetic dental care providers in Mexico. Located in Nuevo Progreso, they have a top-notch CAD/CAM Modern technology laboratory. The team of the clinic performs only with the best dental materials available in the market such as E-Max crows, Zirconium crowns and veneers, which ensures long lasting life for dental treatments.

Under the able guidance and proficiency of Dr. Rene Rosas, the clinic has formed a team including experienced, trained and certified specialists. They have done numerous rehabilitations and restorations in the past 18 years that include extreme full mouth rehabilitations to simple teeth cleaning. What matters to the team is help you get your deserving smile and let you smile as long as you want.

At Dental Artistry clinic they take every case and every issue very seriously and professionally. The patient’s health has been and always will be their main preoccupation. Cosmetic Dentist Dental Artistry is led by Dr. Rene Rosas and his professional staff who will make sure not just to choose the right treatment for the patient but also to make them feel satisfied in friendly and calm atmosphere. At the clinic they always follow all the hygiene requirements by both ADM and ADA standards, and sterilize with ultra/clave systems. The clinic has excellent equipment, laboratory and location. The staff also speaks English so international patients can relax in their capable hands.

The clinic is located conveniently across the border from Weslaco, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. Their office is right across the international bridge on the left-hand side, mid-block on the first block. Moreover, the clinic is very comfortable, fresh and extra clean. This ensures that the clinic is perfectly suitable for patients who are seeking dental treatment across the US border or from other international destinations. 

Every member associated with the clinic is certified and all dental work they do is guaranteed. In addition, they also have the privilege to own our own laboratory. They always comply with all the hygiene requirements by both ADM and ADA standards and that is why they sterilize with ultra/clave systems, the latest in sterilization. 

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Benefits of Dental Artistry in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Here are several advantages that you can find in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico by Dental Artistry:

  • Specialized and experienced dental clinic.
  • Provides best dentists around.
  • Have several years of experience in the dental field.
  • Affordable prices for dental services.
  • 24/7 online reservation and consultation service.

List of Treatments at Dental Artistry in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Below you can see the list of treatment performed in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico by Dental Artistry

Cost of Dental Work in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico at Dental Artistry

Dental Treatment in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico by Dental Artistry will help you get the best service at an affordable price. Get the latest information about Dental Pricings available at this clinic by pressing the button below, and connecting with the Customer Representative:

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Best Dentists in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico at Dental Artistry

Check below for more information about reliable dentists in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico by Dental Artistry:

Doctor Name: Dr. Rene Rosas Bassanetti

Job Title: Dentist

Specializations: Veneer treatments,Zirconium treatments, Implantology, restorationas and rehabilitations


English, Spanish

Doctor: Dra.Nadia Cortez

Job Title: Dentist

Specializations: Orthodontics, general dentist

Conservative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Examinations, Dental Public Health, Endodontics, General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Paediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics), Periodontics, Preventive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Special Care Dentistry


English, Spanish

Doctor Name: Dra.Paulina Corona

Job Title: Dentist

Specializations: Rehabilitations and restoration with zirconium and veneers treatments


English, Spanish

Why Choose Nuevo Progreso, Mexico for Dental Treatment?

Nuevo Progreso is a small beautiful town with a lot of unique places to visit and things to do. It is a popular destination among the tourists for its excellent architectural wonders, restaurants, bars and lively people. Those who are planning dental tourism in Mexico can book their treatment at Dental Artistry and explore the wonders of the city at the same time.

FAQs about Dental Care in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Check below information about several frequently asked questions of Dental Treatment in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico:

Is Mexico A Good Place To Get Dental Treatment?

There are a huge number of US patients have gotten excellent dental work in Mexico, and in case you realize where to go, it is exceptionally protected. The bordertowns and famous vacationer urban areas are protected and oblige unfamiliar Dental Patients.

Is It Cheaper To Go To Mexico For Dental Surgery?

You can save 50-70% on the expense of your dental work with a dental specialist in Mexico. You can save $3,500 with a solitary tooth embed and crown alone. Need an immediate root trench in Mexico, you can save $800.

Do You Need A Passport For Dental Tourism In Mexico?

In the event that you are crossing the line via land for Mexico dental administrations, you simply stroll across without the need to introduce your identification to Mexican traditions. There are likewise no visa prerequisites for Americans and Canadians to go to Mexico.

Book Dental Treatment in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico Today!

It's time for you to get many benefits through Dental Treatment in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico by Dental Artistry. You will get treatment from certified dentists, and with their miracle hands, you can get the fresh smile, and dental health that you desire. Click the button below to make a booking Dental Packages and get more detailed information:



  • Eugenia

    Great customer service.
    Excellent work. I had a complete removal of all crowns and root canals. The work was done in a week a d results beautiful.
    My husband has has two sets of dentures made over the years. They never even needed adjustments.

    All teeth were crowned and straightened.
    I have been a patient for several years.
    I am going to go back next week.

    Google Jan 03 2019
  • Juliiana

    Best dental clinic in new progress

    Google Dec 06 2018
  • Kassie

    My parents and I traveled from La Grange, Texas to Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas for an appointment at Dental Artistry yesterday. I have to be honest, The staff treated us really good. The Staff is Very Professional, Courteous and Friendly. They even offered to meet us at the border to personally take us to their office. Prices are not bad compared to the quality of work that they do. I would totally recommend this Dental office to everyone. They are also open every day of the week so it makes it very convenient for us that have a Crazy work schedule.

    Google Nov 07 2018

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