Baby Boomers Driving Need for Dental Care and Implants Abroad

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Baby boomers, or individuals born between 1946 and 1964, are leading the push toward affordable dental care at home and abroad. A struggling economy, cutbacks in government aid, lack of comprehensive dental care insurance for seniors and the inability of many dental facilities to meet and address the needs of seniors has compelled many to seek dental implants and other dental care needs in foreign destinations.

Increased Demand for Dental Health and Wellness Abroad
Medical and dental tourism experts project that over 70,000 seniors require dental or medical services in the U.S. alone, and with people living longer, the global demand for adequate dental services are at a premium these days. The World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress expects that massive numbers of Americans will venture beyond domestic borders for dental care in the coming decade.

With dental and healthcare in India, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Croatia, and dozens of other international destinations increasing their reputations for providing some of the best dental, medical and surgical care in the world, seniors in other countries are following suit. Travelers from Nigeria, the Middle East, including Iraqis, and inhabitants of central European countries are finding greater accessibility, affordability and options in traveling beyond their borders for dental care and wellness.

Dental Implants Continue to Be Most Popular
Dental implants continue to be one of the most popular dental procedures among seniors and adults seeking restored chewing function, as well as those looking for enhanced cosmetic appearance. Dental implants replace teeth lost due to trauma, gum disease, tooth decay, and imperfections of the root canal.

The most common type of dental implant is called a root-form titanium dental implant, a type of endosteal implant placed directly into the jawbone structure. Artificial teeth are attached to this structure with nails, screws, or cones. This type of procedure is recommended for those with minimal to moderate tooth loss. Other types of implants, such as sub-periosteal, plate-form, and ramus-frame are also commonly used for a multitude of artificial teeth insertion procedures.

Dental implant procedures can be extremely expensive when performed in the United States, where the average cost of dental implants can range from $1,000-$5,000 per tooth. Extensive reconstructive dental implants can cost anywhere from $20,000-$100,000. The same procedures performed across borders, especially in Mexico, South America and in European countries such as Hungary, cost substantially less, with savings of up to 75%.

Dental Care Choices
Facilities around the globe are filling the needs of not only the coming generation of baby boomers, but young and middle-aged adults requiring the best in dental care and services to meet their cosmetic and physical needs.

Dental clinics such as Alfadent, in Cancun, Mexico and Prudent Hungary in Hungary, offer options to travelers, including the latest in technological equipment and dental procedures. All Smiles in Bangalore, India and Chaves Dental care in Jaco, Costa Rica offer travelers true choices when it comes to dental health and wellness.

From Poland to Thailand and from Turkey to Egypt, today's consumers have immediate access to dental resources and travel packages that combine the best of dental care with the ultimate of vacation destinations. Accessing medical providers such as PlacidWay helps consumers from around the globe make educated and informed decisions regarding their dental care, and offers enhanced accessibility and options to meet just about any dental concern or need.

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