Best Body Liposuction in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Body Liposuction in Buenos Aires, Best Liposuction Argentina

Deborah went to Argentina for a complete body liposuction with GoSculptura Corp.

52-year-old Deborah from Texas is part of an increasing number of Americans who travel abroad for medical care. More than 45 million Americans do not have health insurance and suffer from high prices charged in the USA for cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries.

After doing some research Deborah discovered that by traveling to Argentina she could save upwards of 40 to 50-percent of the cost of undergoing a full body liposuction in the United States – and have dream vacations too!

She was greeted at the airport by Sol, her GoSculptura personal assistant, escorted through immigration, and taken by private car to her hotel, the trendy and cosmopolitan hotel Puerto Madero, one of the five-star hotels GoSculptura partners with.  After two peaceful days enjoying the sites of Buenos Aires Deborah underwent liposuction surgery.

Before the surgery she was "a little nervous, but I know that I am in very safe hands. Dr. Roblas has more than 35 years of experience and I have been very impressed with the medical staff so far. My GoSculptura personal assistants, Sol and Cecilia are also very attentive to all my needs”.

GoSculptura carefully selects the best private clinics in Argentina for all the medical procedures it covers. And they contract only the most experienced, accredited directing surgeons within these clinics, to perform the surgical procedures. All have over 15 years of experience and most are US trained.

Dr. Roblas, a board-certified senior MD with 35 years of experience performed Deborah’s surgery. He says that “Argentina has made significant contributions to the medical field across all types of surgeries. Professionals here are very good. Key is to provide patients with a tightly controlled 360 degree recuperation environment to ensure a perfectly safe experience”.

All the clinics GoSculptura partners with are located very close from the hotel the patient is staying in. This provides the patient with immediate access to their surgeon and other medical personnel. All the clinics GoSculptura works with have post intervention monitoring units and are well equipped with up to date equipment. The medical directors who perform the procedures are members of national and international cosmetic surgery associations, and have more than 35 years of experience, with a level of training that matches that of top US or European surgeons.

After the surgery, her personal assistants took over from the medical staff at the clinic to attend to her every needs and she is constant contact with her surgeons via her GoSculptura cellular phone. She met with Dr. Roblas every day for post-operative check ups and for two to three hours of each day, Sol looked after her to ensure that she feels home away from home.

When Deborah returned home, she remained in contact with her surgeon, and the GoSculptura team to ensure that her recovery went smoothly.

The final price tag for Deborah’s surgery came to an all inclusive $3395, a savings of more than $5300 from what she would have paid in the States for a full body liposuction.

And it included seven nights at a deluxe hotel in Buenos Aires, two to three hours of personalized assistance every day from Sol, all medical consultations, gourmet meals, and plenty of pampering.

Says Yvan, marketing director at GoSculptura: “Our packages include airfare, transportation, hotel accommodations, breakfast and tours. You can choose to travel to many different areas of Argentina, and enjoy activities such as horse back riding, or a relaxing spa get-away, and experience all the historical and ecological grandeur of the country.”

No wonder Deborah feels like she just had an amazing vacation!

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2008-12-08 / Updated on: 2022-03-22

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