Dental Tourism in Mexico

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1. What Triggers People to Do Dental Tourism in Mexico

2. Reasons of Having Dental Tourism in Mexico that You Never Expect

3. Top Destinations for Dental Tourism in Mexico

4. Price Comparison Dental Tourism in Mexico Vs United States and Canada

5. List of Dental Treatments in Mexico

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Many patients are aware of the high cost of dental treatment they receive in the US and Canada. Thus, they then look for alternative routes to be able to get similar treatments but at a more affordable price. Of course without compromising the safety and quality of the dental care they get. This is where Dental Tourism in Mexico came to be a pioneer in bridging the needs of patients who need the best Dental Treatments, but with promising prices.

So what does Dental Tourism mean? The term "Dental" represents medical activities related to Dentistry. While the term "Tourism" represents a vacation or fun activity that we can do to release our stress. Well, when combined, you will get two benefits at once, namely Dental Treatments, as well as a happy vacation.


What Triggers People to Do Dental Tourism in Mexico

Some of the reasons underlying these patients to prefer Dental Treatments in neighboring countries are because of:

As those issues arrive, Dental Tourism in Mexico nowadays becomes one of the most popular destinations in Latin America. Even from year to year, the number of patients who go abroad for dental treatment is increasing sharply.

Reasons of Having Dental Tourism in Mexico that You Never Expect

One thing is certain, Dental Tourism in Mexico is not just undergoing Dental Treatments, but also patients can travel at the same time. This is a plus that can be obtained to relieve the tension felt by the patient. Instead of feeling the tension because they will undergo dental surgery, they will be more relaxed because after the surgery is complete, they can get a reward in the form of a fun vacation in Mexico; of course, with their family or loved ones. In other words, the differences that can be obtained between Dental Tourism vs. Dental Care in your own country are:

Best Places in Mexico for Dental Work

Of course Mexico is a very large Latin American country, the question is where the best places in Mexico for Dental Work? The answer is as follows:

How Much to Get Your Teeth Done in Mexico?

Then, how does the price comparison of dental services in the US and Canada compare to Mexico looks like, which makes millions of patients from the US and Canada flock to Mexico to receive Dental Treatments? From several sources, you can find a price comparison below:

Procedure and Price in Mexico

Price in US

Price in Canada

All on 4 in Mexico only $5,000



All on 6 in Mexico only $7,980



All on 8 in Mexico only $10,280



Dental Implants in Mexico only $750



Dental Crowns in Mexico only $120



Dental Veneers in Mexico only $359


$ 1,800

Note: Prices can change at any time depending on the level of complexity of the procedure and also differences in the condition of each patient.

Mexico Dental Tourism Reviews

Dental Tourism Packages in Mexico

Dental Tourism Packages in Mexico

The choice of dental procedures that you can find can also be tailored to your needs. One thing is for sure, you need to discuss this with the dentists of your choice in Mexico. This is to prevent choosing the wrong treatments pacakges, as well as ensuring that you can get the most out of it. For dental tourism packages  in Mexico that you can choose from include the following:

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