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Calle Benito Juarez #217 Zona centro Nuevo Progreso,Tamps.,MX Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Speciality: Dental - General Dentistry,
Languages: English,Spanish
Degree: General Dentist
Focus Area: Dr. Sergio Quiroga | Nuevo Progreso | Mexico | Cosmetic Dentist | Dental Implant Dentist | Smile Design

About - Dr. Sergio Quiroga

Dr. Sergio Quiroga - Dentist in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Dr. Sergio Quiroga has graduated from one of the best dental schools in Mexico, U.N.A.L., which is voted the best dental college in northern Mexico. Dr.Sergio has over 10 years of experience in smile restoration, rehabilitation, and cosmetic dental treatments like dental implant surgery. He is a proud member of the ADM (Academy Dental Materials).

Dr. Sergio Quiroga is determined to meet your dental needs and goals. From full-mouth reconstruction to simple teeth cleaning, Dr. Corona and his team at Dental Artistry & World Dental Center are highly trained and certified specialists who can help you regain your oral health and gorgeous smile!

Dr. Sergio Quiroga is a dentist specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, and General Dentistry. He speaks English and Spanish fluently. Dr. Quiroga's patients admire the attention he dedicates to each patient, and the ability to give individual treatment and guidance for all patients based on their oral health needs.

Dr. Quiroga utilizes advanced dental materials for long-lasting results of your dental treatments. He helps local patients and dental tourists from all over the world, mostly from America and Canada. No dental case is too complicated for him. He is very experienced in smile restoration and aims to deliver beautiful and confident smiles to his patients.

If you need mouth reconstruction or cosmetic dental care, get in touch with this amazing Dr. Sergio Quiroga in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. Contact us to meet your dentist today!

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Dr Sergio Quiroga - Highly Experienced Dentist in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico


  • Cosmetic Dentistry

  • General Dentistry

  • Preventive Dentistry

  • Restorative Dentistry


  • English,

  • Spanish


  • Graduated from U.N.A.L. dental college in northern Mexico

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Nuevo Progreso Dentist Prices | Dental Artistry CenterPricesEnquire
Dental Crowns in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$450Enquire
Dental Crowns in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$500Enquire
Braces in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$600Enquire
All on 4 Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$8800Enquire
Dental Fillings in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$70Enquire
Dental Bonding in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$160Enquire
Dentures in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$350Enquire
Root Canal in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$300Enquire
Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$1800Enquire
Tooth Extraction in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico$70Enquire

Dental Artistry & World Dental Center reviews

  • Eugenia

    Great customer service.
    Excellent work. I had a complete removal of all crowns and root canals. The work was done in a week a d results beautiful.
    My husband has has two sets of dentures made over the years. They never even needed adjustments.

    All teeth were crowned and straightened.
    I have been a patient for several years.
    I am going to go back next week.

    Google Jan 03 2019
  • Juliiana

    Best dental clinic in new progress

    Google Dec 06 2018
  • Kassie

    My parents and I traveled from La Grange, Texas to Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas for an appointment at Dental Artistry yesterday. I have to be honest, The staff treated us really good. The Staff is Very Professional, Courteous and Friendly. They even offered to meet us at the border to personally take us to their office. Prices are not bad compared to the quality of work that they do. I would totally recommend this Dental office to everyone. They are also open every day of the week so it makes it very convenient for us that have a Crazy work schedule.

    Google Nov 07 2018
  • Ray

    That throbbing tooth on a Saturday. First trip to a dentist in Mexico so i was as nervous as you probably are reading these reviews. My experience was great! I had already been to Nuevo Progresso so the town was never in question, very clean and alot of fun with lots of shopping, alcohol, and food.

    I also looked at reviews and called them up at 1pm and after a 2 hour drive from our RV park Juan Ricardo met us on the Mexico side of bridge and walked us to the office that was only a block away. Juan Ricardo served as the interpreter between the dentist and I and within 15 minutes from bridge I was getting tooth pulled. After novocaine shots he went to tugging. It ended up in had to have tooth cut in half due to my extra long roots. After 30 minutes of tugging and pulling we were done. Let me note I felt zero pain or discomfort and I am a wuss when it comes to dentists. The entire time he would ask if I felt any pain to ensure the novocaine was doing its job. After the x-ray to ensure everything was removed I paid my 35 for extraction and 10 for x-ray and my girlfriend paid her 25 to have hers cleaned. Girlfriend was very impressed also.

    He will then write you a script for antibiotics and over the counter pain meds, he walks you next door to the pharmacy and I paid 15 bucks. You can take the pills back across as long as they are not narcotics.

    We will be going back in 3 weeks to measure for my bridge and have a tooth of hers pulled and measure for braces. I hope this helps anyone wondering. Juan Ricardo makes the process that much easier.

    Enjoy the town first then head into his office is my recommendation.

    Google Oct 31 2017
  • David P

    Truthful, affordable, straight forward.

    May 27 2022
  • Wendy H

    Relaxing, professional the dentist was well informed about my needs and was fluent in English. I have already recommended Placid way to others while on my travels. I will definitely be coming back!

    Apr 29 2022

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