Type-1 Diabetes Patient Says No to Insulin Shots-Heads to Europe for Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in EuropeType-1 Diabetes Patient Says No to Insulin Shots-Heads to Europe for Stem Cell Therapy

41-year-old Ivan, a diabetic patient, has decided to opt for stem cell therapy in Europe. He has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and all the local doctors have told him this is a life-long condition and he might be living with daily insulin injections in the future. Getting injections every day is pathetic and on top of that, his doctors even said that there is also a possibility of long-term damage to the health. Moreover, insulin injection can only control the symptoms, but cannot cure. That is why he decided to search for other options and came to know about stem cell therapy for diabetes.

Why in Europe?

While looking for solutions that can possibly help him get rid of everyday insulin shots, he is more concerned about the high standards of the treatment and the safety aspects. When he researched further, he came to know that stem cell therapy has a successful history in Europe. There have been some remarkable stem cell treatment breakthroughs over there. The European regulators have approved the first stem cell therapy, which is considered as a major step forward in Britain for advanced medicine.

Why Stem Cell Therapy can be an Alternative for Diabetes?

When the levels of blood glucose (blood sugar) increase, insulin is released in pancreas beta cells. Insulin makes the cells all over the body to get glucose from the blood. The beta cells destroy the immune system in Type 1 diabetes, while enough glucose is not consumed by the cells in Type 2 diabetes due to very less insulin production or the body is not sensitive to insulin.

Ivan, who is a Type 1 diabetes patient, requires blood testing and insulin injections every day. He was very hopeful to learn that scientists have used stem cells to generate glucose-responding cells that, just like beta cells, are capable of releasing insulin. Many clinical trials of using such stem cell therapy have been successful for several diabetes patients. This raised his hope and he decided to get cell therapy for diabetes.

Still Some Doubts…

Ivan has found an alternative, but he still has a lot of questions in his mind. He does not know where he should get the treatment, what will be the cost, will the medical center be accredited, safety standard and more. He browsed through the internet further and found information about several clinics in the European countries like Ukraine, Germany and Austria have several established clinics that provide stem cell therapy for diabetes. Also, the cost of stem cell treatment for diabetes varies from $6,000 to $13,000 approximately, which of course depends upon several factors including the agreed number of stem cells, patient’s condition, etc. In spite of that, Ivan realized that the cost is still affordable compared to what he would have to spend on regular blood tests and insulin injections.

And the Treatment Started…

Ivan contacted a stem cell center in Germany and discussed his health condition with them. They asked for a few medical test reports and also informed about the tests that will be conducted upon his arrival. Finally, the appointment was fixed and he went to the clinic for the first session. The doctors are happy with the procedure and they believe Ivan’s body will be able to produce insulin gradually. For Ivan also, the overall experience has been great, as the staff was friendly and well behaved. Their support staff was also good, which ensured a smooth appointment and coordination with the experts. 

We wish Ivan all the success to defeat diabetes using stem cell therapy. If you are also suffering from diabetes and looking for an alternative solution that can change your life, we at PlacidWay, can help you find the best stem cell centers in Europe.


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